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Oh the Madness!

Happy Friday y’all! I’ve been super swamped at work the past two days, and by that I mean I’ve been live streaming March Madness and keeping track of my bracket. It’s intense, and awesome. I’m 13/17 picks wise at the moment, that epic Duke loss luckily screwed most everyone I’m in a pool with and not just me. So bring on the Madness, ha!

We’re currently sitting 16 days away from Cherry Blossom, and while I’m still not entirely sure my body is going to make it without completely falling apart I’m giving it my best. 4.12 miles last night in 40 minutes, and my tomorrow my first attempt at a long run since March 1. I also did a lot of foam rolling this week which seems to have broken up some of the tightness along my right IT Band, but has also left me feeling like someone repeatedly punched me. Really hard. You win some you lose some.

The weather for tomorrow looks fantastic though, and I’m interested to see how I feel in some warm weather. Then I plan on planting my ass somewhere outdoors, drinking some beers, and watching more basketball. Basically an ideal day right there, and I plan on embracing this one day of warm weather, because well then there’s this.

photoI can’t even. GTFO of here winter. Let’s move on to something less depressing than the thought of snow on March 25, I used a majority of my bonus this year to pay off 1) my couch that I bought last summer 2) my American Express card 3) my J.Crew card and 4) a large portion of my Master Card balance, but I saved just a little bit to get some thing for myself that I could use.

new running kicks… neon naturally

neutral patent flats

I also could use a new pair of white jeans, and some new sheets as mine are rapidly approaching 4 years old and are kinds wearing thin. Anywhoodle, that’s all from me. Hope all your brackets aren’t completely busted yet, keep your fingers crossed for me on my long run tomorrow!

If I Could I Would

So I’m not currently shopping, I did way too much emotional purchasing of everything I wanted like 6 months ago, but that doesn’t stop the emails from my favorite stores from inundating my inbox everyday. So let’s play, “Things I would buy if I wasn’t broke and my rent wasn’t about to go up by $383 a month.” Just to make things easier, these pics all came from the J.Crew website. Basically that store is my kryptonite.





How obsessed am I with those mint eyelet cafe capris? It’s probably unhealthy. The purple, mint, and aqua plaid shirt is also incredibly adorable. I have two of the Tippi sweaters currently, and they are wonderful, so obviously I wouldn’t mind adding a few more colors of it to my collection. I’ve worn my Cece flats to death, and I love the green color.





I don’t really own a lot of pink, but I did buy those bright pink shorts at the top last summer and I wouldn’t mind adding a few of these pieces to the closet. Specifically the pink and white check shirt, and that pink mini. I’d say those Sperry’s but I own Toms already that are pretty much the exact same colors.



navy2I am loving all things Nautical right now, my scarf today has anchors and boat wheels on it, so when I saw this stuff I about died. The navy dress at the top right, the navy and white striped blazer, the pencil skirt (which also comes in shorts in that pattern) and silver shoes, want it all. Minus the hat, I don’t do giant hats, I’ll stick to my worn in salt stained Lacoste baseball cap thanks.

Unfortunately the only thing I’ll be adding to my wardrobe in the near future is a new pair of jeans. You see, as I was pulling on my favorite pair of skinny 7’s on Saturday (straight from the wash mind you) I heard the terrible sound of denim ripping. Right, down, the thigh. I knew it was coming, as my go-to jeans off and on for the past 5 years the fabric was thinning, and they were totally worn out. I still mourned the loss of them however, and it became very apparent this morning as I tried on no less than 5 pairs of jeans to find ones that were neither too big nor too small that I need to replace them ASAP. I don’t even like the jeans I had to wear today.



They’re old, and flared, and have weird whiskering, and I have the giant True Religion “U” on my ass. No bueno. So until I win the lottery, I’ll just window shop and mark all the things I would buy if I could. The end.



Self Improvement

Hey, hey, hey and happy Tuesday to you! I had off yesterday for President’s Day, and as the first day off since the Christmas holidays it was mucho appreciated. I thank you all for your feedback on my last post, I’m going to try to start updating more and see how I feel about it. I do like writing here as it makes me feel like much less of a crazy person, but I still get a little uncomfortable since it was such a point of contention in my last relationship.

I had a lovely V-Day date with my roommate, we got our nails done and drank beer and ate wings. Personally, I feel every holiday should include beer and chicken wings, but that’s just me. Her and I also had a great conversation about how we generally feel like we’re getting ourselves more together lately, and how much better we’re feeling because of it. I’m working on three years of living in Arlington, and only feel like I’ve given it a real chance recently. For the first two years all I could do was countdown until the time when I could leave and move away, and I think it really fucked things up for me. I didn’t let myself become close to the people I was around all of the time, and as a result they didn’t let themselves become close to me.

I’ve been making more of an effort lately to see people, and hang out, and get to know people and it’s paying off because they’re finally getting to know me too. I’ve gotten a lot of “I had you pegged completely differently” lately, and I’m getting invited to things I almost surely wouldn’t have a year ago. Does that mean I have 5 weddings and 2 baby showers between April and October, yes, but I’m excited! My roommate, Adrienne, was away for the long weekend and I usually would have used that as an excuse to not go out and do anything. Because ya know, I can’t go alone, but I didn’t. So with that in mind, let’s dive in.

Friday I drank all of the Bud Light on the planet, while playing darts and other bar with some of my work friends. I can usually muster a pretty decent game of Cricket, but saweet jesus was I on point on Friday.

This was my second double bull in a row, I went on to hit about 6 more

Jen and I... I look fat and stumpy next to her

Jen and I… I look fat and stumpy next to her

I was home by like 10:30-11 which meant I was up by 8:30 on Saturday. I had no intention of sitting around the house all day by myself doing nothing, so instead I took myself out on a little date. Sure, I wore my glasses but it was nice! I hit up the Courthouse theater, which is amazeballs with it’s reclining leather seats and saw Silver Lining’s Playbook. I really liked the movie, especially all the Eagles nonsense and Brad and Jen (not theeeee Brad and Jen RIP) are super cute together on screen. After the movie I went to dinner, and sat at the bar alone eating and drinking, until my friend Sharon joined me a few hours later.

wearing glasses out totally threw me off my game btw

wearing glasses out totally threw me off my game btw

Sunday did involve lots of lounging around, until I ventured out for trivia that night. I wasn’t the only one who thought a Sunday night trivia adventure could be fun, because 16 of my friends also showed up. We had a great time taking advantage of the Monday holiday. Even though we all SUCKED at trivia. Now I’m not sure if this makes me sad or just adult-like, but the best part of my weekend involved things I purchased for the house yesterday. One was a rug that I’ll show you once I get it (or you can go look at AP’s because I copied her since I want to be her 😉 this is not news to her) and the other was a 5 drawer organizer for my bathroom.

I'm so organized, it makes me ridiculously happy

I’m so organized, it makes me ridiculously happy

Anyway, that’s your weekend update. This week looks to be pretty standard, I’ve got a bridal shower and bach party this weekend that I’m looking forward to, but that’s about it! Hope y’all are lovely!