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Gimme Your Ideas

Well, I survived the hurricane.  My supply of wine and junk food lasted me throughout the weekend, and we never lost power so I was able to finish the first two seasons of SOA.  Yes, I will be buying season 3 when it comes out on DVD tomorrow.  I even made the news on Saturday afternoon!

totally famous now

Yesterday ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day, and I took full advantage of it by sitting on the couch in my pajamas all day.  Oh well, at least I opened the windows to let the breeze in.  Since, the weather derailed any plans of leaving the house this weekend, I have really nothing to write about.  Luckily for you however, last week on the twatterz, I mentioned how I was in the market for a new blog header.  You know, one that actually relates to the content of this blog and isn’t just a pretty picture of flowers I took in St. Thomas 2.5 years ago.

I should have know I could count on these two to provide some humor, and of course a fun picture.

courtesy of Jess

Thanks Marie!

I’m really not quite sure which one I like better, they’re both so different!  Haha, in all seriousness though, I am looking for ideas for a new blog header, perhaps something along the lines of the two shown above.  I am open to ideas, suggestions, and of course, more fun pictures.

It’s officially the last week of summer folks, can you believe it?  I’m kind of looking forward to fall however, and I may or may not have pulled out my favorite pair of boots and lovingly stroked them last night.  Anyway, I hope everyone up and down the East coast survived the weekend and is back in action today.  If you still don’t have power, I’m sorry, I hope you get it back soon!

Do You Like Me?

Some business to take car of off the bat this morning, happy birthday to my mom!  I hope you like the present Col and I got you, if not, there’s a gift receipt :).  Also, yesterday I finally took the plunge and created a Facebook page for the blog so love me/hate me/want more material to make fun of me for/whatever, can you all click HERE and “like” it so I don’t look like a loser?  I promise to try to keep it interesting and post things that you wouldn’t just see here or on Twitter.  Thanks friends!

After the craziness that went down at the end of the day on Monday, yesterday ended up being much more relaxing at work.  I finished everything I currently had to do by 10 am, and no other requests came in.  I like when that happens.  Since I wasn’t incredibly sore from Monday’s workout, I decided to actually get a run in yesterday at lunch.  I knew it was going to suck since it had been a little while since my last one, but I managed to do 3 miles in about 28 minutes.  I’m hoping to squeeze one more run in this week, we’ll see though.

Last night Adrienne and I watched season 1, disc 2, of Mad Men, and the more I watch the more my attraction to Jon Hamm is solidified.  And the desire to smoke and drink, they just make it look so good!  At least I can booze while watching without feeling too bad.  Seriously though, so sexy.

I wish I could get more than three episodes at a time, dear Netflix please hurry with the next disc.  Thanks!  The rest of the week isn’t looking to bad for once.  Tomorrow our whole Reg Affairs department has some team building event nonsense in DC which means an afternoon off work.  For me, it also means I’m “working from home” in the morning.  They were out of their minds if they thought I was going to drive to MD to work, get on a bus to DC, take a bus back to MD, and then drive back home to VA.  No thanks, I’ll meet everyone at the museum.  Cocktails and snacks take place around 2 pm and the day is over at 3:30.  Fantastic.

Friday I have my summer hours half day, followed by an immediate departure to the beach with the roommates.  We’re heading up to DE for a long weekend, three glorious nights of salty air and fun.  Just need to get through Wednesday.  Let’s hope it’s more like yesterday than Monday.  Have a lovely day!


Hair Help

Heeeey it’s the last day of February, awesome, and it’s going to be 73 degrees today.  Apparently tornado warnings are also accompanying the warm temperatures, so it’s looking like an interesting day.  Did you miss my weekend posts?  I mostly talked a lot about shopping, but they’re still fun to catch up on.

Last night I made 5 lbs of the best mashed potatoes ever and considered that my cardio and weight training for the day.  Seriously, have you ever stood over a hot stove mashing and stirring 5 lbs of potatoes?  That’s hard work!  I also made my favorite comfort food meal ever, Shepherds Pie, and fed it to the roommates.  They were grateful to have dinner prepared for them, and I was just happy to have something to do.  Then I watched the Oscars.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go in to what I thought of so and so’s dress, and who won what award, I’m pretty sure there are tons of other bloggers out there today doing that.  Go read their recaps, I just don’t care enough.  What I will say, is that Twitter makes watching award shows so much more fun.  First the Grammy’s now the Oscars, it’s fun to see everyone’s different opinions as the event happens.  Plus you can play drinking games with people!

So my trip is officially next week now, and you can rest assured that I will be obsessively checking the forecast for the next 10 days.  I can only see up until Wednesday at the moment, but Milwaukee’s weather is a high of 30 and snow showers and Chicago’s is a high of 37 with snow showers.  I have a feeling I’ll be packing some winter gear.  Unless a freak heat wave rolls in on Thursday for the weekend.  I really don’t care either way, just as long as there isn’t a blizzard and my flights aren’t delayed or cancelled.

I’m also getting my hair done next week, and I’m at the point where it’s frustrating me and chopping it off sounds very tempting.  I know I’ll regret that the next day if I do it though, but it’s just so, long.  I also can’t figure out what to do about color.  The box dye I used has pretty much faded, and I’m thinking about maybe just getting some auburn low lights with blonde highlights thrown in?  Here’s a picture I took yesterday, thoughts?

I’ll probably spend much of the next week looking for pictures of hair cuts and color I like.  Should make me pretty productive at work.  Alright, try to enjoy your Monday.