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Target Gets Me Again

As promised, here is a picture from our Super Bowl party on Sunday.  We had a good crowd, with both Steelers and Packers fans present, it was almost as fun as our Super  Bowl parties during our college days.

Apparently I underestimated just how tired I was from our party Sunday, because the second I started running last night I knew I wasn’t making it to 5 miles.  I did 3 at about a 9:30 pace, and followed it up with 2 on the elliptical.  So technically I did 5 miles, they just weren’t all on the treadmill.  Then I sent Darren this picture and asked if he still found me attractive, surprisingly he said yes.

red faced sweat monster

My hair was straight when I started my workout, but I was sweating so much that where the bottom of my ponytail was hitting my back and shoulders it became wet and curly.  Isn’t that hot?  I hate Monday nights because they usually involve some sort of errand after my workout, which means dinner is late, which means I get very cranky.  Last night was no different.  I went over to Target to pick up some things for V-Day and walked out $161 poorer, but with only one bag of things.  How does that happen?  Damn you Target.  One of the things I purchased was this!

The Pioneer Woman’s new book!  Yes, I’ve read the version posted on her blog, but I want more!  The wedding, the honeymoon, it’s all so exciting, I can’t wait.  I got through about 70 pages last night before I went to bed.  By the time I got home from Target it was already 8, and the only thing I could think about for dinner was Buffalo Chicken Dip.  That’s a balanced meal right?  No?  Crap.

I’ve got a question for ya’ll.  So one of my random purchases last night at Target was a coffee bean grinder so that I can finally use the bag of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee Adrienne got me for Christmas.  I totally failed on the quantity of beans to water ratio this morning, so how many scoops of beans do you use for one cup?  I’ve got no clue.  My coffee was not nearly strong enough this morning, that will be a shame for me later.  Help please.  K peace out kids.

9 Responses

  1. I’ve always used one scoop, or heaping spoonful per cup. Usually it turns out just right that way.

  2. I buy all of my coffee pre-ground, so I can’t help 😦

    I need to buy that book!!

  3. This is why I’m banned from Target until I move. It’s just so easy to find stuff you need. I want that book!

    I’ve never used a bean grinder, sounds like something I wouldn’t be smart enough to operate.

  4. Oh Target. It’s such a love/hate.

    I really really hate that feeling you get when you know the workout is not going where you want it to. I get it in the first quarter mile of a run. And it’s a disaster for any ounce of motivation I might have… ugh!

    And I used to grind a whole bunch of beans and then just keep it in a ziploc bag in the freezer for when i needed it. It saved me from the hassle each morning and annoying the roommate at the time with the loud noise…

  5. I had no idea she had written a full love story book! I was SO sucked in when I read her story on her blog. I was hoping it would become a book one day!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  6. I do two to three heaping scoops for one large cup. I like my coffee really strong though. And it does depend on your coffee maker, and how finely you grind your beans. For a normal drip, it should be pretty fine – for a french press, coarser is better.

  7. I hate it when my hair is straight and I sweat and it gets all curly.

  8. I like my coffee too baically look like dirty water…so this would be perfect for me!! But I think the right ratio is 1 scoop to 1 cup. So if you are brewing 8 cups use 8 scoops. 🙂

  9. Target is a major fund taker! I can NOT walk out of there without buying something. Love their food selection not to mention their bathing suits, clothes and jewelry. They even have good cards, stickers and decor!
    Tar-jay LOVE!

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