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Lifting Heavy Things… Besides Wine Bottles

So I started taking my prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds, and with my doc’s permission pedaled around on the elliptical for a little while on Wednesday. I did about 35 minutes, my hip didn’t fall off, and it wasn’t any more sore than normal, so win? Obviously running is off the table, and here is where my concerns lie, if I can rehab this by myself without surgery will running ever be “ok” again? Or will I always have a problem with it? If that’s the case, I’d rather have the surgery and know for sure I can be back up and running in 6 months or so… I dunno.

I met my friend, Pat, at the gym at 8:15 this morning to get a weights session in before he went out fishing and enjoying the warm weather for the day, so that he could keep me motivated. I hate him for not letting slack on weights/form/reps, but I love it at the same time.

Workout ‘B” 5/9/2014
Superset 1
Incline Dumbbell Pres 20, 25, 55* x10
One Arm Dumbbell Row 25, 30, 35 x10
Superset 2
Squat 90, 105, 115 x10
Assisted Chin-Up 65, 55, 50 x 10
Superset 3
Seated Arnold Press 15, 20, 25(4), 20(6)
Standing Calf Raises 160, 180, 190 x10
Superset 4
Good Mornings 60, 70, 80 x10
Assisted Dips 60, 50, 45 x10
115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

I was a sweaty mess at the end, and that’s why I’m really loving about these lifting sessions. There’s really no recovery time, except when you’re setting up the next move, so your heart rate stays up and keeps your muscles burning. Pat left me after the last set of dips, and I claimed I was going to do some abs, but I instead chose to lay on the ab mat for 10 minutes… doing nothing. Meh, whatever, this workout has enough lifts in it that involve core stabilization.

Tomorrow is my BFF/Roommate’s birthday so we’re going to be doing a little grillin’ and a little drinkin’ to celebrate and I’m excited! Happy Friday, kids!

MRI Reports are Weird

Well, I finally had my Arthrogram and MRI on Monday and oh boy did it suck. Obviously since I’m a Type A control freak, I had intensely Googled all the things that would be happening, but I was in no way prepared for just how much it would hurt to have a very long needle inserted into my hip-joint. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad if they could have gotten in the right place the first time, but I was fortunate enough to have the needle removed, inserted again, and then pushed in a little deeper no less than 5 times. Funsies! Also, it occurred to me after the fact that while I was telling this story in the gym, passer-by listeners would think I was telling a very dirty story. Anyway…

I went back to the doctor yesterday for the results of my MRI, and as expected I have a “Small tear or fraying in the superior lip lateral portion of the Acetabular Labrum on the right side.”

Hey look! It's the inside of my body!

These are my hips

No one actually pointed the spot of the tear out to me on my MRI, because why would they do that, so this is my best guess in recognizing where the contrast fluid leaked through the joint, also with the assist of Google. I was pretty much expecting that so I wasn’t too surprised, and I get until June 24 to try to rehab this baby by myself. Luckily the hip and glute strengthening activities are ones I am very familiar with from my 3 month stint in physical therapy for my ITB Syndrome a few years ago. I also get some prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds, neat.

The best part of the MRI report though, is the other random observations they make, that no one explains to you, you’re just left to read and analyze on your own. For example: “The bladder is unremarkable, the uterus is anteflexed, there are follicular cysts on the ovaries.” Um… what? Naturally I sat in my car outside the doctor’s office looking all this garbage up, and it appears that they’re all relatively normal and common things, and I am not dying nor barren… so that’s cool.

It’s been a super fun week so far, and I’m finally recovering from the pain of being stabbed multiple times in the hip. I met my friend Kathryn for one of our weekly weights sessions yesterday, because hey I need to strengthen my butt and hips!

Workout ‘A’ 5/6/2014
Superset 1
Dumbbell Bench Press 20, 25, 30 x 10
Bent Over Barbell Row 55, 65, 75 x 10
Superset 2
Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift 85, 95, 105 x 10
Close Grip Barbell Press 40(10), 50(10), 50(11)
Superset 3
Military Press 30, 35, 37 x 10
45 Degree Calf Press 290, 300, 310 x 10
Superset 4
Barbell Rear Lunge 60, 70, 80 x 10
Assisted Pull-up 70, 65, 55 x 10

Ended the workout with some ab stuff, and an extreme face plant on a mat. My butt was kicked yesterday. I guess I’m supposed to start trying the elliptical and bike to see if I can do that without pain, so maybe I’ll do that today. I dunno, I find it hard to believe that something that’s now been giving me problems for 2 months I’ll be able to rehab in 6 weeks, but we’ll see. Maybe I’m just not meant to be active, sigh.

‘B’ Day Circuit Routine

Last week I posted the Day ‘A’ full body circuit routine, and here is Day ‘B’. Rules are the same for this workout as the other one:

  • Each exercise pair should be performed as a superset. There are three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise. So for each pair of exercises (A and B), you will do 10 reps of A, then 10 reps of B, increase weight and do 10 A and 10 B again, and then increase weight again and do the final 10 and 10.
  • Weights should be chosen such that the first set is not so difficult to finish all 10, the second set takes almost full effort, and the third set takes every last bit of effort and you may come up a couple reps short. If you’re not finishing the first or second set, do not go up in weight for the subsequent set.
  • There is no rest between sets and only enough rest between exercises to get the equipment set up

First Superset

Second Superset

Third Superset

Fourth Superset

I like the ‘A’ workout a little bit better, only because I don’t enjoy squats very much, but they both do a kick ass job. My weekend was relatively uneventful, did a lot of yard work on Saturday and then decided to re-arrange my room. Which basically just involved flipping the walls my bed and dresser were on because my room is the size of a closet. Things I vastly underestimated when taking on this project:

  1. how heavy my furniture is
  2. how time consuming of an endeavor it would be
at one point I managed to trap myself in my room

at one point I managed to trap myself in my room, and had to climb over the dresser to get in and out

what felt like 47 hours later

what felt like 47 hours later

but Madison approves, so it's all good

but Madison approves, so it’s all good

Obviously I’m covered in bruises from walking into and banging into crap, but I like the new set-up which is good since I am never moving my furniture again.