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New Haven Style

Things making this Tuesday even worse than usual:

  • I went to bed with a headache, and then also woke up with one
  • I had one sip of coffee left in my iced coffee pitcher
  • Double the work load at the office today due to someone’s vacation
  • It’s only Tuesday

Seriously though, this pounding above my right eye needs to get the hell out of here so I can accomplish things today.  If this turns into a migraine, I will probably cry.  At work.  It will be embarrassing.

Yesterday I managed to get myself back into the swing of the work week relatively easily, and even made it to the gym during lunch.  After my weekend of laziness, pizza, and beer I really wanted a good cardio workout, and 4.5 miles on the treadmill later I was satisfied.  I also knew I had a dinner out planned later, and that helped keep me motivated also.

A few of my friends and I had all purchased a Groupon for Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza a while ago, and yesterday was the expiration date so we made plans to go and use them.  Never heard of New Have Style?  Me either, so here’s a description of New Haven style Apizza (pronounced “ah-BEETZ.”)  I was all pizza’d out from the weekend, but really wanted to try this style so I ordered one plain slice, the lasagna, and a glass of wine.  Everything was delicious, and this pizza is what I’ve been searching for since moving to VA.  The crust is thin and crispy, the sauce sweet, and just amazing.  The lasagna was a gooey cheesy delight, and um, I ate it all.  Too bad they only have a 1 mile delivery radius, ya know, cuz they use Segways.  No joke.  I will be back Pete’s, you can count on that.

So, it’s looking like we are going to have one or two more days in the upper 80s before the temps drop down into the 60s for the weekend.  I’m pretty excited about this, bring it on fall.  We won’t all be sweating our asses off while BBQing with our parents on Saturday.  Thank god.

Have a good one friends!

Date Night

Last night I had a very enjoyable date with myself where I enjoyed an entire frozen pizza, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and the movie Beastly.  I am the epitome of a healthy living blogger people, take notes.  I’m not even talking one of those smallish frozen pizzas, I ate an entire Red Baron Supreme Pizza last night, and I wasn’t even that full after.  It did have a thin crust though.   The wine didn’t even give me a buzz, I have issues, but that’s a post for another day.

And the movie?  Surprisingly not that bad.  I randomly signed up for Netflix on Monday and added this to my queue, yesterday it arrived.  To tell you the truth, I kind of wanted to see it when it was out in theaters but never got around to it, and the $5.99 for Comcast On Demand HD movies was getting out of control.  So yeah, the movie pretty closely follows the Beauty and the Beast story line, with some modernization thrown in there.  Totally believe MK Olson as the witch though, and you can still tell Alex Pettyfer is sexy even when in Beast mode.  Anyway, I liked it, but glad I didn’t pay to see it in theaters.

Let’s see what else did I do yesterday… 1.5 mile run followed by back and biceps workout.  The 1.5 miles was in 13ish minutes, I forgot to check, and the lifting was pretty standard.  Today’s lunch time class at the gym is called Simply Strength, I might check it out, depends on how lazy I’m feeling at noon.  Tomorrow’s class is called Power Hour, although I doubt it’s the kind of power hour I wish it was.  For my birthday two years ago I made an awesome Michael Jackson power hour, it was fantastic.

An update on the computer sitch, apparently my IP address is registering as coming from the UK.  I have no idea what my work did over the weekend that suddenly switched it to over there because for the past 7 months it was definitely a US IP address, but I’m not happy.  If I’m staring at a computer screen all day, formatting word documents (not content just aesthetically) I need some background noise!  Waaaaaaaaaaaah.

Alright, whatever, happy Thursday.  What are you getting into this weekend?  I really don’t want to do anything, I don’t even want to go to my pool because of it’s annoying party vibe.  I’m such a grump.

What is this Place?

For someone who wrote about not wanting to go out or socialize this weekend, I sure ended up doing a lot.  A five hour dinner with Kacy and Steph, all day lounging at the pool on Saturday followed by a BBQ, and more pool lounging on Sunday.  It was a fun and entertaining weekend.

Since Steph was in town for work, her, Kacy, and I met up for dinner at Fire Works in the Court House area of Arlington.  I’d only been one other time, but knew that Garlic Knots were a must order menu item.  I’m pretty sure they are the only thing that cured me of my hangover the last time I was there.

Also, I am a Margarita Pizza addict, so when I know there’s a good one on the menu, it’s all I can think about.  I ordered one for dinner and ate everything but two slices.

The food was amazing, as was the conversation.  I don’t think I’ve heard the word vagina used more times in one dinner ever in my life.  Those two are always a great time, and I had a blast laughing my ass off and telling embarrassing stories.  Great times ladies, great times.

Saturday I drug my ass out of bed and headed to the pool with the roommates bright and early so we could score some lounge chairs before it got crowded.  On Saturday’s you have to pay to park, so we always hoof it from the metro station, it’s somewhat of a hike that I am never happy about.  But hey, can I count it as exercise?

Don't mock the romper, it's the most comfortable item of clothing, ever

Saturday night we ventured back into DC for a Farewell BBQ for some kickballers moving to Charlottesville.  I have no pictures because I plopped my ass in a chair and didn’t move the entire night, I made the beer come to me.  However, other people did take some, so I’ll steal those eventually.  It was a great party, and we kicked the keg before 1 am.  Yay for boozey friends!  I crashed into bed sometime around 2.

Sunday at the pool was much less reserved than Saturday, bizarre right?  They had sections reserved for bottle service, and we were amazed when they brought out a “stage”.  Our amazement became pure delight when we say what was going to happen on that stage.

Booty shaking and popping galore.  It was amazing, and somewhat outrageous.  Best Groupon purchase ever.  The party was just getting started at the pool when we peaced out at 4, I guess those people don’t have 9-5 jobs?  Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend, and I’m glad I decided to be social after all.  I hope you all had a great one!