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It’s Just Cake!

The good news is I can walk again today, the bad news is that means I have to stop going right home after work and cramming booze and junk food in my face and go back to the gym :(.  Wait, that’s not how the rest of you recover after a race?  That’s just silly, you all should try my methods.

I’ve alluded to these Blondies a few times before in recent posts, so I thought I’d finally post about them.  In order to entertain myself and stay away from the booze over the weekend when I was getting ready for my race, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen.  Because of a brownie craving on Friday that was never satisfied, they were on the agenda, until I saw this Blondie recipe on Smitten Kitchen.  I added chocolate chunks, oh and you know I added that Bourbon.  Makers Mark to be specific, and they were amazing.  At first I thought they were slightly undercooked when I took them out of the oven, but once given time to cool, they are left chewy and soft, with a kick of bourbon.  Yes, you still taste it.

Those are the last two, and I’m pretty sad about it, although my thighs are not.   Good thing we still have a plethora of Georgetown Cupcakes at home to satisfy my cravings!  Speaking of cravings, yesterday we had a birthday in the office, so there was cake.  On average there is cake in this office 3 times a week, so most of the time I decline having a slice because I’m not going to stuff cake in my face 3 times a week.  Yesterday however, it was 3:30, I was hungry, and happen to enjoy Whole Foods butter cream icing immensely, so I had a piece of cake.  You would have though I freaking grew wings and started flying around the office.

“Kelly, you’re having cake?!  You never have cake!”  “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat cake before!”  I assure you people, I eat cake, and cupcakes, and brownies, and ice cream, just not every damn time it’s available.  “Why are you eating cake today?!”  I was just like well, I’m hungry, and I ran 10 miles on Sunday and I want it, and then I felt my face start to turn bright red.  Good lord, why must people make a big deal out of eating or not eating cake?  It’s just cake!

Anyway, somehow it’s Wednesday already and my weekend is pretty much kicking off tomorrow at 5:30 despite the fact that I do actually have work Friday.  It’s going to be a good one friends, mostly because I don’t have any long training runs to stay sober for ;).

Body Image

I think it’s probably obvious by now, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.  I think it goes back to my college days when I didn’t have Friday classes and my weekends started usually by noon on Thursdays.  I would then hit up the dining hall for grilled cheese day, followed by a workout at the gym, and then head home to get ready to go out.  My roommates and I would dance around our upstairs, usually while blasting Justin Timberlake or the Step Up soundtrack, and head out to the Thursday night bar in time to beat the line and hit the happy hour.  It took me a few hungover Fridays at work after graduating to realize that Thursday isn’t actually the official start to the weekend once you are an adult.  Still, in my mind it’s completely appropriate to celebrate with a few drinks :).

Step Up was on ABC Family last night, and it brought back all my fond memories from college of being with my roommates and partying to the soundtrack.  Plus I love Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, and it makes it so much better that they’re married in real life.  Alright enough of that tangent :).

Last night I again hit up the gym to get in a run, gotta get 15 miles this week somehow!  I did 4.45 miles in 40 minutes and these were my mile splits.

  • Mile 1: 9:05
  • Mile 2: 9:05
  • Mile 3: 8:57
  • Mile 4: 8:34
  • Mile 4-4.45 8:20

Towards the end of miles 3 and 4 I started to feel some shin pain on the inside of my right leg.  Unfortunately I’ve always gotten shin splints, even since high school, so I know the routine for treating them and can recognize the pain as just shin splints.

Yesterday at work we had a bridal shower for Alexis, and if you follow me on Twitter you know I stuff my face full of cake.  Like an idiot I decided to bring some cake home, and after my lean cuisine ravioli dinner I stuffed my 4th piece of cake of the day into my face.  I have no self-control, haha.

But I mean, would you be able to resist that?  The chocolate filling in the middle is like a chocolate pudding, and oh so delicious.

Body Image

In honor of the Operation Beautiful book release this week, I wanted to talk a little about body image, mostly our distorted body image.  Lisa talked yesterday about the last 5 lbs, and how as women we are always struggling to lose the last 5-10.  But why?  I know personally this is something I’ve always struggled with, even at my thinnest.

Something my mom always told me was, “appreciate how you look now, because one day you’ll look back at pictures and be sad you didn’t realize how good you looked then.”  I look back at pictures from high school and the beginning of college, and wish I could have been happy with how I looked.

fall 2005

This picture is from the beginning of my Junior year of college, and I know for a fact I wasn’t happy with how I looked and still trying to lose weight.  Looking at it now, I wish I could have seen what everyone else saw when they looked at me.  I wish I could have appreciated it.

Five years from now, I’ll probably look back at pictures of right now and think the same thing.  It’s sad because I still wear those same jeans.  Sure they may fit a little differently, but they still fit.  Why are we always working towards some unattainable goal?  Why can’t we be happy with how we look?  Why do we feel the need to shoot down compliments from people when they tell us we look good?  Well honestly, who knows why.  Yes the media and the image it puts out plays a role, but despite all the things we know about photoshopping, and touch-ups, why can’t we just realize it’s not real and not normal?

Every day I try to remind myself to appreciate me for me, and my body for the way it is.  To be ok with eating four pieces of cake in one day because I felt like it and it was delicious.  To run for the joy of running and not to burn calories.  Honestly, sometimes I feel as though it is a never-ending battle to see myself as beautiful and to accept compliments as genuine, but hopefully one day it won’t be as hard.  Here’s to being happy the way we are and realizing that we are all beautiful!

Love yourself!

Also, if you missed Caitlin on The Today Show this morning, here is the clip from her interview.  Congrats Caitlin, it was amazing!