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What is this Place?

For someone who wrote about not wanting to go out or socialize this weekend, I sure ended up doing a lot.  A five hour dinner with Kacy and Steph, all day lounging at the pool on Saturday followed by a BBQ, and more pool lounging on Sunday.  It was a fun and entertaining weekend.

Since Steph was in town for work, her, Kacy, and I met up for dinner at Fire Works in the Court House area of Arlington.  I’d only been one other time, but knew that Garlic Knots were a must order menu item.  I’m pretty sure they are the only thing that cured me of my hangover the last time I was there.

Also, I am a Margarita Pizza addict, so when I know there’s a good one on the menu, it’s all I can think about.  I ordered one for dinner and ate everything but two slices.

The food was amazing, as was the conversation.  I don’t think I’ve heard the word vagina used more times in one dinner ever in my life.  Those two are always a great time, and I had a blast laughing my ass off and telling embarrassing stories.  Great times ladies, great times.

Saturday I drug my ass out of bed and headed to the pool with the roommates bright and early so we could score some lounge chairs before it got crowded.  On Saturday’s you have to pay to park, so we always hoof it from the metro station, it’s somewhat of a hike that I am never happy about.  But hey, can I count it as exercise?

Don't mock the romper, it's the most comfortable item of clothing, ever

Saturday night we ventured back into DC for a Farewell BBQ for some kickballers moving to Charlottesville.  I have no pictures because I plopped my ass in a chair and didn’t move the entire night, I made the beer come to me.  However, other people did take some, so I’ll steal those eventually.  It was a great party, and we kicked the keg before 1 am.  Yay for boozey friends!  I crashed into bed sometime around 2.

Sunday at the pool was much less reserved than Saturday, bizarre right?  They had sections reserved for bottle service, and we were amazed when they brought out a “stage”.  Our amazement became pure delight when we say what was going to happen on that stage.

Booty shaking and popping galore.  It was amazing, and somewhat outrageous.  Best Groupon purchase ever.  The party was just getting started at the pool when we peaced out at 4, I guess those people don’t have 9-5 jobs?  Anyway, it was a fantastic weekend, and I’m glad I decided to be social after all.  I hope you all had a great one!

19 Responses

  1. That pool sounds fun. As much as I love jumping in my parents pool, there’s never that many people, or any booty shaking going on. Actually, the lack of booty shaking is probably a good thing.

  2. Your pool definitely kicks my pool’s ass, hahaha.
    Had a blast Friday night, even though I said the world vagina way more than was necessary 🙂

  3. I love 5 hour dinners with friends, they’re the best. I am also jealous of all your pool time. I need to work on that.

  4. zomg must have garlic knots NAOOOOOWWWW…

    You may have seen my romper rant last week. heh. My beef is mostly with the chubby girls (like me) who try to squeeze their poor camel toes into a romper that’s two sizes too small.

    But you’re little and you look adorable in it.

    • They are the best thing ever, seriously. Haha I did see your romper rant last week. Your only chubby because you’re knocked up 😉

  5. I love having long dinners with friends. It definitely makes for the best conversations. 🙂 Your pool looks awesome!

  6. I love the romper.

    You’re right- they’re amazingly comfy.

    I may be wearing one right now. YES….

  7. I want a pool! I miss swimming. And it could’ve helped when our A/C went out Thursday night and got to 84 degrees in our house by Friday (it was over 100 all weekend). Boo.

  8. margarita pizza = best pizza ever. And you look pretty adorable in the romper so rock it proudly 😉

  9. wow – that pool party looks pretty insane! haha I have a lot of friends that get hammered on “Sunday Funday.” i’m like really? It’s a day of rest! LOL

  10. The pizza looks delicious!

    I wear rompers too. I couldn’t care less what people say. What’s not to like?

    I want to be that gogo dancer. Her hair is fierce.

  11. That pizza looks like the most perfect pizza ever.

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