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This Process Sucks

Y’all wanna hear a funny story? I think I forgot to mention it on Friday, but Dar and I submitted our first offer on our THIRD house that afternoon and we heard back from the sellers last night.  Their counter-offer was… amusing.  Not only did they barely come down from their list price (which was way too high for what they’re selling and leaves us 20k apart) but they wanted some bizarro stipulation that we agree to buy the house even if the inspection turns something up. Um, no.  Needless to say, we are countering their counter by raising our offer slightly and agreeing to most of their crazy conditions, except the inspection one.  We’ll see what happens. Also, house buying sucks.

Anyway, for a Monday, yesterday absolutely flew by and before I knew it I was heading out of the office for yoga.  It was once again lovely, even the part where my feet slipped causing me to fall much deeper into a pose than I intended.  That one only stung for a minute.

Since it has felt like early summer here in VA for the past two weeks, I have wanted meals that usually don’t appear until much later in the season.  Last night it was turkey burgers and roasted zucchini; yeah it pretty much looked exactly like this meal.  I also added some Panko breadcrumbs to the mixture to hold everything together.

I didn’t exactly use our grill, the whole charcoal thing is a pain, but I did break out our griddle thingy and it worked just fine.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing in my bedroom watching TV and hunting spiders.  A few weeks ago, just as I turned off my light, Pumpkin launched herself at my wall.  I looked over, saw something scurry across it, and immediately turned on my light and was encountered with a GIANT black spider.  I killed the mother effer immediately, but then couldn’t fall asleep, because ya know, spiders.  Last night the same thing happened.  These things are seriously disgustingly huge.  If I see one more, I’m moving.

Happy first day of Spring!

How Rude

You guys, someone stole my 13.1 magnet off the back of my car! I realized it last night after work when I was walking out to it, and I was so sad.  Also kind of annoyed, because now all you can see is an oval-shaped dirt spot on my car.  Waaaah.  I also realize some people think those magnets are stupid and pretentious, but I really liked mine!

Anyway, last night I took a yoga class for the first time since before I moved to VA and it was great.  I think I need to end every Monday with yoga from now on because I was so relaxed and noodley at the end of it.  It was a 50 minutes Ashtanga class which really left my hamstrings stretched and shoulders burning from all the down dog.  I wore the work out top I posted about yesterday, and loved it because I could bend and twist without worrying about whether I was a giant mess of fat rolls.

I don’t mean this to sound as narcissistic as it probably will, but I generally like yoga because I remain pretty decent at it no matter how long it’s been since my last class.  Despite the fact that it’s been YEARS since I stepped foot in a gymnastics class, I still have a good amount of flexibility in me, and it feels good to really settle into poses.  I’m definitely sore today, especially in the hamstrings, shoulders, and lower back, and I have the typical hip bone bruises from bow, but it feels good.

I wanted to take spin today at lunch, but I just realized I have a meeting at 1 and spin ends at 12:45.  I don’t think I can shower and make it to the meeting on time, blah.  There’s a 5:00 class, but I was hoping to go grocery shopping after work, stupid meetings getting in the way of my work outs.  Would it be inappropriate to ask my boss to move our meeting so I can go to spin?   Haha.

If you’ve noticed, there’s been no mention here about house news.  That’s because WE ARE STILL WAITING. After five days of no response, Dar and I decided to submit an amended offer about $5000 higher than our original.  That went in on Saturday morning, and we decided if we still haven’t heard anything by Wednesday we’re moving on because clearly these people are assholes who suck.  Do you sense my frustration?

In other news, I leave for Vegas in exactly one month for my bff’s bachelorette party! Then Darren arrives on April 20 for a visit, and two weeks after that some of the coolest bloggers around are heading to DC for an epic girls weekend.  I AM SO EXCITED FOR ALL THE THINGS.  April is going to be awesome.  The end.

Are You a Relationship Person?

Last night I opted to push my tempo run to tonight, so that I wouldn’t be taking two rest days off in a row or running too many consecutive days.  Instead I decided to do some yoga stretches for my hamstrings and hips, and foam rolling for my IT band.  The yoga ultimately led to some gymnastics, because I got curious to see what I could still do.  I was a gymnast from the ages of 5-12, took a break in high school, and joined the team for one year in college.  Gymnastics was always my favorite passion, but I unfortunately had to give up my dream after realizing that 5’8″ is just a little too tall for the sport.  This is the art of mastering a handstand while using your cameras self timer.


aah going over

coming down













got it!


Pumpkin is unimpressed.  She was however, loving pouncing on my feet every time I kicked up or came down.  Oh and chewing on the hair from my ponytail that hung down.  I’m surprised she didn’t get kicked or stepped on.  Oh, this is also why I loved keg stands in college, haha.  Handstands and walking on my hands were always my specialty in gymnastics, I used to be able to go up and down the floor multiple times.  I miss those days.  And I did try to keep my shirt tucked in, but it just wasn’t staying. Oh well.

Marie, don’t yell at me, I didn’t get to watch RHPS yet.  I swear I plan on watching tomorrow night while baking cookies and drinking pumpkin beer.

The other day I got to thinking, there are two types of people out there.  Relationship people and non-relationship people.  There was a time in my life, right after my parents divorce, when I was convinced I was a non-relationship person.  I didn’t want to get married, I didn’t want kids, I didn’t want to date, and I definitely didn’t want to end up divorced.  Turns out I was just delusional, because I think the longest amount of time I have ever been single is about 3 months.

I am most definitely, a relationship person.  I thrive in relationships, I enjoy the companionship, compatibility with another person, having someone depend on me, and being able to depend on someone else.  My first boyfriend was in the 6th grade, we dated for a few months before he broke up with me.  We got back together for a little while the next year, and I then I broke up with him.  The next boy came along when I was in 8th grade and he was a freshman in high school.  We also dated for a few months before breaking up, I think he broke up with me but I can’t remember for sure.

My first serious relationship started at the end of my Freshman year of high school and lasted until the August before my Junior year, when I ended it.  Then there was The German, who you read all about in my teenage drama saga.  We started dating in the fall of my Junior year and I ultimately broke up with him during the spring of my Sophomore year of college.  The next boy who came along, I only officially dated for about 4 or 5 months.  I say officially because despite only having the relationship title for a few months, it continued off and on unofficially for almost 3 years.  He was the first boy to really break my heart, and was the hardest break-up for me to move on from, and always the one I went back to after break-ups with other guys.

Towards the end of Junior year of college, I met a boy on spring break, and that relationship was probably my shortest.  Despite being loved by all my friends, the guy wasn’t right for me and I called it quits after like two weeks.  My next relationship started in the fall of Senior year of college, and lasted until around February, again with me initiating the break-up.  I didn’t have another “official” boyfriend until the fall after graduating from college, that’s when I met my most recent ex.  We dated from September 2007 until June 2009, I broke up with him once in the spring before he officially ended it that June.  I met Alex one month later, we started dating in August, and the rest is history!

I’ve had a lot of relationships, but I’ve learned something about myself from each one.  Mostly that I am indeed a relationship person.  Are you all the non-relationship type, or the relationship type?

One more day until the weekend and a fun-filled Halloween holiday.  By the way, I totally miss the days when I was in school and had off because the day after Halloween is a holy day of obligation.  One good thing about 9 years of Catholic school.