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Lifting Heavy Things… Besides Wine Bottles

So I started taking my prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds, and with my doc’s permission pedaled around on the elliptical for a little while on Wednesday. I did about 35 minutes, my hip didn’t fall off, and it wasn’t any more sore than normal, so win? Obviously running is off the table, and here is where my concerns lie, if I can rehab this by myself without surgery will running ever be “ok” again? Or will I always have a problem with it? If that’s the case, I’d rather have the surgery and know for sure I can be back up and running in 6 months or so… I dunno.

I met my friend, Pat, at the gym at 8:15 this morning to get a weights session in before he went out fishing and enjoying the warm weather for the day, so that he could keep me motivated. I hate him for not letting slack on weights/form/reps, but I love it at the same time.

Workout ‘B” 5/9/2014
Superset 1
Incline Dumbbell Pres 20, 25, 55* x10
One Arm Dumbbell Row 25, 30, 35 x10
Superset 2
Squat 90, 105, 115 x10
Assisted Chin-Up 65, 55, 50 x 10
Superset 3
Seated Arnold Press 15, 20, 25(4), 20(6)
Standing Calf Raises 160, 180, 190 x10
Superset 4
Good Mornings 60, 70, 80 x10
Assisted Dips 60, 50, 45 x10
115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

I was a sweaty mess at the end, and that’s why I’m really loving about these lifting sessions. There’s really no recovery time, except when you’re setting up the next move, so your heart rate stays up and keeps your muscles burning. Pat left me after the last set of dips, and I claimed I was going to do some abs, but I instead chose to lay on the ab mat for 10 minutes… doing nothing. Meh, whatever, this workout has enough lifts in it that involve core stabilization.

Tomorrow is my BFF/Roommate’s birthday so we’re going to be doing a little grillin’ and a little drinkin’ to celebrate and I’m excited! Happy Friday, kids!

Things I Learned in Therapy

Happy Friday!  Mine started off great because I got a free coffee at Starbucks!  My ex’s dad was in line in front of me and bought mine for me, nothing like a free drink to start off the day on the right foot.

Last night was PT, and I am very excited to tell you all that I am officially finished with it!  No more two-hour appointments twice a week,  and I can finally get back into a normal workout routine (which is good because one of my favorite pairs of jeans wouldn’t fit over my ass this morning).  They told me not to be shy, and to call if I even felt like I was starting to have problems again.  I assured them not to worry, that I will be a giant pain in the ass.  Now I am on my own, it’s definitely a little scary.  I’ll really have to make sure I keep up with my strengthening and stretching.  Three and a half months of physical therapy is more than enough for me, I do not want to end up back there.  At least I got a free t-shirt out of it, I do love free t-shirts.

I actually did learn some things during my weeks and weeks of PT.  I thought I’d share some tips.

If you have problems with your toes falling asleep, try tying your laces on the outside of your foot.  It keeps the knot from cutting off your circulation at the pulse point.

Strong hips and glutes = happy injury free knees!

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch.  Really this is the most important lesson I learned.  I really used to half ass the stretching after a run because I was typically sick of being in the gym at that point.

Aaaah, it hurts so good!  I’m going to work on making a video of the actual exercises that I did during my weeks of pt.  I’m hoping that it will be helpful for everyone else in preventing IT band injuries.  It will also help me not forget what the hell I’m supposed to do, haha.

Dinner last night was nothing new around here.  I’m still dealing with a broken oven, and since I don’t want to blow the house up anytime soon it had to be something either stove top, microwave, or toaster oven cookable.  I went with toaster oven.

Flat bread pizza, I know you’re all shocked.  Unfortunately there is only one piece of this delish flat bread left in my freezer, my sister and I may be battling it out in the near future.

Pizza sauce, leftover taco meat from last week, cheese, and turkey pepperoni.  The seasoning in the ground beef really did the job of adding flavor that I normally would be missing since I didn’t have any peppers or onion.  And then, I celebrated my completion of PT with a Pineapple Vodka and Sprite Zero.  Um any vodka lovers out there I recommend the Sky Infusions flavored vodka.  Raspberry and Pineapple are my favorite, the Grape reminds me of cough medicine.

I also watched a horrible Lifetime movie with Kristin Stewart circa 2004.  Don’t ask me why, I blame the vodka.  Alright, that’s all I got for today, someone tell me their fun weekend plans!

Lost a few brain cells

Holler friends, how’s your Tuesday so far?  I am loving this break in the humidity we are having, and sleeping with my window open at night.  I plan to fully embrace it since after tomorrow our temps are headed right back up into the 90s.

Last night was PT appointment number 230,923.  I really cannot wait to stop paying them $21 twice a week and whatever else isn’t covered until I reach my $200 deductible.  Anyway, apparently my IT Band felt much better, and not nearly as tight as it was, which I could have guessed since my runs have been pain-free (knock on wood).  Thursday is most likely discharge day, woohoo!  I wonder if I’ll still have to pay them.

Dinner last night was nothing special, some grilled chicken, asparagus, zucchini, and pasta salad.

I’m not exactly sure what happened to the zucchini, but my mom tried to grill it like I do and we ended up with zucchini mush.  This is why all grilling should just be left to me.  Psh.  The asparagus and chicken were delicious though, and I bet you can guess what the chicken was marinated in.  Yup, Caribbean Jerk!  Haha, told you I’m addicted.

After dinner, I sat my ass on the couch and rotted my brain for the next two hours watching The Bachelorette.  That damn show just sucks you in, and now I’m definitely down a few brain cells.  Anyway, I’m still in love with Chris L the landscaper from Cape Cod, everyone else can go especially the weather man.  My god dude, grow a pair!  And Ali, you have some sick abs you should just be in a bikini for the remainder of the show.  That is all.

Tonight, I’m debating tackling a 3 mile run.  It’s gorgeous out, I’ve felt good for my last couple 2.5 milers, and I am allowed to slowly add distance.  I suppose I’ll see how I feel at the end of the day.

Have a great day everyone!