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I Bailed

Well I don’t know about you all, but I am more than ready for this Friday.  This week has felt very long.  You know what else is fun about today?  I’m wearing my new black boots, what do you think?

I really like the fact that the buckle at the top allows you to loosen the boot, since I have massive runners calves and sometimes regular boots are pretty tight around them.  I figure I need to wear these as much as possible in the next few weeks, because boot season is about to end.  At least they were on sale :).

So towards the end of the day yesterday, I really started to talk myself out of my workout.  I was falling asleep sitting up, my ankle was still feeling funky, and I’d woken up with a sore throat.  Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.  Anyway, I made a deal with myself that if I didn’t hit any traffic on the way home I’d go.  Well, I hit a lot of traffic, and went right home to change into sweats.  It probably would have been a shitty run anyway given my mood and level of exhaustion.  Instead I made one of my favorite dinners, minus the zucchini plus TJ’s Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage and went to bed at 9:30.  I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, except my ankle is still feeling weird, and there’s some IT band pain I’m choosing to ignore for the time being.

Tomorrow I have an 8 mile training run scheduled (sore ankle or not), and it will be my longest run of Cherry Blossom training to date.  It’s supposed to hit 60, so I’m actually kind of looking forward to it.  I hope the water fountains along the bike path are turned on by now, because running with something in my hand (like a water bottle) is beyond my coordination skills.  No seriously, sometimes I can’t even run without kicking myself on the inside of the leg.

Now, the biggest dilemma of the day.  What should I have for lunch?

  1. Subway
  2. Panera
  3. Cosi
  4. Noodles and Co
  5. Something from the cafeteria

Ok, it’s official

I love cucumbers on my turkey sandwiches!  I brown bag my lunch at work every day (to save money and calories), and normally my sandwich is super boring.  Turkey or ham and a slice of cheese on rye bread.  Last night it could have been out of hunger, or from reading more about everyone else’s creative ideas lately, but I decided to forgo my usual rye and pulled out one of my Mission Carb Balance Plus tortillas.  The idea of just using turkey and cheese sounded boring, so I took out some spinach and one of my cucumbers.  I was a little skeptical while making the wrap, but I’ve decided to be more adventurous with my eating habits.  Next up tofu!

I am very happy with my spinach, cucumber, turkey, and cheese combo.  It is safe to say I will recreate this for many days of the week to come.  I also had two more pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, before I give the rest away to the bf.

Oh, and a banana, um I ate that first.  I was starving so no picture.  Hmm, funny story about bananas actually.  Last weekend, while in NYC, I was joking around with the bf that the way I remember how to spell banana is by that Gwen Steffani song.  He stared at me for a minute and then just started laughing.  He was all like “Babe, do not start that conversation in a bar because I will not defend you.”  I’m all “what, what do you mean?”.  Then he proceeds to tell me how the song spells it wrong, and how banana is actually spelled bananna.  I spent the rest of the night feeling very stupid.

The next day I am re-telling this story to his roommate, who after thinking for a minute agrees with me.  That banana is spelled b-a-n-a-n-a.  Ha!  I knew I was right, why would Gwen be spelling shiz wrong in her song?  I playfully smack the bf across the chest and yelled at him for making me feel stupid.  Then I told him, “babe, do not bring that conversation up in a bar because I will not defend you.”


Cranky when hungry

I’m currently kicking myself, because I forgot to bring a snack to eat with my Lean Cuisine “lunch”.  I say “lunch” because I think I devoured this in five minutes flat and my appetite was not at all satisfied.  I really need to get to the grocery store, because even my last resort lean cuisines are running low.  I’m also out of cereal and milk, which I need for breakfast every day, and ate my last apple this morning.  Yup, groceries in the McCormick household are at an all time low.

I mean really, who in the world would be full after this?  This is before I had a single bite, also.  Well, at least I can look forward to dinner.

I decided to hesitantly venture over to the vending machine in hopes that there was some sort of healthy snack hiding in there.  The Cheetos, smartfood popcorn, and bbq chips were all calling my name, but then I saw an old favorite of mine that I hadn’t had in awhile.

I love these granola bars, they’re so crunchy and sweet.  A perfect snack to hold me over and get me through my speed workout this afternoon.  I hope.  Also, notice the updated nail polish?  Don’t worry, it will be chipped by the end of the day.

tonight’s workout plan

  • 10 minute warm-up jog
  • 200m, 2 min recovery
  • 400m, 2 min recovery
  • 600m, 2 min recovery
  • 1000m, 2 min recovery
  • 600m, 2 min recovery
  • 400m, 2 min recovery
  • 200m, 2 min recovery
  • 10 minute cool down jog

I’ll post my stats in the morning, and let you all know how it went.  My knee is not currently aching or throbbing, so hopefully it holds up.