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I’m in Love

A conversation:

Me: “Man, earthquake on Tuesday, hurricane over the weekend, I wonder what’s going to happen next.”
Dar: “I really need to get you off the East coast immediately.”
Me: “Yes, because getting buried by 3 feet of snow every winter is much more appealing.”
Dar: “But we handle it better here, 3 feet is like 3 inches.”
Me: “I don’t care.  If there are 3 feet of snow on the ground I don’t want to have to go anywhere.  I want the city to shut down for 2 weeks.”

So yeah, looks like I need to go stock up on necessities after work today.  By that I mean wine and potato chips, obviously.  I need to have things I can eat if we lose power people, which we probably will.  There is a very large tree in our front yard whose branches hang precariously close to the power lines, also running through are front yard.  Note to self, remember not to park under said giant tree today.

Yesterday I managed to get back and forth from the gym during brief breaks in the rain and did 2 miles on the treadmill followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I wanted to run more, but my sore legs were dead after my Wednesday lifting session.  Oh well.

The evening brought about excitement in the forms of a new TV show addiction.  Dar’s favorite show is Sons of Anarchy, and he insisted that I start watching, he even sent me the Season 1 DVDs (that I bought him) after he finished with them.  Go figure, his favorite show is about a motorcycle gang of tattooed outlaws.  Anyway, I’m in love, mostly with this guy:

Well hello Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax Teller.  Clearly I am also a sucker for a sexy tattooed man, I mean have you seen my boyfriend?  Sigh.  The show is really good, I’m on episode 9 of the first season, and I’ve already requested Dar put season 2 in the mail for me.  I also may have suggested he rethink his desire for a stupid “crotch rocket” and get a Harley instead :).

Alright, well I have to make it through my half day at work, then it’s off to prepare for the storm! Have a good weekend!

13 Responses

  1. I watched the first episode but I fell asleep twice..not bc it wasn’t good but bc I was super tired. I think I should give it another try though because, seriously, Jax is hot as hell. Mmm MMM.
    Good luck with the ‘cane, I’ll be drinking my way through it right along with you.

  2. So it would be super nice if you could bottle up a little of that rain and send it to me. That would be great! 🙂

    Seriously though, stay safe and I hope the big tree stays away from the power lines.

  3. This hurricane business is really scary! I already have the wine/beer. Now I need to stock up on some non-perishable food items in case we loose power. Stay safe!! 🙂

  4. Tattooed motorcycle guys are the hoooottest! … My Hubs doesn’t have any tats, but he had a “stupid” crotch-rocket when we met.

    Silly story: Before I even met my husband, I told my best friend, “The next guy I date WILL have a crotch rocket.” TA-DA! He did..and then we got married, yay! =)

    Sadly, he thought he was evil kneivil on that thing and after one to many wrecks he finally sold it. Now he has a harley-esque type bike..that sits in the garage and doesn’t get ridden. (yay for money being totally wasted). We are actually about to sell it. (hallelujah, that thing..well, non-driving drivers are horribly dangerous around here and there is at least one motorcycle related death a week.)

    Stay safe this weekend!

  5. re: SOA:…. I KNOW. OMG Jax is the best, but honestly, the show is so frigging good I’d watch it without him, anyways. So excited you’re getting into it, season 4 starts soon!!! (season three on netflix next tues, but only dvds.)

    My new show obsession is Friday Night Lights. I believe you were a fan of this? I’m only on episode 4 but I’m taking my time with it!

  6. I’m refraining myself from getting into any more new shows. Our dvr is already bursting at the seams… ugh!

  7. Oh my. He is hot. Why have I never heard of this show?

  8. Ha ha, I agree with Dar- the midwest/upper midwest know how to handle snow with NO problemos. But you should stay on the East Coast for at least a little while longer so I can look at all your pretty pictures of water when you go to the ocean 🙂

  9. My floor in my apartment has generator power, so if you’re out of power you’re welcome to over. I have a shit ton of wine 🙂

  10. I tried, but couldn’t get into that show. Just not my thing I guess. I just started watching Treme and I love it. It’s from the creator of The Wire. If you haven’t watched The Wire, you haven’t lived life.

  11. This hurricane has people really freaked out! I hope that you have a safe and relaxing weekend with your wine and potato chips 🙂 I opted for some Chex Mix, peanut butter, and trail mix. The grocery stores here were CRAZY!!!

  12. Wine.. a definite necessity if the power goes out. Throw in some chocolate and I’m good!

  13. wine and potato chips! LOL

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