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What a Nightmare

So, remember that time I said all I wanted to do all weekend was hang out in my house, in the AC watching the Olympic Trials and crafting? Ha! HA!  Well, then this happened:

I saw all the warnings floating across the TV screen, “This is a very dangerous storm”, “You will lose power”, “Seek cover now”, blah, blah, blah.  I figured, “Hey, we made through Irene without losing power, and ice storms, and snow storms, this can’t be worse than any of those.”  I heard the wind start to blow, and the lights started flickering, and then with one huge gust we were in the dark.  That was 10:30 pm on Friday night.  It’s now Monday morning, we still don’t have power.  That’s 2.5 100 degree days so far without power and AC.  Supposedly 80% of us will have it back by tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed  because our neighborhood?  Still looks like this:

Yeah, I was probably a little too close to those downed power lines, but I lived so it’s all ok.  I got about maybe an hour of sleep on Friday night because of the damn heat. Trying to find food on Saturday was a disaster because most places also had no power, and if they did have power, they were only taking cash.  If you know me at all, you know I never carry cash, so I was about 10 minutes from a heat stroke and passing out from hunger when I finally found a Corner Bakery Cafe that was accepting credit cards.  Unfortunately everyone else in the Arlington area was there as well, so it took like an hour to get a turkey sandwich.

After my third ice-cold shower of the day, I decided there was no way I’d ever be able to sleep in the house that night, so I packed a bag and headed into DC, where my bff Meghan and her husband took pity on me.  They fed me, and more importantly gave me access to power to charge my electronics and the comfort of AC.  After sleeping like a baby in the ice-cold apartment, and realizing there would still be no power on Sunday, Meghan and I made ourselves comfortable at her rooftop pool for the day.

I spent Sunday night on their couch as well, because I mean, I needed to watch the Olympic Trials to see who would make the women’s gymnastics team.  So happy with that, btw, although so sad for Nastia.  I’m doubting flat on her face is the way she wanted to go out.  Anyway, I headed back home this morning to get ready for work, and to check on Pumpkin.  She’s doing good, I think, although I’m guessing she’s pretty hot because she drank from the sink faucet for a good 5 minutes when I turned it on for her.  (Yes she also has numerous water bowls/cups lying around but she likes running water).  I also finally bit the bullet and threw out a giant garbage bag full of spoiled food.  It was so sad to just toss money away like that, but the house was starting to smell.  Sigh.

Anyway, so that was my exciting weekend, here’s to hoping we get our power back soon, because there is no relief from this heat in sight.

I’m in Love

A conversation:

Me: “Man, earthquake on Tuesday, hurricane over the weekend, I wonder what’s going to happen next.”
Dar: “I really need to get you off the East coast immediately.”
Me: “Yes, because getting buried by 3 feet of snow every winter is much more appealing.”
Dar: “But we handle it better here, 3 feet is like 3 inches.”
Me: “I don’t care.  If there are 3 feet of snow on the ground I don’t want to have to go anywhere.  I want the city to shut down for 2 weeks.”

So yeah, looks like I need to go stock up on necessities after work today.  By that I mean wine and potato chips, obviously.  I need to have things I can eat if we lose power people, which we probably will.  There is a very large tree in our front yard whose branches hang precariously close to the power lines, also running through are front yard.  Note to self, remember not to park under said giant tree today.

Yesterday I managed to get back and forth from the gym during brief breaks in the rain and did 2 miles on the treadmill followed by 20 minutes on the elliptical.  I wanted to run more, but my sore legs were dead after my Wednesday lifting session.  Oh well.

The evening brought about excitement in the forms of a new TV show addiction.  Dar’s favorite show is Sons of Anarchy, and he insisted that I start watching, he even sent me the Season 1 DVDs (that I bought him) after he finished with them.  Go figure, his favorite show is about a motorcycle gang of tattooed outlaws.  Anyway, I’m in love, mostly with this guy:

Well hello Charlie Hunnam, aka Jax Teller.  Clearly I am also a sucker for a sexy tattooed man, I mean have you seen my boyfriend?  Sigh.  The show is really good, I’m on episode 9 of the first season, and I’ve already requested Dar put season 2 in the mail for me.  I also may have suggested he rethink his desire for a stupid “crotch rocket” and get a Harley instead :).

Alright, well I have to make it through my half day at work, then it’s off to prepare for the storm! Have a good weekend!

Lots of Snow Pictures

Well it certainly is a mess out there!  The roommates and I are all snowed in together celebrating our snow day today.  My work let us out around 2:30 yesterday to get a jump on the commute and beat the snowstorm home.  I’m so happy they did because I hear commutes were BRUTAL last night. like taking people 7 hours to get home from work brutal.  Luckily I pulled onto my street just as sheets of ice started to fall from the sky, and made it home safely.

The weather was crazy last night, we had ice, thunder and lightning, and then around 5 pm it finally changed over to heavy wet snow.

After a few rounds of drinks, we decided to venture out in the snow to play.  What do three somewhat drunk 25 year-olds do in the snow you ask, we build a snowman.

Then we lit the snowman’s eyes on fire, or we tried to anyway, they didn’t stay lit very well.  After that it was time to take our drinks on the road and wander  around the neighborhood streets investigating the snow.

It was around that time, as we came slipping and sliding down the street, that we saw our friend Emily’s car stuck at a 45 degree angle.  She was coming to spend the night at our place since she works in DC and lives in Maryland, you remember her she brought us all the cupcakes :), and her car got stuck as she was trying to park.  We dug out the snow from around her tires, and gave it a big shove to help her get out of the street.  We had a fun night playing in the snow and crossing our fingers for snow days today.

Today it’s so quiet and peaceful outside, it’s really nice.  It looks like there may have been some more sleet during the night, because the snow is very crunchy.  It also destroyed the tree in our front yard.

So many of the branches fell off during the storm last night, there’s a lot of cleaning up to do.  No matter the destruction though, the morning after a big snow is always so pretty.

Alright well I’m off to do nothing and enjoy this snow day.  Enjoy your day off if you have one also!