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Finally Friday

One of the great things about blogging is I can write a post like I did yesterday, put it out there on the internet, and receive feedback, support, and realize just how many people are feeling the same way.  If I just write in a journal or keep the thoughts in my head, none of that is possible.  So thank you to everyone who left a comment, sent me a message on Twitter, and really reached out.  I appreciate it so much, I’m glad so many of you appreciated the post, and I think it’s good to see that most of us feel like that at one point or another.

To be clear, I know my insecurities make me imagine most of the things I’m afraid of.  I have wonderful friends who would do anything for me, including rush to my side when I’m dumped on my ass at Applebees, or letting me stay with them for days in college when the boy I was living with broke up with me and I refused to go home.  I hope they all know how much I appreciate them :).

Moving on to less serious topics of conversation.  Wednesday’s workout consisted of about an hour of lifting weights, yup you read that correctly.  I’m still waddling around like a penguin.  Someone remind me not to do squats and lunges next Wednesday, or I won’t be running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I’ll be hobbling.

Yesterday it took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to work.  As much as I love how pretty the George Washington Parkway is, I did not want to spend that much time on it on a Thursday morning.  After a commute like that I wanted nothing more than to just go home after work, so that’s what I did.  Running would have been a disaster anyway (see above mentioned waddling) so I settled on pizza and vodka instead.

Tomorrow I have my last long run scheduled before the race next weekend, and then a blogger meet and greet later Saturday night.  I’m pretty excited to get a chance to meet so many more of you at one time, and good luck to everyone running either the half or the full tomorrow!  At least it won’t be snowing like it’s supposed to on Sunday!  Oh hey, and happy Friday.

12 Responses

  1. Funny thing..Well not so funny..My ex told me at applebees 3 weeks ago how he took his ex to dinner and a movie the night before. What is up with applebees! haha

  2. Note to self…stay away from Applebees! ha!

    Have a great Friday Kelly!

  3. Blogging is great that way isn’t it? 🙂

    Have fun at the blogger meet up!

  4. Seriously. If a date ever tries to take me to Applebee’s, I’m putting the foot down. lol

    Have a great weekend, Kelly!

  5. Did you really just say snow on Sunday? Does that mean I should pack boots? I don’t think what I currently have packed is sufficient. damn.
    Hope I get to see you this weekend! I think we’ll be in your area Sunday night too.

  6. Is your current BF the one who left you at Applebees? I can’t remember?
    Vodka and pizza… I was so there a couple of nights ago. I’m obssesed with pineapple vodka right now.

  7. We’re supposed to get snow too. March can suck it. Give them all big kisses for me. XO

  8. Happy Friday! I missed your post and just went back to read it – I hear you and completely relate. And OMG the roommate thing brought me back – I ALWAYS felt like i’d upset them and then it would be nothing – sigh!

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