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More Patron Please

You know what makes Tuesday’s more fun?  Ending the day with a Patron Margarita and dinner with friend!  Kacy is  back in town for more interviews and apartment hunting, and I drug her to Austin Grill in Rockville to have dinner with me.

Patron Marg, on the rocks, of course

To be completely honest, it was the commercials I always hear on the radio that inspired me to try this place.  That and they had a nice patio for outdoor dining.  I sat with my left side in the sun, and now that arm is sporting a pretty tan that my right arm does not have :).

Conducting business deals while sipping on a marg. Kacy says hi.

 Kacy and I both ordered the Patron Margarita to start with, and then also drank two large beers after that.  I love a girl who will sit and drink with me over dinner, haha.  I was really craving nachos for dinner, and the plate that showed up in front of me was a perfect size and delicious.  I ate every single bite.  Not that that is unusual, I typically house every meal I eat.

Can I have more nachos now please?  This is the third time Kacy and I have had the opportunity to hang out, and I can’t wait until she moves here and I can use her apartment’s pool.  I mean, hang out more.  She is awesome and so fun.  Dinner lasted nearly 3 hours, and by the time I hit the road to actually go home it was almost 8 pm.  That’s the sign of a good time at dinner.

Pumpkin was very happy to see my when I opened my bedroom door last night, and she did come downstairs and sprawl out on the hardwood floor for a while before going back to bed with me in the a/c.  She is once again locked in my room today where it will stay nice and cool.  I remembered to throw her puppy in with her to keep her company today though.  When Pumpkin was a baby she stole one of my small stuffed dogs and made it her own, now the thing will randomly move around the house, but you’ll never see her move it.

I think the heat and humidity is supposed to break with tonight’s round of thunderstorms, so hopefully she’ll be back to roaming the whole house tomorrow.  Darren arrives tomorrow for the weekend, and I really can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already.  I feel like I was in Chicago like two days ago.  I’m pretty excited, plans include a Nats game on Friday, dragging him to kickball on Saturday, the Crime and Punishment Museum, and maybe a BBQ.  Very exciting!

It’s Wednesday friends, we’re almost through the work week, and April for that matter.  Have a good one!

25 Responses

  1. That’ll be great when she moves there! You guys are going to cause lots of trouble 🙂

  2. Mmmm nachos, they look really good. Love. And I’m ashamed to say that a margarita & 2 beers would kill me. It is Wednesday, btu seriously this week has been dragging like no other!

  3. I agree, nothing better than getting together with girlfriends for dinner and drinks. Sounds like a wonderful evening!

  4. You + Me + Dogfish Alehouse in 3 weeks = our weight in beer. Let’s make it happen.

  5. Glad you guys had a good time. Kacy seems like so much fun.

    As do you of course. 🙂

  6. I’m drooling.

  7. Those nachos look awesome! Perfect!

  8. Oh boy! I’ll have so many places to crash if I’m ever in the DC area! I mean… people to hang out with… :p

  9. Patron + Nachos sounds like HEAVEN right now.

  10. SO fun you guys got to get together. I want those nachos – WOW.

  11. I’m rather jealous of both of you right now for eating delicious Mexican food last night.

  12. haha! 🙂 Love the picture of Kacy!

  13. Nachos + patron margs + outdoor patios are pretty much my favorite things ever!! Glad you ladies had a fun night!

  14. Wahh, I hope the humidity breaks. Drinking outside is no fun when the weather sucks. And yes, 80 degrees and moderately humid qualifies as “sucks.”

    I’m also a victim of radio advertising. I’ll go to the eatery I heard about on the ad, and sing the jingle as I’m deciding what to order.

  15. Bahaha, that picture of me is amazing. Sums up my life for sure. That was a damn good margarita.
    I’m totally down for being used for my pool, I’ll need pool buddies haha. I can’t wait to move and hang out more either. It’s getting so close!

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