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Lifting Heavy Things… Besides Wine Bottles

So I started taking my prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds, and with my doc’s permission pedaled around on the elliptical for a little while on Wednesday. I did about 35 minutes, my hip didn’t fall off, and it wasn’t any more sore than normal, so win? Obviously running is off the table, and here is where my concerns lie, if I can rehab this by myself without surgery will running ever be “ok” again? Or will I always have a problem with it? If that’s the case, I’d rather have the surgery and know for sure I can be back up and running in 6 months or so… I dunno.

I met my friend, Pat, at the gym at 8:15 this morning to get a weights session in before he went out fishing and enjoying the warm weather for the day, so that he could keep me motivated. I hate him for not letting slack on weights/form/reps, but I love it at the same time.

Workout ‘B” 5/9/2014
Superset 1
Incline Dumbbell Pres 20, 25, 55* x10
One Arm Dumbbell Row 25, 30, 35 x10
Superset 2
Squat 90, 105, 115 x10
Assisted Chin-Up 65, 55, 50 x 10
Superset 3
Seated Arnold Press 15, 20, 25(4), 20(6)
Standing Calf Raises 160, 180, 190 x10
Superset 4
Good Mornings 60, 70, 80 x10
Assisted Dips 60, 50, 45 x10
115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

I was a sweaty mess at the end, and that’s why I’m really loving about these lifting sessions. There’s really no recovery time, except when you’re setting up the next move, so your heart rate stays up and keeps your muscles burning. Pat left me after the last set of dips, and I claimed I was going to do some abs, but I instead chose to lay on the ab mat for 10 minutes… doing nothing. Meh, whatever, this workout has enough lifts in it that involve core stabilization.

Tomorrow is my BFF/Roommate’s birthday so we’re going to be doing a little grillin’ and a little drinkin’ to celebrate and I’m excited! Happy Friday, kids!

2 Responses

  1. I love being a sweaty mess after a workout and I am the worst with talking myself out of things, so having a gym buddy would be great. I keep trying to harass my coworker bff to rejoin our gym here for those reasons.

  2. Hey there, I rehabbed a torn labrum without surgery (and am now following up on @raineydayrun’s recommendation that I tell you about it). I had had a lot of pain and inflammation in my hips over the years, and it was tempting to blame it all on the tear and have the surgery, which insurance made free instead of the costly PT (don’t get me started on that), but I went for the PT. Once I had the pain under control, I got a personal trainer and went back to running. I’ve now run two marathons, 3:52 and 3:43 just a few weeks ago, both completely pain free. I just figured that I’d had weird pain in both my legs on and off, I had reason to suspect I’d had a little tear my whole life (my legs have always “clicked,” which is a symptom), and I couldn’t help but think that my weakness and other imbalances were causing the inflammation and pain, not this teeny tiny tear. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but I wanted to let you know that I’m glad I didn’t go under the knife.

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