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“I Die”

Happy Wednesday friends, how are you all today?  I’m doing just fine, and a little more excited about Wednesday than usual because I’m having dinner with two of my girlfriends after work.  My friend Michelle got engaged a month ago, and we finally have the time to go out and celebrate.  There’s a bottle of champagne chilling in my work fridge as I type this :).

Last night was yoga Tuesday, and I’m starting to feel like one of the regulars.  My sister liked it better too because she felt less lost this time.  Like I said before, the instructor is kind of hard to hear and understand so if you know what’s coming, it makes it a little easier.  I tried to zone out and not think about anything during yoga, but thoughts of dinner kept creeping into my head.  By the time I got home, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  Zucchini and Squash Lasagna.

Dinner was prepared and in the oven relatively quickly, but then comes the worst part.  Waiting for it to cook.  That might have been the longest 35 minutes of my life.  Soon enough, the wait was over and dinner was served with some red wine and garlic mozzarella bread.

I didn’t think it was possible, but it was even better this time around.  The sauce was better, the veggies were better, it stayed together better.  I give myself an A+ for sure.  I even went so far as to say that I will never make lasagna with pasta again.  The bf shed a tear for his beloved carbs.

Some of my favorite shows were on last night, and I wanted to throw something at the TV when they ended Pretty Little Liars the way they did.  I also watched Rachel Zoe, and one of my favorite thing about the show is her little phrases like “I die” and “ba-na-nas”.  Haha, it makes me laugh.

Alright, well I hope everyone enjoys their Wednesday.  Half-way to the weekend!

Fun House Mirrors

Last night was my third week of yoga class, and I’m really enjoying it.  I like how every class is a little different, and doesn’t always follow the exact same routine.  My sister came with me for the first time last night, and she said she liked it also.  One thing we both agree on that we don’t like?  The damn mirrors all over the studio!  I swear, they are like fun house mirrors that make you look all distorted because I’m pretty sure my ass isn’t really as big as it looks when I’m standing there in Warrior 2.  Or at least I hope it’s not anyway.

After yoga, my sis and I went home to try to figure out what there was to eat for dinner.  Sadly, it wasn’t much.  I feel like this is a general theme of my refrigerator, it being completely empty.  Luckily we still had two baked potatoes left from Monday night, so we had those, some corn, and some tomato and cucumber salad.  Interesting and random for sure.

After dinner, I relaxed on the couch for the rest of the night with some wine watching shark week, and the ABC Family Tuesday night shows.  Pretty Little Liars has sucked me in somehow, and as a former gymnast I’ve always loved Make it or Break it.  Oh and The Rachel Zoe Project came back last night!  Ever since I saw her in Soho, I’ve been anticipating the return of the show.  Last nights episode was all about this shoot for Harpers Bazaar with Demi Moore.


So cool to watch them shoot with a live giraffe, and those shoes are insane.  I don’t know how anyone stands in them.  Also it looked absolutely freezing that day, so Demi is a champ.

I am so glad it is Wednesday already, I’m going to see the boyfriend this weekend which is exciting.  Other than the one night he randomly came to town, I haven’t seen him since my birthday weekend!  That’s almost three weeks, which is just far too long between visits.  Alright, I hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday!

How to Make an Omelet

For a long time in my life, the art of making an omelet alluded me.  No matter how many times I tried I ended up throwing in the spatula and with an omelet that looked more like scrambled eggs than a delicious fluffy egg pocket stuffed with my favorite toppings.  Luckily, in the past few years I managed to read up enough on cooking an omelet to master the task.  The keys?  Patience, low heat and a great non-stick pan.

Normally, my eggs hit the pan and I want to start messing with them right away.  To create a successful omelet however, you leave the eggs alone in the pan until they start to bubble.  Now, you can add any toppings you want to before this, but just make sure you only fill one side with them so that you have an empty side to flip overtop.  Once the bottom layer of the eggs has started to cook, lift one end up with your spatula, tilt your pan towards that end, and let the still runny yolk drain underneath the cooked part you are holding up.  Do this until there is no runny yolk still on top, then flip the side without toppings over onto the side with.  Continue cooking for a few more minutes, flip once more if you want to brown both sides, then slide onto your plate and enjoy!

Last night I practiced my omelet cooking skills by having breakfast for dinner.  The vegetable situation in my house is super sad right now, so all my omelet included was bacon, cheese, and eggs.  This is also not at all what I was in the mood for last night, but again choices were limited.

There’s one and a half slices of bacon, and two slices of American cheese in there, and then of course another one and a half pieces of bacon on the side.  Well, because I like bacon.  For being not what I was in the mood for, it ended up tasting pretty delicious.

Savory and salty goodness.  I also poured myself a glass of Chardonnay as an after dinner snack.  Prior to cooking dinner, I hit up the 4:30 yoga class at my gym for the second time.  I liked it a little bit more this time.  There was still the awkward chanting at the beginning and the end, but at least the instructor spoke loud enough to be heard this time.  The class also had slight variations this time which I liked, I felt like there was more focus on legs this time and last week it was arms.  Perhaps I will make this a weekly event, it’s growing on me more every time.  I think the thing I like the most about yoga is that I leave feeling tall (not that I’m short) and strong.  I just feel like every muscle has been stretched and lengthened.  After tying my legs up in knots with run after run, it’s a good feeling.

In other news, it’s Wednesday already!  Also, I’m really loving all the Formspring questions you guys are throwing at me so keep them coming!  I plan on answering the ones I have on Friday, and I guess make Formspring a kind of Friday theme until I run out of things to answer.  So if you’ve got a question don’t hesitate to ask, it is anonymous after all.  Alright I’m off, have a great day everyone!