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First, to the douche that was beeping at me to change lanes, as I was trying to merge on from the exit this morning, S my D.  All you accomplished by honking your horn was make me wonder who was beeping, look around more to make sure I wasn’t going to hit anyone, therefore taking longer to merge.  You suck.

Second, it’s Thursday already?  Well hot damn, I can get behind that.  I think the roommates and I are going to see Bridesmaids tomorrow night, because despite lame looking previews I’ve heard it’s absolutely hilarious.  Apparently it also takes place in Milwaukee and I could use to see something fun taking place in Wisconsin.

Third, the spin instructor never showed up for spin last night and since I was already on the bike peddling for 15 minutes waiting, I decided to just grab my iPod and teach myself a class.  I was in “I want to take a spin class” mode and I knew if I tried anything else I just would have slogged through it.  I did 60 minutes listening to Adele, and I think I gave myself a better workout than the instructor typically does.  I’ll take it.  I wrapped up my workout with body weight squats, and plie squats with a 12lb medicine ball.

Somehow it managed to escape me this week, that my trip to Chicago is exactly a month away!  Granted I will actually need to do some work while I’m there, but I’m still excited to see the city in the warmer month of June.  March was nice, but still a tad cold.  I’m still trying to figure out a way to skip out of my conference a little early on Saturday and make it to Wrigley to see the Cubs play the Yankees.  Seems like sort of a once in a lifetime event that I don’t want to miss.  Stupid work getting in the way of fun things.

Alright, I actually have a shit ton of work to do this week, so I suppose I should get on that.  One more day until the weekend!

So Evil

Yesterday it was 72, today I woke up and it was 33.  Should I just resign to the fact that I’m going to get sick?  Because seriously, the drastic temperature changes are just a flu waiting to happen.  Crap, and I just remembered I forgot to take my new gummy vitamins the past two days.  I’m a huge failure at vitamin taking, and I’d hoped having fun delicious ones would help.  Apparently not.  Sigh.

I headed to the gym after work yesterday and got in a lousy 4 miles at about 9:22 pace.  I say lousy because if I had to guess, I’d say it was a balmy 80 degrees in the gym last night.  And humid.  I know I complain about this a lot, but last night was seriously on the verge of unbearable.  I have never sweat so much in my life.  I cooled down with 15 minutes on the elliptical, and then tried to find an air vent blowing cool air  to stand under.  Which I did, for a good 5 minutes.  I’ve complained to the front desk before, but the only answer I ever get is that the manager has certain temperatures he has to stay between.  What are they, hot and burning in hell?

In other news, I almost threw Pumpkin out my bedroom window last night.  The little asshole thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to do wind sprints around my room, up and down the stairs, and jumping on and off the bed at 2 am.  News flash cat, it’s not.  I can’t lock her out of my room either, because then she sits outside my door crying and I don’t want her to wake everyone in the house up.  She’s been doing this a lot lately, it’s getting old.  So in a sleep deprived, evil mood this morning, I got some revenge.  When I came walking down the stairs to see her curled up  on the chair sleeping, I said to myself, “Oh hell no, you’re not going to sleep all day and keep me up all night.”  I walked over to her, picked her up and dropped her on the floor (don’t worry she landed on her feet), muahaha, take that cat.  She was quite confused, it made me feel better.  I am evil.

Anywho, happy 1st day of March!  I’m so happy that spring is just around the corner for real now.




Also, this morning I woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was.  Then I remembered it was only Tuesday and cried a little.  Try not to hate it too much.


So I live with my mom, which at 24 years old is no easy feat.  To say she drives me crazy every once in awhile is an understatement.  The latest incident occurred yesterday morning when I was rushing out the door to get to work.

It was about 30 degrees outside so I wanted to start my car and get it nice and toasty for my drive to work.  I ran out the front door with my gym bag and keys, threw my duffle onto the backseat, and with my left leg hanging out of the driver side door, put the key into the ignition, my right foot on the clutch and pushed the start button.  As soon as I took my foot off the clutch, my car jumped forward and stalled.  Apparently my mother, who has a perfectly good functioning car of her own, had taken mine out for a spin while I was away left it in first gear and did not pull the emergency brake up all the way.  When I took the car out of gear to start it again, it began to roll backwards down my driveway with my left leg still hanging out of it.  Not exactly what I need at 7 am on a Monday morning, thanks mom.

I stormed back inside my house and politely asked that if she is going to drive my car can she at least please leave it in the condition that she found it, so I am not rolling down the driveway hanging halfway out of it.  Yup, that’d be great thanks.  Oh, and then my gas light came on before I even hit the end of my street.