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It’s Just Cake!

The good news is I can walk again today, the bad news is that means I have to stop going right home after work and cramming booze and junk food in my face and go back to the gym :(.  Wait, that’s not how the rest of you recover after a race?  That’s just silly, you all should try my methods.

I’ve alluded to these Blondies a few times before in recent posts, so I thought I’d finally post about them.  In order to entertain myself and stay away from the booze over the weekend when I was getting ready for my race, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  Because of a brownie craving on Friday that was never satisfied, they were on the agenda, until I saw this Blondie recipe on Smitten Kitchen.  I added chocolate chunks, oh and you know I added that Bourbon.  Makers Mark to be specific, and they were amazing.  At first I thought they were slightly undercooked when I took them out of the oven, but once given time to cool, they are left chewy and soft, with a kick of bourbon.  Yes, you still taste it.

Those are the last two, and I’m pretty sad about it, although my thighs are not.   Good thing we still have a plethora of Georgetown Cupcakes at home to satisfy my cravings!  Speaking of cravings, yesterday we had a birthday in the office, so there was cake.  On average there is cake in this office 3 times a week, so most of the time I decline having a slice because I’m not going to stuff cake in my face 3 times a week.  Yesterday however, it was 3:30, I was hungry, and happen to enjoy Whole Foods butter cream icing immensely, so I had a piece of cake.  You would have though I freaking grew wings and started flying around the office.

“Kelly, you’re having cake?!  You never have cake!”  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat cake before!”  I assure you people, I eat cake, and cupcakes, and brownies, and ice cream, just not every damn time it’s available.  “Why are you eating cake today?!”  I was just like well, I’m hungry, and I ran 10 miles on Sunday and I want it, and then I felt my face start to turn bright red.  Good lord, why must people make a big deal out of eating or not eating cake?  It’s just cake!

Anyway, somehow it’s Wednesday already and my weekend is pretty much kicking off tomorrow at 5:30 despite the fact that I do actually have work Friday.  It’s going to be a good one friends, mostly because I don’t have any long training runs to stay sober for ;).

20 Responses

  1. YOU ATE CAKE?! WHAT?!?!

    haha…enjoy that damn cake…every.last.bite. 🙂

  2. Those blondies sound amazing. I can’t believe I only just made blondies for the first time a few months ago. They’re so freaking good.

    I hate when people make comments like that about what I eat. My boss likes to order Chinese from the office every now and then (which would be fine if it weren’t from a super seedy, super greasy place), and whenever I suggest something healthier he says “well you always shovel it back anyhow, I think it will be fine”.
    Makes me crazy.

  3. I can’t believe you ate cake!

    The blondies sound delicious. Glad your legs are feeling better!

  4. Yay for running not interferring with drinking! Wait am I not supposed to applaud that?

  5. LOL that is hilarious! My office used to get cake from this one place that I LOVE and then decided to save $ and go to the grocery store so I stopped eating bc I’m a cake snob, haha. Last week the good cake returned and I had some. Everyone made a big deal about it and refers to me as a cake snob. So be it!

  6. That is SO CRAZY that you ate cake! People are so annoying. haha I get that shiz at work. OMG look at Kel having a brownie. Um… I didn’t call you out when you had one please refrain from doing so to me thankyouverymuch!

    • I know seriously. It’s like I’m sorry you are all older, and married. But I am 25 and trying to keep my bf thinking I’m sexy.

  7. Dude, you had cake? Are you allowed to eat cake? But it’s not healthy??? Are you trying to lose weight? I don’t know why you won’t eat cake, you’re so skinny. Omg, are you actually eating cake this time???

    Ugh. Stupid people….

    The blondies look fab. And I’m even more excited because I know they have booze in them.

    • I might not ever eat cake in front of people again. Scarred for life. You must make the blondies, you can still taste the whiskey, it’s incredible.

  8. Girl, you eat that cake! How weird that people freak out about stuff like that?

  9. Whenever people talk about work cake I think of that scene from office space….just me?

  10. You know how much that shit annoys me. It seriously is just cake. Who cares who eats it and who doesn’t. People are absurd.

  11. Every time I come to this page, I let out a loud laugh at the title of “my verbal vomit” Makes MY DAY, I tell you. And WTF? I want some cake! Delicious oooey, goooey cake!! MMMMMMMM!!

    Your cookout also looked super delicious! I’m rather jealous of you this week between the cake and the veggies.

    • Haha, yeah I debate about changing the name, but then everyone always tells me not to. Hey cake and veggies, it’s all about balance right?

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