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It’s Fall Y’all

Weeeeeeeee, it’s Friday and I’m wearing boots and a sweater.  All is right in the world :).

Yesterday went by relatively painlessly.  I made it through a lunch meeting without chowing down on the sandwich tray and plethora of chips provided, and got an appropriate amount of work done.  Of course, just as I was getting ready to shut down and head out to meet Steph for dinner, I got pulled into an “emergency”.  An hour later I was still sitting at my desk re-doing work I’d already done once, because people aren’t smart enough to use the most recent copy of a document when making edits.  Poor Steph was left to fend for herself at Dogfish Head downing beers while she waited for me.  I think she was ok with that though.

Once I finally got there, we quickly made our way to a table, ordered me a beer (Punkin ale draft obviously) and got to chatting.  Four and a half hours later, I decided that it was probably high time I head back to Virginia.  I’m sure we could have kept chatting for hours more, but it was a week night and I needed to be in my bed by 11 pm or I would have died today.

There are a crap ton of errands to run after work today to prepare for our “family day” tomorrow, and then of course food prep.  I’m hoping my family arrives early enough to treat me to dinner, but we’ll see what time they end up leaving PA, how monstrous traffic is, and what time they finally arrive.

Happy Friday! What are you all up to this weekend? Have a great one!

More Patron Please

You know what makes Tuesday’s more fun?  Ending the day with a Patron Margarita and dinner with friend!  Kacy is  back in town for more interviews and apartment hunting, and I drug her to Austin Grill in Rockville to have dinner with me.

Patron Marg, on the rocks, of course

To be completely honest, it was the commercials I always hear on the radio that inspired me to try this place.  That and they had a nice patio for outdoor dining.  I sat with my left side in the sun, and now that arm is sporting a pretty tan that my right arm does not have :).

Conducting business deals while sipping on a marg. Kacy says hi.

 Kacy and I both ordered the Patron Margarita to start with, and then also drank two large beers after that.  I love a girl who will sit and drink with me over dinner, haha.  I was really craving nachos for dinner, and the plate that showed up in front of me was a perfect size and delicious.  I ate every single bite.  Not that that is unusual, I typically house every meal I eat.

Can I have more nachos now please?  This is the third time Kacy and I have had the opportunity to hang out, and I can’t wait until she moves here and I can use her apartment’s pool.  I mean, hang out more.  She is awesome and so fun.  Dinner lasted nearly 3 hours, and by the time I hit the road to actually go home it was almost 8 pm.  That’s the sign of a good time at dinner.

Pumpkin was very happy to see my when I opened my bedroom door last night, and she did come downstairs and sprawl out on the hardwood floor for a while before going back to bed with me in the a/c.  She is once again locked in my room today where it will stay nice and cool.  I remembered to throw her puppy in with her to keep her company today though.  When Pumpkin was a baby she stole one of my small stuffed dogs and made it her own, now the thing will randomly move around the house, but you’ll never see her move it.

I think the heat and humidity is supposed to break with tonight’s round of thunderstorms, so hopefully she’ll be back to roaming the whole house tomorrow.  Darren arrives tomorrow for the weekend, and I really can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already.  I feel like I was in Chicago like two days ago.  I’m pretty excited, plans include a Nats game on Friday, dragging him to kickball on Saturday, the Crime and Punishment Museum, and maybe a BBQ.  Very exciting!

It’s Wednesday friends, we’re almost through the work week, and April for that matter.  Have a good one!

Lady Date

Last night my roommate Danielle and I went out on a lady date to a local Thai restaurant, Bangkok 54.  I ordered take-out from there once before, and we’d heard the drinks were delicious so we decided to try it out.  I started with a Flirtini and Spring rolls, while Dani had the Q-tini and Crispy Edamame Strips.  All things were delicious.  For my main course I ordered the 54s Fried Rice and Dani went with the Bangkok 54 Golden Chicken ~Lightly battered and deep-fried and wok-tossed with special chef’s sauce with fresh roasted cashews.  My fried rice was delicious and spicy and had my nose running, and I snagged a piece of Dani’s chicken which was also fantastic.  We paid our bill, moved on to the bar, and three glasses of wine later finally called it a night and came home.

I’m thinking one Flirtini, and 3 or 4 glasses of Cab were not the best way to prepare for my long run today, because I felt like shit.  I really struggled through it and my calves were sore the entire time.  Can someone explain that one to me?  When I was training for my half my thighs would always be sore and my calves okay.  It’s the complete opposite this time around and I can’t figure it out.  Any thoughts?  Anyway, 6.5 miles in 57:30.

Again this week there was wind blowing in my face for the first half of the run.  That’s getting old.  I have no idea if I’m ready for next weeks race, at this point I’m just kind of crossing my fingers and hoping I make it through all 10 miles in a respectable time.  I guess we’ll see what happens.

I plan on heading out in a little bit to meet up with all the bloggers that are in town for the Marathon/Half Marathon.  I’ll be the one standing awkwardly in a corner not knowing anyone.  So if you see me there, say hi!  After that I’ll probably curl up on the couch with wine and be a complete bum, because well I’m tired, and a loser :).  Have a great Saturday!