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I’m so boring

Well, I’m on antibiotics now, so hopefully this sore throat and cough will go on their merry way soon enough.  It’s funny though, when I first started to feel sick, the thing that immediately came to mind was Broad Street this weekend.  I thought man, I’m so glad I already knew I wasn’t running, because if I was training this whole time and got sick a week before it I would be pissed!  Looks like it is going to be nice for the race though, much nicer than last years like 50 and rainy, hopefully the humidity they are calling for will stay away until later in the morning.

Last night was as uneventful as Tuesday.  I came home from work and crashed on the couch, eating mashed potatoes and frozen yogurt for dinner.  Haha can’t get better than that I don’t think!  I watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, I think no matter how many times I’ve seen the episodes I’ll still continue to watch them again and again.  Sigh, I want to have a wedding.  For awhile there was a show on the Style Network called I Propose, oh man was I addicted to that one.  I think I cried during every episode.

Modern Family and Cougar Town were new last night and as delightful as always, I tried to stay up for that new show Happy Town, but Nyquil got a hold of me faster than I thought it would and I passed out.  Did anyone watch, is it any good?  Is it like Harpers Island from last summer?  I’m intrigued.

So this weekend it’s supposed to feel like summatime up here, and I am very excited, except I have no plans!  Boooo, I’ll probably end up on the sidelines of Broad Street whining about my bad luck and wishing I was running.  Anyone else doing anything fun this weekend?

I’m supposed to have PT tonight, I think I’m going to go and just tell them I don’t want to do any treadmill work and push myself.  No need to hack up a lung or anything.  Um hopefully I will be back to normal activities and eating soon, so that I will have more interesting posts for you.  Until then, Happy Thursday!

16 Responses

  1. Ahhh, I love Say Yes to the Dress. I totally want to go wedding dress shopping again…I didn’t take advantage of it when I was getting married!

    Hope you feel better soon…maybe the good weather this weekend is just the cure you need?

  2. “Sigh, I want to have a wedding. ” …don’t we all…. 😉

    On my way to work today I thought it was friday. I think a show like Happy Town is def something worth watching!

  3. I’m doing a happy dance looking at my weekend forecast, too. Also happy that I won’t be racing in 88* weather.
    I can’t get into “Say Yes to the Dress.” But, oh man, am I excited for “Real Housewives of NJ.”

  4. Of course Modern Family/Cougar Town would be new the one night I don’t make a point of being in front of the tv to watch it… sounds like I have a lot of online television in my near future this weekend. Yep… those are my current exciting weekend plans… man I suck.

  5. I love Wedding shows…which slightly worries my husband. He is always saying you DO know that you aren’t going to have another wedding right? haha…it makes him nervous!

  6. So glad you got to the doc although I think fro-yo and mashed taters probably would have cured you too. 🙂

  7. Have fun at PT!! I commend you for going when you are feeling like that. I’m SO glad to be moving around again but man, PT is no fun.
    I have no plans for the weekend either. I did, but they fell through. I may go see a movie with my mom! Fun times.

  8. I LOVE Say Yes to the Dress. I totally missed Modern Family last night! Dammit! I knew it was coming on too but I got distracted by You Dont Know Jack. That was an intense movie.

  9. Modern Family always makes the night a little better!

  10. I hope you feel better!!!

  11. I hope you feel better, girl!! You need to give yourself some good rest and just enjoy all the reruns of Say Yes to the Dress! I need to start watching Modern Family- I’ve heard nothing but positive things about it!!

    Good luck at PT!

  12. i am addicted to wedding TV now! since we didn’t have TV for 2 years, i feel like i’m so behind!

  13. Yay! Hope the meds help!

    I love scary shows/movies but I was scared to watch that since I live alone. I’m such a wuss.

  14. I’ve heard modern family is awesome. I need to remember to watch it.

    Hope you feel better!

  15. I plan on sleeping as much as possible this weekend. That may make me lazy, but I don’t give a shit. Especially since I actually do have stuff to get done meaning I won’t be sleeping a whole lot after all : ( Maybe next year we’ll both do Broad Street, I knew I wouldn’t be ready this time!

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kelly McCormick. Kelly McCormick said: I’m so boring: Well, I’m on antibiotics now, so hopefully this sore throat and cough will go on there merry way so… http://bit.ly/agkBcF […]

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