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Date Night

Last night I had a very enjoyable date with myself where I enjoyed an entire frozen pizza, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and the movie Beastly.  I am the epitome of a healthy living blogger people, take notes.  I’m not even talking one of those smallish frozen pizzas, I ate an entire Red Baron Supreme Pizza last night, and I wasn’t even that full after.  It did have a thin crust though.   The wine didn’t even give me a buzz, I have issues, but that’s a post for another day.

And the movie?  Surprisingly not that bad.  I randomly signed up for Netflix on Monday and added this to my queue, yesterday it arrived.  To tell you the truth, I kind of wanted to see it when it was out in theaters but never got around to it, and the $5.99 for Comcast On Demand HD movies was getting out of control.  So yeah, the movie pretty closely follows the Beauty and the Beast story line, with some modernization thrown in there.  Totally believe MK Olson as the witch though, and you can still tell Alex Pettyfer is sexy even when in Beast mode.  Anyway, I liked it, but glad I didn’t pay to see it in theaters.

Let’s see what else did I do yesterday… 1.5 mile run followed by back and biceps workout.  The 1.5 miles was in 13ish minutes, I forgot to check, and the lifting was pretty standard.  Today’s lunch time class at the gym is called Simply Strength, I might check it out, depends on how lazy I’m feeling at noon.  Tomorrow’s class is called Power Hour, although I doubt it’s the kind of power hour I wish it was.  For my birthday two years ago I made an awesome Michael Jackson power hour, it was fantastic.

An update on the computer sitch, apparently my IP address is registering as coming from the UK.  I have no idea what my work did over the weekend that suddenly switched it to over there because for the past 7 months it was definitely a US IP address, but I’m not happy.  If I’m staring at a computer screen all day, formatting word documents (not content just aesthetically) I need some background noise!  Waaaaaaaaaaaah.

Alright, whatever, happy Thursday.  What are you getting into this weekend?  I really don’t want to do anything, I don’t even want to go to my pool because of it’s annoying party vibe.  I’m such a grump.

6 Responses

  1. Sounds like my kind of night.
    I think you can watch TV series online through Netflix now that you have an account?

  2. Thin crust pizzas are tricky. Its so easy to eat the whole thing, I totally understand. I’ve done it too. 🙂

  3. Netflix is the best thing ever. Netflix on Demand throught Wii is even better. Now you can watch Sons of Anarchy and we can discuss!!! Also I used to eat a whole Tombstone in one sitting – back when I somehow weighed 90 lbs.

  4. Oh that movie looks bad. Netflix is the best. I love all the watch instant documentaries they have.

  5. Ahh power hours are the best! Beer drinking ones that is

  6. I so don’t feel alone now! Frozen pizzas NEVER fill me up and I can so demolish and entire pizza right there along with you. Unfortunately, wine has the opposite effect on me. One glass of red wine and I’m GOOD. Usually my alcohol tolerance is CRAZY high for my size.. is that good or bad?
    Annnd Netflix is my hero. I’ve been watching (er, rewatching) every season of Grey’s online via Netflix.

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