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It’s Just Cake!

The good news is I can walk again today, the bad news is that means I have to stop going right home after work and cramming booze and junk food in my face and go back to the gym :(.  Wait, that’s not how the rest of you recover after a race?  That’s just silly, you all should try my methods.

I’ve alluded to these Blondies a few times before in recent posts, so I thought I’d finally post about them.  In order to entertain myself and stay away from the booze over the weekend when I was getting ready for my race, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  Because of a brownie craving on Friday that was never satisfied, they were on the agenda, until I saw this Blondie recipe on Smitten Kitchen.  I added chocolate chunks, oh and you know I added that Bourbon.  Makers Mark to be specific, and they were amazing.  At first I thought they were slightly undercooked when I took them out of the oven, but once given time to cool, they are left chewy and soft, with a kick of bourbon.  Yes, you still taste it.

Those are the last two, and I’m pretty sad about it, although my thighs are not.   Good thing we still have a plethora of Georgetown Cupcakes at home to satisfy my cravings!  Speaking of cravings, yesterday we had a birthday in the office, so there was cake.  On average there is cake in this office 3 times a week, so most of the time I decline having a slice because I’m not going to stuff cake in my face 3 times a week.  Yesterday however, it was 3:30, I was hungry, and happen to enjoy Whole Foods butter cream icing immensely, so I had a piece of cake.  You would have though I freaking grew wings and started flying around the office.

“Kelly, you’re having cake?!  You never have cake!”  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat cake before!”  I assure you people, I eat cake, and cupcakes, and brownies, and ice cream, just not every damn time it’s available.  “Why are you eating cake today?!”  I was just like well, I’m hungry, and I ran 10 miles on Sunday and I want it, and then I felt my face start to turn bright red.  Good lord, why must people make a big deal out of eating or not eating cake?  It’s just cake!

Anyway, somehow it’s Wednesday already and my weekend is pretty much kicking off tomorrow at 5:30 despite the fact that I do actually have work Friday.  It’s going to be a good one friends, mostly because I don’t have any long training runs to stay sober for ;).