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So… about that hip

Welp, I went to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon, and it went a little bit worse than I was expecting. I honestly thought that maybe I had a stress fracture in the neck of the hip or something, which whatever rest and it gets better, but nope. My X-Rays showed that I actually have something called Femoralacetubular Impingement, which is a deformity of the hips. In my case the ball of my hip joint doesn’t curve inward, where it should, instead curves out so it causes abnormal rubbing on the socket joint. I wish I had asked to take a picture of my X-Ray (I will when I go back) because I apparently have really long hip necks, whatever that means.



Apparently a lot of the time this type of thing doesn’t really cause a lot of problems, ya know unless you’re doing something with the same repeated motion over and over and over. Like long distance running. In that case, the ball not fitting in the socket correctly causes rubbing against the Labrum, until it tears, and that’s when people start experiencing pain. At this point, my heart kind of sank, because I know exactly the treatment process for a torn Labrum since my friend, Jen, went through it a year or so ago. Arthroscopic surgery, with 6-12 weeks recovery time.

Granted I still need to have my MRI, complete with Arthrogram, to confirm that I actually have a torn Labrum, but with the hip deformity, my lack of range of motion, and area of pain my doctor seemed pretty confident. I also have the added bonus of probably need my hip shaved down, so that it wouldn’t happen again. Needless to say, I’m pretty bummed. I cried a little about it on Tuesday night, drank a lot of about it, and am trying not to completely freak out until MRI results come back. Because of the procedure I need, the first available MRI appointment wasn’t until May 5. So there’s lots of time for me to freak out and stress out until then.

I guess a disgusting, antibiotic resistant,, bacterial infection of the leg wasn’t enough of an injury this year. At least I already have crutches for the 5 weeks post-surgery I would need them for. Womp, freakin, womp.

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  1. Noooo I had my fingers crossed it wasn’t something serious. 😦 It sounds like there’s a solution, albeit a long and stressful one. Ugh, I hope your MRI comes back okay. Hugs!!

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