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What a Moron

Just to prove that I am becoming increasingly incapable of doing anything before I have coffee in my system, this morning I left the next three days worth of lunch and breakfast (in frozen meal form) sitting out on my counter, next to the coffee maker.  So sad, mostly because now I have nothing to eat at work today.  And no, I do not plan on throwing said meals out, they will be re-frozen and eaten eventually.  That shit is expensive. If I die, you will all know why.

Anywayyyy, yesterday I drug my poor sore muscles, seriously even the backs of my knees hurt, across the street for 45 minutes on the elliptical during lunch.  I’m thinking about trying to add a second day of lifting into my schedule for the next three weeks.  That means I’ll actually need to get myself to the gym on Saturday’s, so we’ll see how that goes.

In other news, the J. Crew holiday catalog arrived yesterday, and since they own my soul I obviously want EVERYTHING.  Not even kidding, I don’t think I saw one thing I didn’t like.  I specifically would like this whole outfit please.  Mom, Col, Darren?  (Darren refuses to read my blog, I had to text him this picture :))

My favoritest show ever, SOA, kept me up until 11:30 last night with its 90 minutes of intense action, and I think I’ve figured out what about Jax Teller is so damn attractive to me.  Besides his obviously sexy looks.  Darren and him make the exact same “I’m so fucking mad I want to kill you” face!  Jaw clenched, head tilted back, eyes big, the exact same.  It actually made me laugh.  Anyway, Sons was intense last night, and if this season doesn’t wrap up all these damn cliffhangers the end every episode on, I may throw something at the TV.  Three episodes left!

Could you handle all the random in that post?  Clearly the coffee set in once I got to work.  Happy Wednesday!


No More Shopping, Ever

Well, I got off to an early start today, especially considering that it’s Sunday.  I woke up at 7:30 to the annoying sound of birds chirping outside my window and the dumb ass dogs across the street barking their faces off.  I silently thanked baby jesus that I did not roll in from a wedding at 2 am like my roommates, who were undoubtedly suffering through a hangover.  After a few minutes of laying in bed, I realized that I was wide awake and falling back asleep was not an option, so I threw off my covers and started my day.  Well first I put away laundry that had been sitting in the basket for a week, straightened my hair, and played with my new Urban Decay purchases.  Then I started my day.

My only real agenda was to get my grocery shopping done for the day, so I headed over to Trader Joe’s instead of going to Harris Teeter as usual.  50 minutes, and a cart full of groceries later I was ready to check out, only somewhat afraid of the damage I’d done.  Much to my delight, my total came in well under $100, and that includes 3 bottles of wine and an $11 container of gummy vitamins.  I’d forgotten just how inexpensive everything at TJ’s is!  I see a grocery store switch happening in my life.

I finished my grocery shopping, and was home by 10 am in a quiet house full of still sleeping roommates.  In desperate need of coffee, I retreated to my rooms bathroom to grind some coffee beans, in an effort to not wake anyone up.  That is how the rest of my morning has gone thus far, sipping coffee on the couch, and watching TV.  I’m kind of bored, is it too early to start cooking dinner?

As far as the rest of yesterday went, I dropped Dani and Adrienne off, and made my way to a nearly deserted gym.  I did 5 miles on the treadmill at about a 9:30 pace, followed by 1 mile on the elliptical and some weights.  Then I realized it was almost 4 pm, and my egg and cheese sandwich from breakfast was no longer in my stomach, and the copious amounts of coffee were starting to make me nauseous.  I knew I’d never make it through a few hours at the mall without some food, luckily my gym has a juice bar inside of it.  Weird green protein smoothie to the rescue.

It held me over through a few hours of shopping until dinner time.  As far as purchases for the day go, I spent a ton of money on Urban Decay makeup and then ended up ordering the previously mentioned pair of Steve Madden black boots.


These boots, in black


New fun makeup purchases:


24/7 Eye Pencil in Lust, Zero, and Yeyo

Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box

My friend Alexis has actually used this eyeshadow on me before, and I love all the colors.  I may have gone a little overboard, but sometimes you just need to splurge on some new makeup.  I also bought a new blush that’s a little less pink than the one I’d been using.  This morning I used Polyester Bride and Sin on my eyes, with a little bit of Lust eyeliner.  Love it!  Ok well I’m going to go try to find someone to play with, or some other way to entertain myself.  Have a great Sunday!


Target Gets Me Again

As promised, here is a picture from our Super Bowl party on Sunday.  We had a good crowd, with both Steelers and Packers fans present, it was almost as fun as our Super  Bowl parties during our college days.

Apparently I underestimated just how tired I was from our party Sunday, because the second I started running last night I knew I wasn’t making it to 5 miles.  I did 3 at about a 9:30 pace, and followed it up with 2 on the elliptical.  So technically I did 5 miles, they just weren’t all on the treadmill.  Then I sent Darren this picture and asked if he still found me attractive, surprisingly he said yes.

red faced sweat monster

My hair was straight when I started my workout, but I was sweating so much that where the bottom of my ponytail was hitting my back and shoulders it became wet and curly.  Isn’t that hot?  I hate Monday nights because they usually involve some sort of errand after my workout, which means dinner is late, which means I get very cranky.  Last night was no different.  I went over to Target to pick up some things for V-Day and walked out $161 poorer, but with only one bag of things.  How does that happen?  Damn you Target.  One of the things I purchased was this!

The Pioneer Woman’s new book!  Yes, I’ve read the version posted on her blog, but I want more!  The wedding, the honeymoon, it’s all so exciting, I can’t wait.  I got through about 70 pages last night before I went to bed.  By the time I got home from Target it was already 8, and the only thing I could think about for dinner was Buffalo Chicken Dip.  That’s a balanced meal right?  No?  Crap.

I’ve got a question for ya’ll.  So one of my random purchases last night at Target was a coffee bean grinder so that I can finally use the bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee Adrienne got me for Christmas.  I totally failed on the quantity of beans to water ratio this morning, so how many scoops of beans do you use for one cup?  I’ve got no clue.  My coffee was not nearly strong enough this morning, that will be a shame for me later.  Help please.  K peace out kids.