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Lifting Heavy Things… Besides Wine Bottles

So I started taking my prescription strength anti-inflammatory meds, and with my doc’s permission pedaled around on the elliptical for a little while on Wednesday. I did about 35 minutes, my hip didn’t fall off, and it wasn’t any more sore than normal, so win? Obviously running is off the table, and here is where my concerns lie, if I can rehab this by myself without surgery will running ever be “ok” again? Or will I always have a problem with it? If that’s the case, I’d rather have the surgery and know for sure I can be back up and running in 6 months or so… I dunno.

I met my friend, Pat, at the gym at 8:15 this morning to get a weights session in before he went out fishing and enjoying the warm weather for the day, so that he could keep me motivated. I hate him for not letting slack on weights/form/reps, but I love it at the same time.

Workout ‘B” 5/9/2014
Superset 1
Incline Dumbbell Pres 20, 25, 55* x10
One Arm Dumbbell Row 25, 30, 35 x10
Superset 2
Squat 90, 105, 115 x10
Assisted Chin-Up 65, 55, 50 x 10
Superset 3
Seated Arnold Press 15, 20, 25(4), 20(6)
Standing Calf Raises 160, 180, 190 x10
Superset 4
Good Mornings 60, 70, 80 x10
Assisted Dips 60, 50, 45 x10
115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

115 lbs, last set. burnnnnn

I was a sweaty mess at the end, and that’s why I’m really loving about these lifting sessions. There’s really no recovery time, except when you’re setting up the next move, so your heart rate stays up and keeps your muscles burning. Pat left me after the last set of dips, and I claimed I was going to do some abs, but I instead chose to lay on the ab mat for 10 minutes… doing nothing. Meh, whatever, this workout has enough lifts in it that involve core stabilization.

Tomorrow is my BFF/Roommate’s birthday so we’re going to be doing a little grillin’ and a little drinkin’ to celebrate and I’m excited! Happy Friday, kids!

What a Moron

Just to prove that I am becoming increasingly incapable of doing anything before I have coffee in my system, this morning I left the next three days worth of lunch and breakfast (in frozen meal form) sitting out on my counter, next to the coffee maker.  So sad, mostly because now I have nothing to eat at work today.  And no, I do not plan on throwing said meals out, they will be re-frozen and eaten eventually.  That shit is expensive. If I die, you will all know why.

Anywayyyy, yesterday I drug my poor sore muscles, seriously even the backs of my knees hurt, across the street for 45 minutes on the elliptical during lunch.  I’m thinking about trying to add a second day of lifting into my schedule for the next three weeks.  That means I’ll actually need to get myself to the gym on Saturday’s, so we’ll see how that goes.

In other news, the J. Crew holiday catalog arrived yesterday, and since they own my soul I obviously want EVERYTHING.  Not even kidding, I don’t think I saw one thing I didn’t like.  I specifically would like this whole outfit please.  Mom, Col, Darren?  (Darren refuses to read my blog, I had to text him this picture :))

My favoritest show ever, SOA, kept me up until 11:30 last night with its 90 minutes of intense action, and I think I’ve figured out what about Jax Teller is so damn attractive to me.  Besides his obviously sexy looks.  Darren and him make the exact same “I’m so fucking mad I want to kill you” face!  Jaw clenched, head tilted back, eyes big, the exact same.  It actually made me laugh.  Anyway, Sons was intense last night, and if this season doesn’t wrap up all these damn cliffhangers the end every episode on, I may throw something at the TV.  Three episodes left!

Could you handle all the random in that post?  Clearly the coffee set in once I got to work.  Happy Wednesday!


Things I’m Looking Forward To

Exactly one month from today, I will be heading home to PA to get ready to leave for mine and Darren’s vacation in Jamaica!  After having it booking since February, I can’t believe it’s only a month away, so pumped.  I’m even more pumped that after we get home, I don’t have to haul ass back down to Virginia and head back to work, and instead get to enjoy another 9 days at home.  You can hate me, it’s ok.  I would hate me if I wasn’t me.  I suspect it’s going to be slightly challenging to pack for 8 days in the Caribbean and 9 days in Philadelphia in December all in one suitcase.  I see a lot of shoes being needed.

Yesterday at work my computer was held captive by IT for 3 hours, so that was fun.  With nothing else to do but sit and play angry birds, I dragged myself across the street for a workout.  It was a typical Monday workout, which means I phoned it in on the elliptical for 35 minutes while watching House Hunters.  Whatevs, better than nothing.

In other news, I am desperately trying to not get sick.  For the past week I’ve woken up with a sore throat, and it is not cool.  I got sick right around this time last year, post half-marathon, and am really trying to avoid being sick on Thanksgiving again.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to going home and hanging out with my sister for the long weekend.  Specific things I’m excited for?  Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie date with my sis (yeah, yeah Twilight, blah blah) but I’ve invested a lot of time in reading the books and watching the movies and I like them.  Give me a break.  Putting up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving!  With being preoccupied with packing and moving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving last year I didn’t get to do that with my sis, and it’s always one of my favorite days of the year.  Turkey day in general, bring on the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole!  Then obviously the fact that I’ll be home again 11 days later.

Pumpkin helping put up the tree in 2009

That reminds me, I need to make a Christmas wish list :).