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Easily Irritated

Somehow I just managed to hurt my ankle walking into work.  No clue how, or what I did, but it’s kind of annoying me at the moment.  It almost feels like it needs to crack or something, ugh hopefully it goes away.  Anyway, yesterday’s training class wasn’t really that bad.  After the instructor found out I was a journalism major in college, and currently spend all day formatting documents in Word he pretty much ignored me.  He told me to just kind of sit back and relax, since I probably know how to do everything we were going to go over.  It was nice, and yes I did know everything.

Another nice thing was that the class ended at 4, which put me at the gym at 4:30 instead of 5:20ish.  Um, the difference between the gym at 4:30 and 5:30 is amazing.  It was completely empty.  Well except for the two annoying girls in the free weight area.  Wednesday’s are my cross training/lifting days, so I peddled through 33 minutes on the elliptical before heading down to the weights.  These two girls had the 20lb bar, 30lb bar, and 40lb bar as well as an assortment of dumb bells sectioned off between the two of them.  Fine whatever, if you’re actually using them, but they were standing around doing more chatting than actually lifting.  I sent some stares towards the 30lb bar hoping they would wrap up their “work out” soon.  Also the one girl was probably the size of my thigh, had her tank top folded up exposing her stomach, and happened to mention that she only started working out in late January.  Of all days for my iPod to be dead.  I had to listen to their dumb conversation the whole time I was lifting.  I made it through 3 sets of bicep curls and over head tricep extensions before they finally put the weights back.  I grabbed the 30lb bar, did my thing, and then completely bailed on abs and stretching because the same two girls were monopolizing the mats, and I couldn’t stand to listen to them for one more minute.

I made it home significantly earlier than usual, made a nice dinner of TJ’s Lobster Ravioli and spinach, and washed it all down with a few glasses of red.  I know I said I was going to switch to the vodka diet, but I just wasn’t in the mood for vodka last night (shocker I know).  Maybe a nice cocktail will make an appearance tonight.  Oh, I also had a Red Velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes because Dani came home with a box from her friend Emily once again.  Luckily it’s a smaller box and there are only 6 left now.

One week until Chicago!  The weather looks pretty good, chilly, but sunny which I can deal with.

Time to start mentally packing!  I think shoes will probably be my hardest obstacle.  I always pack too many shoes.  What do you mean four pairs of boots aren’t necessary for a long weekend?  Happy Thursday!

12 Responses

  1. That is why I avoid the gym. There are too many girls like that at my gym. I just want November to come because that’s when I can cancel my membership there.

    You definitely need to switch to the vodka diet. Pinnacle whipped cream vodka is the balls.

  2. I refuse to believe they were actually lifting the 40 lb bar. That would make them bulk up and get fat, right? It’s funny you mention this, because I had to lift next to my least-favorite gym presence yesterday, too: this dude who wears Vibrams and hovers when he wants your machine. Friend, there are 30 other machines in the weight room. Diversify.

  3. Girls like that are one of the main reasons I quit the gym. Its like a high school reunion there, and I got sick of seeing the girls I graduated with chat it up and get in the way. One of them used to show up in a skirt. No, not a running skirt, a regular skirt. The last thing I want is to actually see someones bits at the gym. Skirts are not appropriate workout attire.

    • Yeah at least I don’t know anyone at my gym. Doesn’t make me hate them any less though. A skirt?! Now that’s insane.

  4. I am currently having the same dilemma with shoes. My hopes of doing only carry-on are dying.

    • I threw all dreams of a carry on only out the window when I decided I need at least 3 pairs of boots. And all my hair care products and tools.

  5. Um, four pairs of boots are necessary.

    Two girls got on the treadmills next to me Tuesday in full-on Real Housewives makeup with their stomachs showing audibly talking about how the only reason they worked out was because the trainer was hot. I wanted to trip them.

    • Haha I knew you’d agree with me. Oh yeah, the girl from the other day was explaining how she pays $120 an hour for hers. Ridiculous.

  6. Making packing lists is one of my favorite things to do. If I were you I’d have done it months ago and revised it many times (after shopping).

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