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Dear Nike

Does Nike make a shirt that says “If I weren’t injured, I’d be running, and running a lot faster than you”?  If not, they should start, I’d buy it.  Is it bad that I just want to walk around the gym with a sign on my back explaining that I’m hurt, and that’s why I’m walking on the treadmill?  I know it is probably all in my imagination, but I feel like the other runners are judging me.  Like, “oh look at that girl, she only walks. Now, this is all my own fault, I know because I am the most judgmental person ever at the gym so I just assume everyone else is.  They probably are though right?  Sigh…

Last night I did 35 minutes on the elliptical and 12 on the treadmill, and I couldn’t help it, I tried to run again.  I think all together I ran for 5 or 6 minutes, woo look at me go I’ll be running a marathon in no time.  Right.  Then I made myself practically cry when rolling out my IT band, fun times.  The only good thing about this injury, is I spend a lot more time on my abs and arms, so even if I do develop a layer of flab on my belly from not running, at least the abs under there will be strong, and I’ll be able to throw a mean right hook.  So don’t mess with me.  Ok, or not.

Dinner last night was leftover chicken and broccoli casserole, I swear sometimes I like things more the next day then right when they come out of the oven.  Anyone else with me on this?  My one cousin won’t eat leftovers, he is really missing out.

The timing of this lovely little snow storm in our area is just so that the morning commute was fine, but the afternoon is supposed to be awful.  Which means, we’ll get sent home early, during the worst part of the storm.  Makes tons of sense, right?  No?  Yeah, it didn’t to me either.  There are now officially 10-15 inches scheduled for our area (that’s what she said) so at least I’ll get a nice work out in shoveling.  The bf is supposed to be arriving for the weekend tomorrow, I tried to convince him that it might be in his best interest to arrive today, it didn’t work.  My little sister is suppose to come home today to start her spring break, what a nice start, but who knows if she’ll make it.  Well at least tomorrow is Friday, and hey maybe it will be a long weekend.

6:55 am


21 Responses

  1. I know they say we only judge others to make ourselves feel better, but hey, it WORKS. Just kidding…but not really. 😉

    I feel like I’m always in some phase of an injury cycle. Last year a sprained ankle, last month a hammy, last week it was the groin muscle. Blah. Some are worse than others but I think all runners go through it. I know how frustrating it can be — hope it at least makes you feel better knowing you’re not alone!

  2. I think we sometimes forget what a small circle we travel in. I ran my first marathon thinking- what am I doing out here with all these people who are better than me? But the race announcer put a different perspective on the event- 99% of the population would never think of being there in the first place. You are in a special group of people who want to run- in the scheme of things right now you feel like the lesser of all you know- but there are so many more who can look up to you than those who look down.

  3. Hahaha, I’d buy the T shirt! But unfortunately, I am the girl who prefers the walking. I just love it.
    Have a great Thursday!

    • There’s nothing wrong with walking, I used to walk before I started running, but now I just feel like it’s not the same workout. Probably me just judging myself.

  4. I’m sorry Kelly! I promise no one is judging you! Better that you are doing something than nothing!! I bet those other runners are simply thinking, “man i wish I could walk and look as amazing as her!!”

  5. We should really convince Nike to consider an “Injured” line of workout clothes. I’d totally buy some… Scratch that, let’s start our own. Not only are we the creators, we’re also customers!

    When I was on crutches and still hobbled to the gym to do arm weights and abs, I wanted a t-shirt that said something along the lines of “Don’t mess with me. I’ll beat you with my crutch.” Yeah, I was a little bitter…

  6. When I was injured, I used to wish my running buddies would get hurt. That’s how mad I was. Being vindictive is totally normal and healthy behavior. Sort of. Keep on foam rolling – it does move past the masochistic part, eventually.

    I’m not shoveling until there is accumulation beyond slushy, mushy crap on my driveway. So, basically, never.

  7. I really like your blog – interesting! I cannot run now either and also just “walk”…but even that is a struggle…I’m really hard on myself but trying to be grateful that I can even do that much – we should be grateful for that hun – I see far too many really sick people who don’t have that even…

    • Thank you! I know I should be grateful that I can do what I do, and I really am. I just get very frustrated and upset about it sometimes. I will resume my walking tonight with pride!

  8. We can make you that shirt!?!

  9. If you make one of those shirts, I’d buy one. I mean, I’m not injured right now, but I will eventually be sometime down the road and I’ll no doubt be thinking the same way that you do (because I also get judgey…all to make myself feel better which is both sad and disappointing.)

  10. I think you’re being harder on yourself than anyone else would be. That being said, I would totally wear an “I’m injured” shirt on those days when I can’t run (shin splints) and wind up walking the dog an an unbearably slow pace.

    Also, I agree-food is almost always better the next day.

    • Oh, I think we’re always harder on ourselves than other people are. I just can’t help it. Yeah general consensus seems to be that this injury brand workout gear would be very popular.

  11. I remember EXACTLY how that felt when I was walking on the treadmill after an injury. I also wanted a shirt that said “I’m impatient” (or something cooler; not feeling creative now) when I walked on the ‘mill in my boot. 😉

    You’ll get there. Wanting it SO badly is something I completely empathize with!

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