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Hair Help

Heeeey it’s the last day of February, awesome, and it’s going to be 73 degrees today.  Apparently tornado warnings are also accompanying the warm temperatures, so it’s looking like an interesting day.  Did you miss my weekend posts?  I mostly talked a lot about shopping, but they’re still fun to catch up on.

Last night I made 5 lbs of the best mashed potatoes ever and considered that my cardio and weight training for the day.  Seriously, have you ever stood over a hot stove mashing and stirring 5 lbs of potatoes?  That’s hard work!  I also made my favorite comfort food meal ever, Shepherds Pie, and fed it to the roommates.  They were grateful to have dinner prepared for them, and I was just happy to have something to do.  Then I watched the Oscars.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go in to what I thought of so and so’s dress, and who won what award, I’m pretty sure there are tons of other bloggers out there today doing that.  Go read their recaps, I just don’t care enough.  What I will say, is that Twitter makes watching award shows so much more fun.  First the Grammy’s now the Oscars, it’s fun to see everyone’s different opinions as the event happens.  Plus you can play drinking games with people!

So my trip is officially next week now, and you can rest assured that I will be obsessively checking the forecast for the next 10 days.  I can only see up until Wednesday at the moment, but Milwaukee’s weather is a high of 30 and snow showers and Chicago’s is a high of 37 with snow showers.  I have a feeling I’ll be packing some winter gear.  Unless a freak heat wave rolls in on Thursday for the weekend.  I really don’t care either way, just as long as there isn’t a blizzard and my flights aren’t delayed or cancelled.

I’m also getting my hair done next week, and I’m at the point where it’s frustrating me and chopping it off sounds very tempting.  I know I’ll regret that the next day if I do it though, but it’s just so, long.  I also can’t figure out what to do about color.  The box dye I used has pretty much faded, and I’m thinking about maybe just getting some auburn low lights with blonde highlights thrown in?  Here’s a picture I took yesterday, thoughts?

I’ll probably spend much of the next week looking for pictures of hair cuts and color I like.  Should make me pretty productive at work.  Alright, try to enjoy your Monday.

Too Much Weekend Fun

Well that weekend went by quickly, I cannot believe it is already Monday again!  First things first, if you missed my virtual tour of the house that I posted on Saturday, you can watch it again here.  Enjoy!

After our day of errand running on Saturday, the girls and I were more than ready for a martini at 5pm when we got home.  Now, without any Vermouth or actual martini fixings, ours consisted of vodka, fresh squeezed lime, and a splash of Triple Sec.  They were strong, and delicious, and definitely got our night started.  Our friends, David and Keith, came over around 6:30 and some drinking games commenced.

beer pong in the shed

crucial dance moves



(Side note: How much does my friend Keith look like this guy?  Seriously, any time I watch a show he’s on I’m always thinking about how much him and Keith look-alike.  KJ totes you in about 15 years.)


Peter Krause


roommate love

After some, okay a lot, of drinks at the house, the five of us decided to venture out to an actual bar in Clarendon and ended up at O’Sullivan’s.  There was some guy there playing live music on his guitar, and because I am awesome I managed to snag us a table within two minutes of walking in the door.  Eyes like a hawk I tell you.  We hung out there until about 1-1:15 when David’s amazing wife Meghan came and picked us all up and drove us home.  Thanks Meghan I’m sure we were pretty annoying at that point!

hooray for friends

With a Saturday night like that, Sunday was not nearly as productive as I needed it to be.  I managed to get up and out of bed and showered by 10:30, but then proceeded to lay on the couch for the entire day.  The first time I left was to get dinner around 6:00.  It was a lazy, lazy day haha.  Needless to say that when my alarm went off at 6:10 this morning, I was still not ready to get out of bed.  All it took was one huge gust of cold wind blowing in my window, the pitch dark, and I was burrowing back under my covers until 7:30.  I packed a gym bag to go after work, so hopefully that actually happens.

Alright, well Happy Monday!  I’m off to get breakfast!

A Long Day

For some reason, yesterday felt like the longest day ever.  I kept checking the time and being amazed at how early it was.  Maybe it’s because I did a lot and was up relatively early that the day felt so long, who knows.  I did have a very nice Sunday though.

My day started with a Gingerbread Latte from Starbucks, which I enjoyed while blogging and reading some blogs.  Then I headed over to Philly Sports Club with Chris for the 11th Annual Philly Fit Bash.  Chris was part of a team that was riding stationary bikes for 24 hours to raise money for cancer research, so we went over to check on his team.  It was a pretty cool event, there were a bunch of different vendors giving out things, and various group exercise classes going on in the main area.  We hung out for an hour or two, Chris got two different types of massages, and I got some free smoothie samples :).

We left the Fit Bash, and decided to head into New Hope for a late lunch/early dinner.  It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday, so we knew New Hope would be a great place to eat outside and people watch.  Turns out Chris’s dad and gf were on their way to New Hope also, so we met them at Havana where Chris and I enjoyed some food, and they periodically came over from the bar to our table to chat.  We sat outside on the deck under one of the heat lamps, and were perfectly comfortable in the late afternoon sunshine.

We left New Hope just as the sun started to set, and made our way back home.  It was a really nice Sunday, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to enjoy the warm temperatures one last time this year.  Hopefully it’s at least half as nice next Sunday.  Speaking of next Sunday, forecast update!

I’d be pretty happy with those temps, hopefully it doesn’t change too much in the next six days.

This is officially my last week at work, I’m hoping it doesn’t drag on too slowly.  I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week already, and then I’ll be moving! I’m slowly, but surely, crossing things off of my “to do” list so hopefully by the time the 27th rolls around I’ll be ready to go!

12 days…