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I Bailed

Well I don’t know about you all, but I am more than ready for this Friday.  This week has felt very long.  You know what else is fun about today?  I’m wearing my new black boots, what do you think?

I really like the fact that the buckle at the top allows you to loosen the boot, since I have massive runners calves and sometimes regular boots are pretty tight around them.  I figure I need to wear these as much as possible in the next few weeks, because boot season is about to end.  At least they were on sale :).

So towards the end of the day yesterday, I really started to talk myself out of my workout.  I was falling asleep sitting up, my ankle was still feeling funky, and I’d woken up with a sore throat.  Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.  Anyway, I made a deal with myself that if I didn’t hit any traffic on the way home I’d go.  Well, I hit a lot of traffic, and went right home to change into sweats.  It probably would have been a shitty run anyway given my mood and level of exhaustion.  Instead I made one of my favorite dinners, minus the zucchini plus TJ’s Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage and went to bed at 9:30.  I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, except my ankle is still feeling weird, and there’s some IT band pain I’m choosing to ignore for the time being.

Tomorrow I have an 8 mile training run scheduled (sore ankle or not), and it will be my longest run of Cherry Blossom training to date.  It’s supposed to hit 60, so I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  I hope the water fountains along the bike path are turned on by now, because running with something in my hand (like a water bottle) is beyond my coordination skills.  No seriously, sometimes I can’t even run without kicking myself on the inside of the leg.

Now, the biggest dilemma of the day.  What should I have for lunch?

  1. Subway
  2. Panera
  3. Cosi
  4. Noodles and Co
  5. Something from the cafeteria

12 Responses

  1. 1. LOVE the boots. I’m living vicariously through your online shopping habits.
    2. I was supposed to do crosstraining last night (trying to get in as many workouts as possible before my trip) and bailed. So yay for quitters? :p
    3. I’m doing Quizno’s today… officially cleaned out the refrigerator, found a coupon in the break room newspaper, and am craving toasted subs!

  2. Noodles. Definitely Noodles.
    Or Panera. But not Subway.

  3. Longest week ever right? Holy crap man.
    I didn’t work out last night either. I had wine instead. 🙂

    Get noodles for lunch. That’s never a bad idea.

  4. do you work in downtown DC? Pret is the best! One at metro center, L & 19th, Eye & 18th. But I’m also a Cosi groupie…oh that bread.

  5. Sorry about your leg and IT. My hips have been killing me lately. Hate it. I bailed on the gym last night and did ST at home, which is never really a good workout. Oh, and I always kick my left leg with my right foot when I run. I’m special.
    Love the boots!

  6. Hi there! I’m pretty new to your blog but I gave you a stylish blogger award on my blog because I love yours so much!
    http://amileinmyboots05.blogspot.com/2011/03/i-won-two-awards.html 😀

  7. Hope you went with Panera! And I just talked myself out of my workout for the day, too. It’s so tough to do it after work. I can’t wait for more daylight so I can etiher get up early or at least come home, take a rest, and do it after dinner.

  8. Seeing as how it is way past lunch I know my vote is not going to count but….Subway?? haha!

  9. I am way late on this, but I would have voted Cosi. Only because there is no Cosi here and I would like there to be one.

  10. I too was supposed run 8 this morning…but after too many glasses of wine…and beer…and vodka tonics..it just didn’t happen. Hope your workout was more successful than mine!

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