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Time to be a tourist… in my own city

Well, two days down, like a million to go.  Let’s talk about how fun it was to blow dry my hair last night after the back and biceps workout.  It wasn’t, and I may have propped my arm up by resting my elbow against the wall.  Everything was much too sore and tired to hold that blow dryer up by myself.

However, I did enjoy the back and biceps workout much more than Tuesday’s chest and triceps.  Most likely because back and bi’s is something I’ve been working on regularly for quite some time, chest, not so much.  I also tried to take some measurements this morning, but that’s extremely difficult with one person and not knowing exactly what you’re doing.  Meh, whatevs.

So, I recently came to the conclusion that I do not take enough advantage of living 5 minutes from Washington DC.  I’ve been to like 3 museums in the 14 months that I’ve lived here, and the most I’ve seen of the monuments is what I passed when running Cherry Blossom last year.  Throughout the course of the next year, I want to work on that.  So here’s where you all help me make a list of things to do/see in DC.  My sis is coming to visit the first weekend in February, and I figure that would be a good time to start checking things off.  I’ve been to the Newseum, the Crime and Punishment Museum, and the American History Museum (though I’d like to go back to that one since I sped through it on a scavenger hunt).

So please, give me your favorite restaurants, bars, museums, other hidden gems to check out.  Who knows how much time I actually have left in this city, and I’d like to take advantage of it!  Even if I have to go alone, which I probably will, because I’m pretty much a loner.

I’m off to go take 8 Advil.  Catch ya later.

10 Responses

  1. You’ve done the MLK, FDR, Jefferson loop around the tidal basin? FDR is probably my favorite presidential monument. I like how it’s spread out and takes time to walk through. Churchkey is my favorite beer bar. It’s in Logan Circle and has 50+ rotating beers on tap and cask and over 500 bottled beers. They also have a really good restaurant below it called Birch and Barley if you’re looking for something fancier. Plus any of the beers on tap can be consumed in 4 oz. pours so you can try lots of beer without getting as drunk.

  2. I haven’t been to DC (with enough time to tour) since high school. I went last year for a Chamber “fly in” to lobby an issue our GR committee was dealing with and got to go in the Senate chambers which was super cool. Other than that, I got nothin. But note them so when we come visit you can show us all the best places!

  3. Not gonna lie, sometimes when my arms are sore I hold my hair dryer between my knees and just bend over and shake my head around in front of it. It works.

  4. Kacy took me to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History so I could see the Hope Diamond and that was really cool (and all the other rocks and sparkly minerals we pretty to look at too!).

    Some of the new exhibits sound really neat! http://www.mnh.si.edu/exhibits/

  5. That someecard really wraps it up. Seriously.
    But if you ever feel like company, I love going to DC. I’m not an expert, but I go fairly often and love just going an exploring new parts of the city. I haven’t been to many museums either though. I’m lame when it comes to that. I read about this place called the Mansion on O street I want to check out soon. And I’m always down to go eat or drink in DC. I’ll be out Friday (near Old Ebbitt/the white house) and Saturday (Dupont and maybe U street) if you want to come?
    And now someone can stalk me and murder me they wish. I’m smart.

  6. Oh and the MLK monument is pretty cool. I like the fountain one with all the states too. WWII maybe? And they need to get the damn reflecting pool re-built. I want to see that shit!
    Okay, I’m done.

  7. I really liked the bar called “Madhatter’s” or something like that. Very Alice in Wonderland and whimsical and all that… good food, too!

    And I’d seriously run along the monument paths every day during the summer if I were you. I thought they were so pretty!

  8. I’ve never been to DC so I can’t help you out, but I just wanted to say that’s one of my favorite someecards EVER. It fits my life perfectly.

    I hate blowdrying my hair after a workout. It’s like a whole other workout. F THAT!

  9. My absolute fave place is the WWII memorial, but don’t waste that in the winter. Save it for a warm summer day when you can sit with your feet in the fountain. Pure bliss. Other fun things are the National Archives, Washington Monument, and obviously smithonians. And all are free!

  10. That is so awesome! I need to do more touristy things in my own city. That is actually on my project 52 list for 2012!

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