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Weights Day

Since I haven’t be able to do any cardio since March 31 (we’ll discuss another day just how I’m dealing with that; hint not well) I’ve been trying to find other ways to make sure I keep fitting in my favorite J. Crew neon shorts and white jeans. Also so I don’t completely spiral out of control and have a meltdown, because ain’t no one got time for that. That’s where the weights have come into play. Twice a week for the past two weeks (this is week 3) I’ve been doing a full body circuit with some fairly heavy weights. Yesterday was Day ‘A’ workout.

Some Notes:

  • Each exercise pair is performed as a superset. There are three sets of 10 repetitions per exercise. So for each pair of exercises (A and B), you will do 10 reps of A, then 10 reps of B, increase weight and do 10 A and 10 B again, and then increase weight again and do the final 10 and 10.
  • Weights should be chosen such that the first set is not so difficult to finish all 10, the second set takes almost full effort, and the third set takes every last bit of effort and you may come up a couple reps short. If you’re not finishing the first or second set, do not go up in weight for the subsequent set.

Day ‘A’

First Superset

Second Superset

Third Superset

Fourth Superset


*As a precaution I’m being a little bit of a weenie with my leg weight selections just until I find out what’s wrong with my hip

My friend Kathryn and I do this workout together, and our friend Pat motivates us to not slack off/makes us laugh with “that’s what she said” jokes while we’re trying to reverse lunge. It takes about an hour, if you account for the much-needed face plant time on the ab mat at the end. It’s a good workout that leaves me sweating, out of breath, and incredibly sore the next day. In fact, I might need help washing my hair tonight. If you’re looking  for a new routine, give this one a try!





2 Responses

  1. I had 3 workouts before washing my hair over the span of 2.5 days. It wasn’t pretty.


  2. I seriously have been slacking on weight training. I may have to give this workout a try!!

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