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I Can’t Move my Arms

Because I am a huge follower and intrigued by things easily, after 4 weeks of listening to my ladies discuss Jamie Eason’s LiveFit workout plan every day, I finally caved and tried it last night.  I figured what the hell, I’ve been lacking in workout motivation and anything that tells me not to do cardio for four weeks sounds pretty fun.  Last night was Phase 1, day 1 aka chest and triceps.

I was pretty proud of myself for knocking out all 3 sets of 12 wide push-ups in boy fashion, fast forward to the narrow push-ups and I nearly fell on my face when attempting the first one.  In fact, even once I dropped to my knees I could barely squeeze them out.  I was laughing at how ridiculously hard they felt after all the chest exercises.  Anyway, my arms felt like jello by the end and I could barely shift gears in my car during my drive home.   This morning, every shift illicited a groan, and I thought I was in pretty good strength training shape!  Day 2 tonight.

I made it home despite the difficulties maneuvering my car, and spent the remainder of my evening working on Dar’s Valentine’s Day gift.  Ok, that’s a lie, it’s really a gift for me because I probably want it more than he does but I’m going to play it off as something for him.  He’ll appreciate it a little bit at least.  Worst comes to worse it’s something that will look nice sitting on a coffee table someday.

Other ridiculous things I’m currently contemplating are whether or not I’ll look like a giant creep if I go see Beauty and the Beast 3D alone on Saturday afternoon.  I’m thinking yes, but I might do it anyway because it’s my absolute favorite Disney movie.  Ever.  In fact, my nickname when I was little was Belle.  Ya know, Kel Bell, Belle, it works.  Also, should I walk back out to my car to retrieve my water bottle that I left in there?

Alright, well happy Wednesday!  Have a lovely day.

11 Responses

  1. I think I’m going to see BATB alone, too 🙂

  2. WOW! Nice job on the push ups!!!! I’m trying to work up to more, but it’s slow going 😉

  3. I want to see Beauty and the Beast 3D so badly. I remember in high school when they came out with the extra scene my friends and I were so excited to go see it. Its kind of mandatory to see the 3D version now.

  4. Sounds like a great workout!


  5. The narrow pushups are murder. They go away after the first couple of weeks though.

  6. just wait, by the end of Phase 1 you will feel so much stronger. The close-hand push ups still kick my ass, but you’ll be able to go heavier on the weights. So glad you finally joined us 🙂

  7. I laughed bc the title of this post reminds me of “A Christmas Story” where the kid is all bundled up in winter gear to the excess and goes “I can’t put my arms down, I can’t put my arms down!”

    It’s a stretch. Whatever.

  8. I started this workout a few weeks ago and love it so far – wtg on the pushups, I am still a wimp.

  9. I’m going to B&B next week (probably by myself and I’m totally cool with that).

  10. I’ve been doing that too (I just did day 23) and those narrow pushups are a bitch!

  11. I want to see the new Beauty and The Beast movie so badly. I loved that fairy tale! I think I will probably be going by myself too because Keith isn’t going to set foot in that theater!

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