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Last Night on the Mass Pike

After my last post, my week and mood picked up drastically; mostly due to the fact that Tuesday was my last day in the office for the week :). Thanks for all the nice comments and pick me ups on that post though, it always helps. Anyway, Wednesday was sort of like a “senior skip day” and I headed out to the last regular season Nationals game with a bunch of co-workers, and they just so happened to be playing the Phillies!

It was a delightfully ridiculous time, as you can probably see, and when I dragged myself in my front door at 9:30 pm (1 pm game) all I wanted was gallons upon gallons of water. Thankfully I was working from home on Thursday and could spend my morning in my pajamas recovering from the weekday debauchery, while also packing for my weekend trip to Boston! I headed out to Kacy’s apartment for a sleepover with her and Jess, so we could all catch our 10:30 am flight on Friday together.

here they are in the airport… seconds before Kacy realized she had abandoned her suitcase at a food kiosk. If you’re wondering how long it takes security to get the drug dogs out, it’s about 10 minutes

The flight from DC to Boston is about an hour and fifteen minutes, which gave the three of us just enough time to complete two crossword puzzles before landing and reuniting with the other two members of our group. Amy’s flight got in about 10 minutes before ours, and Steph scooped us all up and whisked us away to lunch.

Steph took us to Top of the Hub, which had gorgeous views of the city… and amazing food too

Amy and i… reunited and it feels soooo gooood

This is me, regretting my decision to not order the soup, embarrassing myself by scooping up all the last bits of Kacy’s soup with a piece of bread

After lunch, and a quick pit stop at Sephora, the five of us headed back to Steph’s house to regroup, freshen up, and pick up some necessities (booze and frozen pizza) before again  heading back into Boston for the evening. We ended up at Remy’s in the Seaport district which was full of men, playing lots of sports, and boasting endless nachos. A win on all counts.

Kacy and Jess went with the biker chic look for the evening

Amy and I were bringing back the 80s… team leggings as pants for the win

Because of traveling, and walking, and all of the nachos, this happened before too long. It’s fine though because no one wants to be hungover with a full day of touristing ahead of them.

Because of the aforementioned early end to Friday night, we were all up bright and early Saturday morning ready to tackle the day… and some food. Steph took us to Zaftigs for brunch and it was the perfect fuel for a day of sightseeing.

LEAVES! Waiting for our names to be called… by the end of the wait we were 5 inches from the door.

After stuffing our faces, we began our tour. Steph took us from Government Center/Quincy Market, through Boston Common, and the Public Garden, all the way down Newbury Street.

Pausing for a photo in the Public Garden, where we encountered no less than 10 bridal parties taking photos. Wedding season… sigh.

so pretty, we were all wondering where Matt Damon or Ben Affleck were to whisk us away like we were in some romantic comedy

This is getting quite long winded, so I’ll wrap it up as quickly as possible. After a pit stop for some beers, we again went back to Steph’s to change and freshen up before heading out to Watch City Brewing Company for beers and dinner. That’s where our night ended and I’m pretty sure they’re going to ask Steph to never bring us back there.

Pre-gaming for dinner… totes natural. I am unsure if this outfit makes me look like Robin (aka Batman’s sidekick) but I like it.

we are awkwardly delightful, sing too loud in public, monopolize the jukebox, and I love it.

I got home around 3:30 yesterday, and could barely keep my eyes open until the end of the Yankees game. It was a fun and amazing weekend, and I miss all your faces already. With no vacation days to look forward to until Thanksgiving, and no trips on the horizon, this week is a major let down compared to last. Oh well, guess it’s time to start planning something else?

Happy Mondayyyy.

But… I Hate It

So my date from Sunday? Called me last night… on the phone…just to chat.  Is this a thing these days? Or is it just because he’s older than me (7 years)? I almost didn’t answer; it had been a terrible, no good, very bad day, I was filled with rage that threatened to spill onto anyone I came in contact with, and just wanted to sit in peace with my wine and pizza. However, I pulled my head out of my ass and did answer, and then had to make small talk for 30 minutes. 30! I’m not even kidding, we talked about hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, and bad drivers.

