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It’s Fall Y’all

Weeeeeeeee, it’s Friday and I’m wearing boots and a sweater.  All is right in the world :).

Yesterday went by relatively painlessly.  I made it through a lunch meeting without chowing down on the sandwich tray and plethora of chips provided, and got an appropriate amount of work done.  Of course, just as I was getting ready to shut down and head out to meet Steph for dinner, I got pulled into an “emergency”.  An hour later I was still sitting at my desk re-doing work I’d already done once, because people aren’t smart enough to use the most recent copy of a document when making edits.  Poor Steph was left to fend for herself at Dogfish Head downing beers while she waited for me.  I think she was ok with that though.

Once I finally got there, we quickly made our way to a table, ordered me a beer (Punkin ale draft obviously) and got to chatting.  Four and a half hours later, I decided that it was probably high time I head back to Virginia.  I’m sure we could have kept chatting for hours more, but it was a week night and I needed to be in my bed by 11 pm or I would have died today.

There are a crap ton of errands to run after work today to prepare for our “family day” tomorrow, and then of course food prep.  I’m hoping my family arrives early enough to treat me to dinner, but we’ll see what time they end up leaving PA, how monstrous traffic is, and what time they finally arrive.

Happy Friday! What are you all up to this weekend? Have a great one!

11 Responses

  1. I’m running a half on Sunday and likely chowing down on some serious pasta in prep Saturday night. Love the color of those jeans and the shoes!

  2. Oh I hope they get there in time…free dinner on the family always tastes better!

  3. you should probably just move in next door to me so we can share shoes and clothes. I’m assuming due to your similar super tall stature that we’re at least close enough in shoe size to make it work.

  4. I’m loving this fall weather! I haven’t taken the boots out yet but I’m planning on it. 🙂 Have fun with your family this weekend!

  5. There are few things I hate more than staying late at work. It shouldn’t be allowed.
    Glad you had fun afterwards though. That kinda makes up for it. 🙂
    Have a good weekend! I hope your family treats you to dinner too. I love when I can convince my mom to feed me.

  6. I’m a hophead myself, but I will say that even though Punkin Ale is pretty good, Southern Tier’s Pumking takes pumpkin beer to a different level. It comes in big bottles, or if you find it on draft ( Westover Market Beer Garden in Falls Church had it inside on draft last week ).

  7. Those are cute boots… but eff the fall. I’m still not ready, haha.
    This weekend is hopefully going to be more chill than weekends past. Lots of football, some laid back outings and maybe a bit of shopping. I’ll take it.

  8. ooohhhh….. I love suede. Sigh…

    I just wish I was mentally prepared for fall. This weekend my friend and I are preparing our wardrobe by hitting michigan ave. I’m in serious need of a cute new jacket. Word.

  9. I dont know, I feel like its too early for boots yet. I want to wear them, but since it’s still technically summer, I’m holding out. Plus I want to embrace my flippies while I still can!

  10. Next time I’m in DC, (and my mother hasn’t scheduled every waking moment of the day for me) we need to go out because I can drink beers for 4 hours too.

  11. LUCKY! It’s not time for boots & jeans here yet but the weather is definitely getting a bit crisper – love it!! This weekend i’m having a CHILL weekend – goal: not to leave the house!

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