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Gambling Fool

Wednesday already, huh?  That came quickly, (TWSS).  Side note, Darren threatened to lock me out of our hotel room if I said that one more time over the weekend, haha.  I’m dragging a little today thanks to last nights activities, so forgive me if I’m not as hilarious and entertaining as usual.

After a full nights rest on Monday night, I was more than ready to get myself back in the gym yesterday.  What I wasn’t sure of, was what I wanted to do.  I eventually found myself on what I now know is called the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer).  Previously known as, the crazy range of motion elliptical.  I liked it, and after 33 minutes I was dripping with sweat.  I closed out my cardio session with 1.25 miles on the treadmill, 9:05 pace, 3% incline.  I figured it was the best way to make the most out of a short run.

After work I hit up Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on a major supply of fruits and veggies, and wine.  One bottle to thank Adrienne for taking me to and from the airport last week, one bottle for the other roommates birthday present, and one bottle for me :).  I also bought almond butter, because I’m going to try to will myself to like it.  All the articles I read about healthy fats and snacks piss me off, because every single one recommends eating almonds and crap.  Guess what, I fucking hate almonds, peanuts, cashews, blah, blah, blah.  What the hell am I supposed to eat?  No seriously, someone tell me!  I’m currently eating berries and almond butter, and not enjoying it at all.  Oh, and please don’t say greek yogurt or oatmeal because I’ll have to punch you.

Anyway, moving on.  Adrienne has wanted to host a poker night for a while, and last night was the night.  Two of our guy friends came over, and the four of us gambled our money away until just passed midnight, aka when I turn into a grouch.  I started out doing pretty well, but eventually had to buy back in, and then finally accept my losses once my $10 was gone.

It reminded me of high school when I used to beg Darren to let me come to poker night (he usually said no) and play with him and the older guys from the grocery store we worked at.  Who, now that I think about it, were probably the age I am now, but seemed so old to my stupid 17 year-old self.  That’s sad to think about.  It was fun, but I drank way too much wine and stayed up way too late for a Tuesday, now I want to take a nap.

Adios suckas.

I Actually Cooked

Really? It’s only Wednesday?  Is this week dragging for anyone else?  I guess it’s because I’m so excited for next week, three-day work week, and then I get to see Amy and Dar!  Not to be too lame, but I really miss him right now.  Not only has it been almost 6 weeks since he was here in VA, but he’s so busy with work that we haven’t really been able to talk on the phone or Skype a lot recently either.  Plus with being sick and not feeling well, I kind of just want a big hug and Dani and Adrienne’s just aren’t the same,haha.

Ok moving on, I got in a very nice lunchtime 5k yesterday followed by my second weight workout of the week.  It was supposed to be back, bis, and legs, but I ran out of time so legs will have to be moved to a different day.

Not too shabby if you consider the first minute walking warm-up.  I started at 6.4 mph, ran at that speed for 1 mile, and then increased my speed by .1 every lap for the next mile and .2 for the last.  I ended up at 9.0 sprinting for the last little bit.

After work, instead of heading to my usual Harris Teeter, I decided to venture over to Trader Joe’s instead.  I filled my cart with the things actually on my list, and then of course some random purchases that caught my eye.  It’s lovely when two stuffed bags of groceries only cost $77, and I’m pretty sure I have enough food to last me at least 2 weeks.

Dinner was actually not something bought at TJ’s, but instead I made use of some leftover ground Turkey from when I made lasagna weeks ago.

Turkey burger seasoned with Worcestershire, garlic, and Montreal Steak seasoning, nice large slice of Provolone on top.  I was too hot for bread. That picture is just for these two because they loveeeee mayo and ketchup together ;).  Yes, I also dipped my fries in the mixture, muahahaha.

The best sweet potato fries ever.  That’s the one bad thing about TJ’s, they don’t sell Alexia products, so now I’m out and pretty sad about it.

It was pretty hard to get myself into the kitchen to cook actual food, and I was definitely sweating by the time I was done.  Yay for no air conditioning!  Oh god, I just remembered it’s going to feel like 105 degrees today, send help, or an air conditioning unit.  Well crap, I just checked the forecast and tomorrow is going to be even worse.

Two and a half more days, two and a half more days.  I think I can make it.

No More Shopping, Ever

Well, I got off to an early start today, especially considering that it’s Sunday.  I woke up at 7:30 to the annoying sound of birds chirping outside my window and the dumb ass dogs across the street barking their faces off.  I silently thanked baby jesus that I did not roll in from a wedding at 2 am like my roommates, who were undoubtedly suffering through a hangover.  After a few minutes of laying in bed, I realized that I was wide awake and falling back asleep was not an option, so I threw off my covers and started my day.  Well first I put away laundry that had been sitting in the basket for a week, straightened my hair, and played with my new Urban Decay purchases.  Then I started my day.

My only real agenda was to get my grocery shopping done for the day, so I headed over to Trader Joe’s instead of going to Harris Teeter as usual.  50 minutes, and a cart full of groceries later I was ready to check out, only somewhat afraid of the damage I’d done.  Much to my delight, my total came in well under $100, and that includes 3 bottles of wine and an $11 container of gummy vitamins.  I’d forgotten just how inexpensive everything at TJ’s is!  I see a grocery store switch happening in my life.

I finished my grocery shopping, and was home by 10 am in a quiet house full of still sleeping roommates.  In desperate need of coffee, I retreated to my rooms bathroom to grind some coffee beans, in an effort to not wake anyone up.  That is how the rest of my morning has gone thus far, sipping coffee on the couch, and watching TV.  I’m kind of bored, is it too early to start cooking dinner?

As far as the rest of yesterday went, I dropped Dani and Adrienne off, and made my way to a nearly deserted gym.  I did 5 miles on the treadmill at about a 9:30 pace, followed by 1 mile on the elliptical and some weights.  Then I realized it was almost 4 pm, and my egg and cheese sandwich from breakfast was no longer in my stomach, and the copious amounts of coffee were starting to make me nauseous.  I knew I’d never make it through a few hours at the mall without some food, luckily my gym has a juice bar inside of it.  Weird green protein smoothie to the rescue.

It held me over through a few hours of shopping until dinner time.  As far as purchases for the day go, I spent a ton of money on Urban Decay makeup and then ended up ordering the previously mentioned pair of Steve Madden black boots.


These boots, in black


New fun makeup purchases:


24/7 Eye Pencil in Lust, Zero, and Yeyo

Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box

My friend Alexis has actually used this eyeshadow on me before, and I love all the colors.  I may have gone a little overboard, but sometimes you just need to splurge on some new makeup.  I also bought a new blush that’s a little less pink than the one I’d been using.  This morning I used Polyester Bride and Sin on my eyes, with a little bit of Lust eyeliner.  Love it!  Ok well I’m going to go try to find someone to play with, or some other way to entertain myself.  Have a great Sunday!