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21 Day Cardio Body and Yoga Meltdown

Last night I utilized Exercise TV again, and did two workout videos.  I did the Brooklyn Decker Cardio Body workout, and then decided to check out Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown.  I’ve heard so much about it and how intense it is and I wanted to see for myself.  Here’s Pumpkin all ready to workout with me.

Doing two videos in a row might have been a little ambitious, because holy crap was I exhausted by the end.  My sister paused the TV during Jillian at one point and laughed, and was like you know you’re only half way done?  I thought for sure my arms were going to fall off of my body.  I kept waiting for her to tell us to push back into Child’s Pose, but I should have known there is no resting with Jillian.  I loved it though, and am now considering purchasing the actual DVD and will revisit level one through exercise TV as soon as I can move my triceps again.  Pumpkin gave up half way through, and went right to the bathing process.

For some reason, after a strenuous workout (especially when I know my muscles will be screaming the next day) I want nothing more than a giant glass of red wine.  Ok well I most always want a giant glass of red wine, but I’m convinced it keeps me from getting as sore also.  I schlepped across the street to the liquor/grocery store, picked up a bottle of Malbec, and some tortelloni.  Our off button for the oven currently isn’t working, so uh using it isn’t an option.

I used my toaster oven to roast some asparagus with olive oil, salt, and pepper and put that on the bottom of my plate.

Then I added the pasta, sauce, and a sprinkle of shredded Mozzarella.

It was good, and the addition of the asparagus made it a much more filling meal.  The sauce was a little bland for my taste, so I think when I use it again I’ll add some more seasoning to it.  Overall a quick, delicious, and healthy meal.

Tonight is hopefully my very last PT appointment.  I’ve realized I’m so nervous about working out though and am afraid to push myself because of my leg.  I still just keep expecting it to hurt, I wonder how long it will take before I trust my body again?

Have a great Thursday everyone, it’s almost the weekend!  Or if you’re my two jerky friends, today is your Friday.

22 Responses

  1. I’m glad you liked Yoga Meltdown! It seems to get some seriously mixed reviews on the blogs (I just read this morning how much Meghann hates it! lol) But I’m a fan. And yeah, those chatarunga pushups make me want to die. I often opt for the easier version. At a slower speed. Because my arms are apparently the definition of wimpy.

    • I think she probably hates it because she loves typical yoga studio classes so much. Also I don’t believe she didn’t break a sweat during level 1 haha, even the fitness chicks in the video were sweating! Oh when we went to do the chatarunga pushups I think my exact words were “Is she kidding?”

  2. Dude, uur toaster oven did the same thing and was on for two days before we noticed! Let’s not burn down our houses, mkay?

    • Oh, to make our oven finally shut off we had to turn all the power to the kitchen off at the circuit breaker! And then we were worried the gas was still on. It was a mess.

  3. I did the yoga meltdown once and didn’t like it. I really need to give it another try b/c I’ve only heard good things about it… maybe I was having a bad day??

    Great idea to add roasted asparagus to your pasta dish, yum!!

  4. howd you like the brooklyn decker video? Im sure just watching her might give you some motivation!

    • It’s really funny, but her boobs bounce around a lot and sometimes it’s all I focus on haha. Girl needs to invest in a better sports bra. She’s also like 5 inches taller than her trainer which is funny.

  5. Your dinner sounds GOOD!!! As does the wine. I’m craving beer right now and it’s um 11:35 AM. I’m not sure that’s normal?
    Good luck today! And I think trusting your body is just going to take time. I know exactly how you feel..

  6. Dinner looks amazing! Adding veggies to pasta is a great way to sneak them in on days when we don’t all feel so veg-hungry :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  7. Toaster oven roasting? Really? That’s pretty darn neat. I would figure out the oven sitch before your family pulls an unplanned Sylvia Plath, though.

  8. I’ve never seen that brand before! This is so neat

  9. I totally crave wine and/or beer during most of my hard workouts. Glad I’m not alone, haha.

    Your tortellini looks delish!

  10. Ahhh! that tortellini looks dreamy…but my family would complain. Grrr!

  11. Gosh I’ve heard so much about the yoga meltdown. I’ve gotta try it. That tortellini looks so yummy!!!

  12. Good luck with PT!! 🙂

    Im so glad you liked Yoga Meltdown!! Im completely in love with it. That DVD is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! I fully credit Jillian to my new rock hard quads!

  13. I want that tortellini.

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