I have about a 15 minute attention span when it comes to phone conversations. Especially if there is a piece of pizza gradually getting cold on a plate in front of me, so it was especially difficult for me to power through those extra 15 minutes.  I hate talking on the phone, with a fiery passion. I can do texting because it allows me to multitask and watch TV while having a conversation, but the phone? HATE HATE HATE. However, I survived, and he wants to have dinner next week. If he calls to set that up? I might cry. Anyway.

These two crazy kids are getting married on Friday, and I’m heading up to PA in a few short hours for a long weekend to celebrate their wedding. I can’t wait, I love them as a couple, and am excited to party with my old friends from home for a night.

Saturday I’m getting my hair done in the city and have a shopping date with my sister, and on Sunday the two of us are quite possibly partaking in the sister activity we’ve been waiting for months to do!  This may very well be the last trip to PA where I still have a house to stay in that is “mine” as my mom is moments away from putting our town house on the market :(. It will be bittersweet for sure.

Uh, so yeah, that’s really all that’s new with me. Hopefully the traffic gods will be kind to me on my journey north this evening. Later!


Thanks for all the compliments regarding my new blog header and my wedding outfit!  One of the best things about living with two other ladies, is your wardrobe doubles in size.  At any given time you can most likely find me wearing something belonging to either Danielle or Adrienne, and that wedding was no exception.  That dress is Dani’s, so a big thanks to her for letting me borrow it!

My weekend in PA was exhausting to say the least.  I felt like I barely sat down, and was constantly in my car.  After arriving home on Thursday night, after a 4 hour drive, I collapsed on the couch with a glass of wine and some pizza.  My sister and I hung out watching TV, drinking our wine, and relaxing.  Friday I was up relatively early, grabbed some coffee, went to the Hallmark store, and then was off to the hair salon to get my hair done.  I was dressed and ready to leave for my friend Michelle’s wedding by 3:45, and made it out the door and to the church with about 4 minutes to spare.

From church, to hotel, to reception, was pretty go, go, go, so by the time I arrived at cocktail hour at 7 I was more than ready for a drink and some food.  Luckily, Michelle is Italian and knows how to throw a party so I filled a plate up at the pasta station and camped out at a table with that and a glass of wine.  Butlered hors d’oeuvres are pretty nice too, then I only have to worry about going to the bar.

The wedding was awesome, and once dinner was finished I spent all evening on the dance floor.  When I woke up the next morning my feet were still swollen and walking was painful.  I suppose that’s what I get for keeping my 4.5 inch heels on all night in an effort to not look like a drunken mess.  I pulled myself together on Saturday morning, and left the hotel to go meet up with my mom for some shopping.  My sister’s birthday is next month and we were on a mission to buy her some things on her list.

Neither my mom nor I can avoid a good shoe sale, so when we noticed the one going on at Lord and Taylor we couldn’t help but stop.  I ended up with a fabulous pair of riding boots that fit the exact bill of what I was searching for this year, and way under what I was expecting to have to spend.

Aren’t they awesome?  They ended up being like 25% off, and I am itching for it to get cool again so I can wear them.  We also accomplished our main goal and purchased a present for my sister.  It’s currently in my possession so my mom wasn’t tempted to give it to her early.  Now I’m tempted to steal it.

I hustled home from shopping, pulled a quick outfit change, and hopped back in the car to head out to Conshohoken for a dinner date with my college roommate from Senior year and bff Jill.  She moved out of DC about one minute after I moved down last year, and the last time I saw her was her “goodbye” happy hour.  Not cool.  We had a delicious dinner at Pepperoncini before heading back to her new apartment to continue the evening.  Two bottles of wine, and one vodka and tonic later,  I realized I was not driving back to Yardley, and got comfortable for the night.  It was great getting to hang out with Jill and her boyfriend again.  We have plans to get together again when I’m home in December, and I can’t wait!

Sunday I hit the road back to VA around 2:30 and was home settled on my couch with food by 6 pm.  No traffic, just how I like it.  The weekend was exhausting, cost me a shitload in gas, wedding gifts, and dining out, but so worth it even if I did have to charge my groceries and gas yesterday, and even if I was so tired I very nearly filled my car up with diesel.  Thank god they make sure the pumps don’t fit in regular gas tanks, that’s all I have to say about that.

Happy Tuesday everyone, try not to hate it.