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Now That, I’ll Talk About

Today… my head hurts. I blame the four, ok five, glasses of red wine I had last night and the Yankees game once again lasting until midnight.  Thankfully, the outcome of last nights game was much more positive than the previous two.  A 10-1 victory?  I’ll take it.

Since the sun was out for the first time in years yesterday, the roommates and I decided to take advantage of it and meet at our new favorite place for dinner and drinks.  The American Tap Room menu makes me drool just reading it, and with $4 glasses of wine until 7 pm, you can see the appeal.  The beer menu is nothing to scoff at either; with a wide variety on tap, as you can probably imagine.

Anywhoodle, I ordered the Maryland Crab Soup and the Jerk Chicken Spring Rolls for my meal.  There was no description of the soup on the menu, so I was expecting typical cream based crab soup, but this was tomato based and full of veggies.  Not my favorite, but by no means bad.  The spring rolls were as delicious as the first time I had them, albeit spicy.  Thankfully I had a nice Cab to wash it down with.

The three of us sat at the bar watching the Phillies game and the first few innings of the Yankees game before heading home around 9:30.  Yayzies for both teams!  Also, can we just talk about how much Curtis Granderson rocked last night?  Seriously, look at these two game saving catches, talk about heart stopping moments.  Game five for the Yanks on Thursday and a potential clincher for the Phils tonight.

Prior to my night of baseball and excessive wine drinking, I manage to get in a 30 minute run on the treadmill.  A little over 3 miles, I think, but I’m not sure since the treadmill stopped and reset halfway through.  I needed to get two cardio sessions in early in the week since the only exercise I’ll get this weekend will be in the form of shaking my ass on the dance floor.  Dancing in heels is a great calf workout though.

Happy Wednesday!

8 Responses

  1. I can’t wait to go there Saturday! Are you going to be in town? You should come if you are!

  2. That is a great happy hour deal! That soup sounds delicious. 🙂

    So glad that the Phillies won! I do think dancing in heels does count as a workout.

  3. glad you survived the treadmill (despite it’s malfunctioning). I ended up running outside which was definitely the right decision since when I drove past the gym at 5:05 the parking lot was already full.
    And if you like jerk chicken you MUST (this is crucial) order the jerk chicken quesadillas and spicy fries in Jamaica at the beach bar. Brandon and I ate seriously ate them for lunch every single day.

  4. $4 glasses of wine? Yah, that could cause some problems – I could easily justify 3 or 4 of those. 🙂

  5. Dancing for 3 or 4 hours in boots the other night still has my thighs/butt sore. It’s crazy… but much more of a workout than you’d think… lol

  6. Dancing in heels is the best workout you can do!! 🙂

  7. Dancing is totally a workout! 🙂

  8. I love to dance- I sweat so good! And that picture of Cat from yesterday was TOO FUNNY.

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