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Checking In

Oh hey… long time no talk…

There’s a reason for that though; since returning from Boston I’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing. My happy hour excursions have cooled off, I’m no longer trying out the dating scene, I’m broke as fuck (this is only half my fault), and I really hardly ever have a desire to leave my house during the week.  A typical day goes like this: wake up, drag myself to work, study/work all day, gym (sometimes), go home drink all of the wine, sleep, repeat. I’m playing football again this year, so throw in a 3 pm football game on Saturday’s followed by day drinking and you pretty much are updated on my life.

Also, due to some recent events, I’ve realized that maybe I’m not dealing with my issues as well as I should be, or could be so I’m starting the process of finding a professional to talk to. There are only so many things my roommates and friends can help me through, and I fear I’m beyond their realm of experience right now.(Family, ahem mom and sis don’t call me to talk about this it’s all fine I promise).

Anyway, our football game this past Saturday was cancelled because of Friday night’s rain, but we didn’t let that get in the way of our day drinking. Instead most of my team gathered starting around noon for a Saturday Funday.

bar number 3 of the day for me

I was home and in sweatpants by 10 pm, and that’s really a perfect day/evening for me. However, I was then up at the crack of dawn on Sunday, bored with nothing to do. I ran some errands, managed to get in and out of Target with (mostly) only the things I went in for, and then Dani and I carved pumpkins together! Ironic, because on this weekend last year I did the exact same thing, except with a much less cooler person. (Oh yeah, yesterday would have marked 11 years since we first started dating, 10/21/01 is a ridiculously hard date to forget).

I look 12.. and tired

finished products!

So that’s what’s going on with me. If I disappear again it’s not because I’ve been committed (most likely) it’s just because I’m boring and have nothing to say. Happy Monday!

It’s Fall Y’all

Weeeeeeeee, it’s Friday and I’m wearing boots and a sweater.  All is right in the world :).

Yesterday went by relatively painlessly.  I made it through a lunch meeting without chowing down on the sandwich tray and plethora of chips provided, and got an appropriate amount of work done.  Of course, just as I was getting ready to shut down and head out to meet Steph for dinner, I got pulled into an “emergency”.  An hour later I was still sitting at my desk re-doing work I’d already done once, because people aren’t smart enough to use the most recent copy of a document when making edits.  Poor Steph was left to fend for herself at Dogfish Head downing beers while she waited for me.  I think she was ok with that though.

Once I finally got there, we quickly made our way to a table, ordered me a beer (Punkin ale draft obviously) and got to chatting.  Four and a half hours later, I decided that it was probably high time I head back to Virginia.  I’m sure we could have kept chatting for hours more, but it was a week night and I needed to be in my bed by 11 pm or I would have died today.

There are a crap ton of errands to run after work today to prepare for our “family day” tomorrow, and then of course food prep.  I’m hoping my family arrives early enough to treat me to dinner, but we’ll see what time they end up leaving PA, how monstrous traffic is, and what time they finally arrive.

Happy Friday! What are you all up to this weekend? Have a great one!

Getting my Craft On

I know Saturday posts are unusual around these parts, but my activities last night were slightly unusual so you all get the benefit of reading about it on this Saturday morning.  You see, I read a lot of different blogs on a daily basis, HLB, lifestyle, snarky, and mom blogs.  Yup, you read that correctly, I have a handful of mommy bloggers residing in my Google Reader.  Ashley Paige is one of my favorites, not only because she sold me some J Crew clothes on the cheap, but because she’s funny, somewhat snarky at times, and loves a daily glass (or three or four) of wine.

Girlfriend has done some amazing craft projects lately, seriously check out the 1st birthday party she threw for her son, and when I saw the fall ribbon wreath tutorial she posted I just knew I had to try it.  So yesterday after work, latte in hand, I headed to Michael’s and picked up the supplies.

  • 12 spools of ribbon (4 yards each)
  • 1 18 inch wire wreath frame
  • 1 large pretty bow

Let me just say, thank god for that latte, it kept me up and caffeinated all through my crafting last night.  Anyway, once home I poured myself the cocktail AP recommended I have handy and got to cutting all my spools or ribbon into strips.  This is when I began to rethink all the spools of pretty, glittery ribbon I purchased.  The metal wire, the glitter flying everywhere, how transparent it is when not piled on top of each other…

Alright, all cup up and ready to go.  Then I began the daunting process of tying each piece of ribbon on the wire frame in a simple knot.  Um, I almost gave up relatively soon in because I thought it looked busted.  This is one of those things that looks better as you go and fill in all the empty spots.  AP must be a much more talented woman than I am, because she said this takes about 2-3 hours, well just about 5 hours later, one vodka and soda, two beers, and a glass of wine later, I finished mine.

Yay!  I’m super happy with the final results.  It’s perfectly fall and Halloweeny.  Seriously though, if you attempt this, avoid the glitter ribbon.  I eventually started pulling the metal wire out of the ribbon and was COVERED in glitter at the end of the night.  Also, after a while, glitter makes your hands feel weird.

Anyway, there you have it, a relatively simply at home craft project!  Related, am I a super loser for staying in on a Friday night to do this? Haha.