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Finally, groceries!

Hooray my sister went grocery shopping yesterday, and for like the first time in two weeks we actually have food in the house.  I celebrated by whipping up my latest most favorite cooking creation.  The chicken teriyaki and noodle stir fry that I made a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately we didn’t have fettucine noodles, which really are the best ones to use, but whole wheat spaghetti was a fine substitute.  Along with the broccoli and corn, I also added snap peas this time.

better than take-out!

I was smarter this time and made a lot, so now there are leftovers for some point later in the week :).  Prior to dinner, and thanks to some motivation from my Twitter followers, I managed to drag my butt to the gym and get in a workout.  I really contemplated skipping it and making last night my rest day, but I can’t go tomorrow so I really had to.  In the end I’m glad I got there, even if my sister practically had to drag me in by my ponytail.  These are the stats from my run.

  • 3.9 miles
  • 35 minutes
  • 8:58 pace

Not too shabby for completely dreading the whole thing.  Unfortunately when I was sitting on the couch later, I noticed a good amount of swelling on the top of my left foot underneath my big toe and I have no idea what it could be.  For the last few months, ok last 8 months, I’ve been having some pain when I wear heels and walk barefoot but nothing really too bad and it doesn’t typically bother me when I run.  Now that I’ve had some swelling though, I’m a little concerned.  I’m going to pay a little closer attention to it for a while and see what happens.

Since The Bachelorette ended last week, :(, my sis and I were a little upset we wouldn’t have anything to watch, but then we remembered about Bachelor Pad.  That show may even be better than The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  I’m not even the least bit embarrassed to admit that after one episode I’m addicted.  I also may have decided that Tenley is a fantastic name for a girl, as long as she is not bat shit crazy.

I think today is going to be a rough one, I was having some crazy dreams last night and didn’t really sleep well so I’m pretty exhausted.  Hopefully I make it through the day.  Happy Tuesday!

19 Responses

  1. I saw your twitter message last night just as I was seriously procrastinating going to the gym. The return of humidity is NOT helping motivation! I went, but was not as successful (15 minutes of abs counts for something, right?) There was crap for television on last night. I watched “Property Virgins.”

  2. Dude, right there with you. I kept having weird dreams and waking up. Then I ran at 5:30 (after laying on the floor of the living room for another 10 minutes). One coffee is so not going to do it for me today.

  3. My friend rejected my call and said she’d call me back after The Bachelor Pad was over. I’m hoping for her sake it really is that good… lol

    Love that you have your sister their to keep you accountable for your workouts. My friend Mon and I loosely do that, but it’d be nice to get a “what are you doing? get your butt out of bed and come on!” every once in a while…

  4. I watched the bachelor pad last night. I have to admit it was good!

  5. That definitely looks better than take out!!

    Great job on the run!! That is a great time!! 🙂

    Too funny, my friend was telling me last week that she likes the name Tenley for a little girl too. I wonder how many little baby girls will be named Tenley in the next few years, haha! 😉

    • I told the bf I liked the named Tenley and Hadley. He shot me down so hard. Luckily I think I have a few years to change his mind.

  6. I had weird vivid dreams all night too. I wonder if it’s a full moon or somethign?

    I watched the end of the bachelor pad AND dating in the dark. No shame, haha.

  7. That does look really good. When I first clicked on your page I thought that was legit chinese food! I think that’s what made me hungry actually lol

  8. I watched some of the bachelor pad last night—nothin wrong with that! its all the crazies from each season in one place!

  9. Oh the Bachelor Pad looks so terrible/amazing! I might have to check an episode out sometime :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  10. Oh i wanted to watch that show.. totally forgot about it though!
    That stir fry looks awesome… recipe?

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