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Recovery Mode

Oh… hey. So I haven’t had power since Monday at 8:30 pm, which if you’re counting is just over 36 hours now, and um I’m pretty much over it.  My last candle burnt down to the wick last night, and we’re officially out of firewood to heat our house (thumbs down to electric stoves, heat, and water heaters). Our electric company swears all power will be restored by Thursday night, but if it could be sooner that’d be great. Do you know how hard it is to get out of bed at 7 am to go to work when it’s still dark out, 39 degrees outside and you have no heat?! I think I cried a little this morning. Anyway, before the Perfect Storm of the Century I had a delightful pre-Halloween weekend.

Friday night I forced myself to Target to stock up on storm essentials (wine, junk food, water, and a flashlight) before relaxing and taking it easy. Saturday I had a football game, where I was easily MVP, with a crucial sack and catching the game winning touchdown (twice thanks to a penalty). After the game it was home to get ready for a Halloween party later that night. I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to the party, so when Saturday rolled around I had to pull together a last-minute costume. I pretty much credit Adrienne, and an episode of Parks and Rec for the idea.

Not Impressed.

I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but I have two different shades of pink sparkly eye shadow on, a white sparkly eye shadow, and glitter hairspray. If I’m being honest, glitter hairspray may be my new most favorite thing ever. Is it appropriate for everyday use? It’s so fun! Um, this next picture is kind of offensive, I know my eyes may never recover so I apologize ahead of time.

These are my guy friends. Two of them are going to be fathers in the spring. Their poor wives/future children.

Other less offensive costumes include Bryce Harper, Katniss, and Road Kill.

This may be the only pic I actually smiled for all night.

True story, after we took this picture he asked if it could be his blog debut photo. Who am I to deny such a request.

McKayla face off… I totally win

One of my other guy friends dressed as Felix Baumgartner and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture, because it was one of my favorites of the night! The party was fun, and I was home trying to get glitter hairspray out of my hair by 1:30 am. I spent Sunday morning recovering before deciding I needed to get out of the house before it was no longer possible. I ventured out for the 4 pm football games, which turned into a giant party at the bar as more and more people were receiving notification that their offices were closed Monday. Mine was not, but I could work from home which was just as exciting.

I worked until 3 pm on Monday when our office shut down because of the weather, and then settled myself on the couch for a movie marathon with the roommates. We tackled The Faculty, Halloween H20, and Club Dread (at some point during all of this an email went out that my office was closed on Tuesday) all before the power went out on us, at which point we broke out the board games.

Did you know London is not a nation? Because in my drunken stupor, I kept insisting London was the answer to a question about a European nation.

Trivial pursuit is a really good way to pass the time… I think we played for three hours and there is still no winner. Those questions are freaking hard, I need my Disney version. TBC tonight perhaps, if our power is not returned. So here we are at Wednesday, and Halloween for that matter and I have no idea if trick or treating is happening tonight. Hopefully it is, because I really need to stop eating the candy we broke into during the storm. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to go to the gym, if only for use of a hot shower after.

Happy Halloween, happy Wednesday!

***I know Arlington got nothing compared to some of the more northern coastal towns, specifically my beloved Jersey shore towns and Long Island. My thoughts are with everyone up there who may have lost a home.***

views from my roommates family’s beach house in Bethany Beach, DE. The Indian River Marina overflowing.

9 Responses

  1. And THIS is why I think it’s necessary to have a good stock of board games.

    Which reminds me I need to get my truth or dare jenga back…

    Crossing my fingers that your power comes back on TODAY.

  2. It really is sad what people are going through. Crazy. I hope your power comes back soon, but board games really are a good time, and they really only get played in situations like this is seems like.

  3. Hahahaha oh my gosh this is AMAZING!!! I love it. Your costume is awesome!!!

    We were lucky and didn’t even lose power here in Richmond.

  4. OMG! I love your costume! I wanted to go as post Olympic fatties, but my husband said no 😉

    Hope you do have power sooner than tomorrow night!

  5. Ugh – that’s a long time to be without power. Hopefully it comes back on soon.

  6. I hope your power comes back soon, boo. But boardgames are definitely my go-to when the tv’s taken down!

  7. oh no, here’s to hoping your power gets turned back on quickly! and OMG – I love your guy friends, how fun they must be. seriously so funny!

  8. I’m glad you’re safe and sound and that your power comes back on soon! It looks like you guys made the most of it, though – nice that you could have a fire!

  9. I have recently stumbled on your blog thru another blog. I love it! You seem like an awesome person and seriously not to sound creepy (but totally will) someone that I catch myself saying ‘darn we could be friends’! (and oh yeah i did say darn- who knowz where the heck that was dug out from)

    I have been catchin up on some of your recent posts and wanted to recomment this blog site to you http://www.baggagereclaim.co.uk/

    I recently went through a break up as well…two months ago to be exact…and it has def been rough…even tho I broke things off and even tho I didn’t want to. I was trying to make the relationship work…overcompensating for the lack of ‘him ‘ in the relationship and thinking things wud change…and the whole cycle of breaking up and getting back together cuda prolly continued for another ‘x’ amount of months/yrs but i finally chose to CUT it off at 9 months (aaaah) its a lil better than my college ex bf of 2 1/2 yrs that basically was a mirror image of this last ‘winner’ i was with (college being 2003 graduation). Anywho I have been going thru some soul searching…trying to re-wire my brain…many wine bottles…some (alot of) shots of tequila (which we all now make for great nite but also for nites that end with total blackout central)…i have added a therapist to my bi-weekly schedule (which whom I am super thankful for)…and many self help books recommended by said therapist that I find myself constantly having AHA moments and wondering why the hell did I not read this book like 5 years ago bc 4 wuda been way too long( 5 yrs ago age 26 and at 25 i still had some ish to get outta my system). But this said therapist has giving me a couple books to read which i wud def divulge the titles to you if u as well if u felt like reading them but she mentioned the website above to me last nite and I thought of your blog and just wanted to pass it along.

    I started reading it today and its always nice to realize u are not alone and NOT going crazy! You seem like an awesome girl and someone will come along that will sweep you off your feet and know your worth and love you for every quirky and non quirky thing u do…and until then…never settle. I am 31 now and am JUST realizing this…its been ruff but also eye opening.

    sorry for the long winded response…but i just wanted to let you know u are not alone and to keep moving forward 🙂 and we are human and allowed to have shitty days but the next day pick urself up and don’t look back! It seems you have an amazing group of friends to help you make that journey fun and exciting.

    Thnx for an honest, funny blog.

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