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Hooray for Friday, and hooray for June?  I like the month of June, it’s always fun, and now I can officially start saying “MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT MONTH!”  Yeah, so what if I’m turning 27.  I still get excited about my birthday, make fun of me all you want.  Oh, and I also get to see Darren this month :).

Yesterday was a very productive day for a Thursday, I like to take advantage of my WFH days to the fullest.  In the morning I took a little 1.5 mile jog to the bank and back to deposit a plethora of checks.  I sincerely hope they enjoyed the sweat soaked deposit, as they were stuffed in my sports bra for the journey, and it was like 85 degrees yesterday.  Upon returning I made myself do some core work and push-ups and called it a work-out.

When I finally finished dripping with sweat, it was back out to run some more errands.  I hadn’t grocery shopped in a ridiculously long time, and had officially run out of food so it was beyond time to stock up.  I tried to hit up the Clarendon Trader Joe’s, but the fire alarm was going off and there were about 4 fire trucks in the street (anyone know what happened?) so I had to settle for the lame Harris Teeter.  $150 later (um oops) I’m officially set for the next two weeks most likely, with tons of delicious food.  Then I did laundry, but that’s not too exciting.

I also managed to plow through the first season of Game of Thrones in the past two days.  Every episode of that show infuriates me and makes me want to punch someone.  Mostly that damn bitch of a Queen.  I hate her.  I suspect I’ll be able to watch what’s run of season 2 so far this year by the end of the day weekend.

Switching the page of my calendar is my favorite part of a new month, and this month’s photos make me miss Chicago and Amy a lot. Oh right, and Darren.

So many fun times were had that weekend, and let’s not forget to mention my first experience with Rod! Alright, anywhoodle, what are you all looking forward to this month?  I’ve got lots of fun things scheduled and not gonna lie, am keeping my fingers crossed for a surprise or two.  Mainly one, in the form of a sparkly piece of jewelry.  Hey, it could be an early birthday present!

Scenes From my Weekend

This past weekend was a good one.  It was full of great weather, good friends, and at least 3 meals came off of a grill.  I ❤ summertime.  Friday was low-key and spent preparing for the weekend ahead.  I ordered take-out Thai and ate it in my pajamas while watching my new favorite show on HGTV, Million Dollar Closets.  I think the fabulousness of its name speaks for the show itself.  Saturday it was off to The Mall early for our 1 pm kickball game.  We lost, but somehow I played really well both as 3rd basemen and at bat and walked away with the MVP tie.

super sweet american flag mvp tie

As you can probably see, numerous beers were consumed very shortly after our kickball game ended, Call Me Maybe played no less than 4 times in the bar, and at some point this happened:

dance line?

I left Bottom Line around 5ish, don’t count how many hours of beers and dancing that is, to head back home to Arlington to clean up for a graduation party.  Said party took place on a rooftop and there was BBQ and booze so I was excited.

my dress billowing in the wind, not me 11 months pregnant

Adrienne and myself

I *think* I went home around midnight?  All I know is I woke up Sunday feeling much less crappy than I expected to, which was awesome.  I spent the early part of Sunday lounging around in my backyard working on my tan while reading the final book in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.  Around 3, lured by the promise of hot dogs, Adrienne I ventured over to another friend’s house for more BBQ and beers.  Apparently all i took pictures of here were puppies, typical.



I wrapped up the weekend by grilling more food, this time in the form of burgers, for Sunday’s dinner.  It was an all around lovely weekend, and now the countdown is really on until my bff’s wedding on Saturday! Eeeeek.  I should probably cut back on the wine and Smartfood popcorn this week, but I won’t.

Happy Tuesday!

I’m on a Boat

I know on Friday I said I didn’t want to do anything this weekend, just sit around and relax.  Well I managed to do that, on Friday, but when my friend Keith sent me a text message at 9 pm Friday night asking if I wanted to go boating on Saturday I couldn’t turn it down.  A few text messages later, and I confirmed that Adrienne and myself would be at his front door in Baltimore by 1:30 sharp.

Wouldn’t you know, A and I actually managed to make it to Baltimore the following morning a little early, and one pit stop for BLL (Bud Light Lime) later we were boarding the boat.  Oh, and did I mention the boat’s owner and our captain was Australian?  I could have listened to him talk about the rules for tubing all day long.  We headed out from the Baltimore harbor to the cleaner waters of the Chesapeake Bay, where we spent the remainder of the day.

there was lounging

lots of tubing

talk about a great upper body workout

and then finally relaxing

After everyone had their fill of tubing, we made our way to a little more secluded area, anchored the boat, tied up the rafts and got to floating.  Eventually we all started to realized we were starving, so the grill came out and a delicious dinner of corn, hot dogs, and hamburgers was served.  I also did a lot of this, because I can only sit still for so long.  There were back dives also, but none captured on film.


We started to make our way back in as the sun was setting, and it made a great end for a great day.  We docked just around 11 pm I think, and Keith, Adrienne, and myself made it back to Keith’s house with just enough energy to shower before we all passed out hard.

The next morning, Adrienne and I packed up and headed back to VA, but full of energy from a good nights sleep we spent the whole trip home brainstorming ideas for the rest of the day.  Eventually we decided on the 1:30 Nationals game, and scored some awesome $10 seats along the first base line.  Sure it was hot, but we had ice cold Miller Lights to cool us down, and we were in the shade for the most part.

It was a fantastic weekend that has left me cursing my 7 am work start time this week, and with an aching upper body, but it was worth it and fun!  I doubt this coming weekend will result in any less activity since my birthday is next Monday and I hope to be celebrating.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!