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First, to the douche that was beeping at me to change lanes, as I was trying to merge on from the exit this morning, S my D.  All you accomplished by honking your horn was make me wonder who was beeping, look around more to make sure I wasn’t going to hit anyone, therefore taking longer to merge.  You suck.

Second, it’s Thursday already?  Well hot damn, I can get behind that.  I think the roommates and I are going to see Bridesmaids tomorrow night, because despite lame looking previews I’ve heard it’s absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it also takes place in Milwaukee and I could use to see something fun taking place in Wisconsin.

Third, the spin instructor never showed up for spin last night and since I was already on the bike peddling for 15 minutes waiting, I decided to just grab my iPod and teach myself a class.  I was in “I want to take a spin class” mode and I knew if I tried anything else I just would have slogged through it.  I did 60 minutes listening to Adele, and I think I gave myself a better workout than the instructor typically does.  I’ll take it.  I wrapped up my workout with body weight squats, and plie squats with a 12lb medicine ball.

Somehow it managed to escape me this week, that my trip to Chicago is exactly a month away!  Granted I will actually need to do some work while I’m there, but I’m still excited to see the city in the warmer month of June.  March was nice, but still a tad cold.  I’m still trying to figure out a way to skip out of my conference a little early on Saturday and make it to Wrigley to see the Cubs play the Yankees.  Seems like sort of a once in a lifetime event that I don’t want to miss.  Stupid work getting in the way of fun things.

Alright, I actually have a shit ton of work to do this week, so I suppose I should get on that.  One more day until the weekend!

10 Responses

  1. The road can be filled with such a-holes, it never ceases to amaze me. I think I’m going to have to give spin a try one of these days. Sadly, my gym doesn’t have any classes, but I could probably channel you and make up my own routine. 🙂

  2. I’m not going to suggest skipping out on work stuff on saturday, but um, if groupon comes out with rooftop seats for that game, you’re going- end of discussion.

    That or I’ll save you a seat at the bar…

  3. I love that you taught yourself a spin class. Thats awesome.

  4. Bridesmaids was HILARIOUS!! Omg, I laughed so hard. After my boyfriend was hesitant to see it, he really liked it too.

  5. Bridesmaids was HILARIOUS!! Omg, I laughed so hard. After my boyfriend was hesitant to see it, he really liked it too.

  6. I’m going to see the Cubs/Sox at Wrigley in July. SO. EXCITED!

    And Boo on the Spin Instructor not showing up. Glad you still had your “Class” though 🙂

  7. Bridesmaids is hilarious. You will love it!

    I hate other drivers. I hate them!!!!

  8. So jealous of your trip to Chicago. I realllly want to go there sometime when it’s warm.
    Good job on the solo spin workout. Awesome!

  9. I want to see Bridesmaids too, I’ve heard it’s really good!

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