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A Case of the Sads

So, it’s safe to assume that anytime I go missing from here for an extended period of time it’s because I’m having some sort of mental meltdown. I haven’t blogged since last Thursday, which I think in the nearly three years I’ve been doing this, is a record.  Do with that information what you will.  Because internalizing my issues just makes me a nasty bitch, I thought I’d finally talk about them here.  But the main point is just this, I am very unhappy.

I hate the way I look right now, and cringe at almost every picture I see of myself.  This wouldn’t bother me so much if I wasn’t working out 4 days a week and eating nothing but grilled chicken, vegetables, greek yogurt, egg whites, and fruit.  Seriously, I eat so well, work out a lot but cannot seem to lose a single pound.  If anything I just keep putting them on.  It is the single most frustrating thing, and I’m really about to lose all hope.  I feel disgusting in my body and avoid mirrors.  Yup.

I do not look forward to coming home at the end of the day.  Maybe there’s a certain age when everyone gets too old for roommates, and maybe 27 is that age for me.  I tend to stay at work until 6:30 at night, whether it’s actually at my desk or in the gym, just to put my arrival home at the end of the day as late as possible. I feel uncomfortable in my own home, and like I have to walk on egg shells not to annoy anyone.  I’d go home every weekend, or somewhere else at least, if I didn’t have the cat back with me now.  She hates the car.

Compounding my sadness about my current living situation is the fact that I now officially have somewhere to live that I’d much rather be, but can’t.  Darren is getting all moved in and settled and painting things, and buying things, and I get pictures of it.  Our bedroom is painted and has furniture and I can’t be there to see it or use it.  Sure I’ll be there in a week for a visit, but then I’ll leave again for two months before I can go back again.  It’s my first house too, and I want to be able to be there to fix things up and see it and make decisions regarding paint colors and furniture.  Instead I just shop online and ship things there, and it’s not that fun.

I know most of these things will take care of themselves eventually, but when I think about trying to get through 6-8 more months I want to curl up in a ball and cry.  Anyway, thanks for indulging my complaints.  I do have some pictures, which are fun, so let’s take a look.

The benefits of your S/O being a professional painter, free painting! That ceiling fan already has a replacement, it’s black.

I realize those paint colors look a little blue, but they’re not.  We used Sherwin Williams City Scape below the chair rail and Sherwin Williams Argos above.

Furniture in the room

I posted about the furniture we chose already, but now you can see it in the actual room.  I initially didn’t want it under the window, but it fits the best this way, and with the headboard we have actually works because it still lets in the light.  The furniture is also black, and do I wish we had white trim and windows? Yes, unfortunately I lost the battle to paint the trim in the entire house. Sigh. Oh, and patio furniture!

I know the orange cushions may look a little ugly, but I’m convinced they won’t be that bright in person, and if they are, well it was $399 for all of that so we can buy new cushions.  Anyway, so that’s what I’ve got for you today.  Sorry for being such a downer after having gone missing for a week.  Happy Thursday?

Good News!

I have news!  On Saturday our fourth counter offer was accepted by the seller and we are officially under contract! Woo!  Our home inspection is on Thursday, and if everything goes well we should close in May sometime.  I was completely shocked when Dar called me on Saturday to say they had accepted our offer.  We were so far apart price wise, and he didn’t seem to be budging but I guess he was as tired of the process as we were.  The place needs a lot of updating, but the floor plan is great and the basement is finished here’s my favorite room.

The kitchen and living room are one big open great room with huge vaulted ceilings and skylights, which will be perfect for entertaining.  Eventually.  I’ve already started remodeling that kitchen in my head, I have big plans for it.  This is the basement,

And along with the house, that 9 ft pool table is also now ours.  We figured we might as well see if the seller was interested in getting rid of it, and apparently he was.  I absolutely hate that wood paneling, but I figure that’s not too difficult to do something about.  Anyway, so fingers crossed nothing huge turns up in the inspection!

The rest of the weekend was pretty eventful too.  Friday night I met up with Kacy, we had dinner and drinks and then wandered into Trader Joe’s and did some drunk grocery shopping.  I ended up with some really random crap, but it’s all good.  I’m sure I’ll use it eventually.

Saturday I took myself on a date to see The Hunger Games.  It was my first time venturing to a movie alone, and I have to say I didn’t hate it.  I didn’t need to share my skittles with anyone, and no one tried to talk to me during intense moments.  The only weird part was trying to find my seat in a dark theater when I had to run out to the bathroom.  There’s not other person marking it, haha.  Anyway, the movie was really good, although the book is  better but I think they did an awesome job with it.

Saturday night, my roommates and I ventured out in the rain for a girly night of entertainment.  It was a “Passion” party, and was absolutely hilarious.  I don’t think one girl left the house without buying at least something.  Good times. Yesterday, I did nothing except sit on the couch relaxing.  It was fantastic.

Now here I am back at work, anxiously anticipating Thursday. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Short and Sweet

I’m wearing white jeans today, but I have declared it acceptable to wear white before Memorial Day since it’s going to be 82 degrees.  You’re welcome.

I haven’t blogged since Tuesday because I am really boring, and there’s only so many times I want you to have to read “and then I watched TV in bed.”  You’re welcome.

I ate another turkey burger for dinner last night.  I think it was delicious, but I can’t be sure since my senses were already numb from three glasses of wine.  It didn’t stop there.  My head hurts today.

Darren and I talk about nothing but houses these days, and most of those phone calls end with one of us yelling in frustration.  We’re not actually mad at each other, but over the hoops and paper work that comes with buying a house. I am crossing my fingers and toes that this lame ass process is wrapped up by the time he gets here to visit next month.  Counter-offer number FOUR was submitted this morning.  Barf.

I’m meeting my girl Kacy for drinks tonight, because it has been far too long since that has happened.  As I previously mentioned, it’s going to be 83, so those drinks will be had outdoors and probably in great quantity.

Assuming I’m not throwing up tomorrow, there is a 87% chance of me going to see The Hunger Games alone in the middle of the day.  I am so excited.

I have an “engagement” party to attend tomorrow night.  Engagement is in quotes because there will only be females at this party, and there may or may not be the opportunity to purchase things.  For the bedroom.  Ahem.

Happy Weekend!