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My pinkie toenail that is!  Last night I was sitting on the couch watching Glee, and kept feeling something on my foot catching on the fabric.  I looked down, and my poor nail on my baby toe was hanging by a thread!  Now it’s gone, and totally ruined my pedicure.  Does this make me a real runner now that I’ve started to lose toenails?  Haha.

Yesterday I had my mind set on doing a 3 mile run, so I hit the pavement after work.  The cool breeze and lack of humidity were such a nice break, and my legs felt great!  It would have been an awesome run had I not been suffering from awful heartburn/acid reflux.  I felt like I had something on fire in my chest the whole time.  Awful.  Honestly I just kept waiting to throw up, because that’s what it felt like.  Note to self, lean cuisine lasagna is not good pre-run fuel.  I made it through though and am happy to report no IT band pain yesterday or today!

I love that mile 3 was my fastest!  Yay for negative splits!  Mile 1 had a huge hill in it that I walked up, because my therapist told me to avoid hills for now, haha so it’s justified.  While a 9:30 pace is by no means fast compared to what most of you do, the last time I ran more than 2.5 miles was February 1, the day I officially admitted I was injured.  So, I am happy with that pace and will only get faster!

After my run, I walked for about 10 minutes to cool down and then stretched reallllly well and foam rolled my IT Bands.  I’m not taking any risks or shortcuts! I also did a few ab exercises and push-ups.

Dinner was a hodgepodge of leftovers.

Asparagus, Caribbean Jerk Chicken in a wrap, and Ore Ida French Fries.

1 piece of chicken, lettuce, shredded Mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise.

The Glee season finale was fantastic.  I laughed, I almost cried, I sang along, and was delighted to discover that I’ll be able to catch the whole series again from the beginning on Thursdays this summer.  My poor boyfriend, he might opt to walk to the Outer Banks next month instead of listening to Glee for 8 hours.

“You know what Wednesday is Sue?  Hump day.”  Enjoy!


22 Responses

  1. Hooray for negative splits! That’s something I think I need to work on- I’m all over the place. My running is like a hot mess… :p

    And I think the next pedi you should get deserves a discount… I mean really, they’re only doing 9 toes…

  2. Yayyyy running! You’re back! Hooray! Pinkie toenails are totally useless anyway! No more Lean Cuisines for you!

  3. WELCOME to the no-toenail club! I have been missing 1 toenail on each foot on and off for over 4 years now. Glad you are running painfree!!! Makes me SMILE!

  4. Lost my big toenail a couple of days ago. It’s currently been faked with some pale nail polish. Runner feet get a beating, but its worth it.

  5. haha…I lost my first toe nail when I was training for my half marathon, and it was such a proud moment! I was like, Yessss!!!! I think my husband thought it was gross though.

  6. Great run! You’re faster than me, non-injury 🙂

    Sorry about the toe. But yes, that does mean you’re a hardcore runner!

  7. MY babytoe nail is so tiny–It just never grows. I wonder why that is.

    So happy you had no pain! I bet that’s SO exciting.

  8. Yup, it means you’re hardcore!

  9. oh yes. Yesterday was awesome for running. I headed out for a walk, but my legs couldn’t help but to run. SCORE!

    I hope pinky get better real soon.

  10. Your wrap alongside the french fries looks great!!

    I’d be so totally proud of my missing toenail if I were you!! Shows how hardcore you are! 😉

  11. Your dinner looks GOOD! I’ve been craving real honest to goodness French Fries like MAD for some reason… need to answer that craving!
    And congrats on the run! Not the I need to throw up feeling but just the fact that you ran.. woo!

  12. Great job with the run!! I am happy for you! What program do you use to track your runs?

    & ps- im obsessssed with their version of To Sir, With Love. 🙂

  13. You’re officially a runner when you lose toenails! I’ve yet to lose one..so I don’t know if I want to be a runner or not..

    Congrats on your great run!

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