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Insert Clever Title Here

Mmmmmk so, judging by the extreme lack of traffic this morning me thinks there are a good number of people playing “72 degree weather” hookie today. Lucky them.  I’m at work, but oh well what are ya gonna do.

No news about the house yet, the house buying gods are against us and do not want us to get one it seems.  The more I watch shows like Property Virgins and House Hunters the angrier I get (yes I know they’re fake) because NO ONE hears back about their offer on a property within hours of making it.  It’s a load of bull if you ask me.  I’m just ready for this stressful process to be over.

I’m still making a strong comeback in the gym this week and was able to work off some of that stress by doing some more cardio yesterday.  40 minutes on the elliptical (while getting angry at HGTV) and 20 minutes on the treadmill, I even ran for the last 5, followed by some stretching and planks.  I still feel like a blimp, but hopefully after a few more weeks like this I’ll be feeling back to normal.

Darren’s birthday is on Sunday, and for it I got him a racing wheel controller and Need for Speed video game for his XBOX, because apparently 28 is the new 8.  The wheel arrived at his house yesterday and he is anxiously anticipating the arrival of the game because “This wheel is soooo cool and shiny!” Yes, actual words said.

My mom, sister, and two aunt’s are coming to visit this weekend, and umm I have no idea what to do with them. If only it were going to be this nice on Saturday :(.  So far my only two thoughts are walk around Georgetown and eat and shop, or walk around the Mall/Monument area and eat.  I suck.

Also, I thought today was Friday for a while, realizing it wasn’t also sucked,  but I think I’m going to ask to leave a few hours early tomorrow so that should be nice.  Anyway, bye.

Yup, just as predicted

Hiya friends!  Blogging from the East Village in NYC today!  My train arrived at 8:10 last night, and after a minor mishap with my shopping bag full of goodies (it ripped leaving me somehow trying to carry a heavy present, cookies, and food), I managed to hop in a cab and make it to the bf’s apartment.  After last weekends trip when I arrived absolutely starving, I packed myself a nice dinner to enjoy on the train this time.

Half a leftover piece of chicken parm from the other night, on a wrap with spinach.  It was just as delicious as a sandwich.  Look how thrilled I am to be on a crowded train on a Friday night.

Alex was a nice boyfriend and met me at the corner where the cab dropped me off to help me carry my tons of shit.  His present was freakin heavy!  I am a little embarrassed to report that my arms are a little sore today.  Not only was I greeted by the bf, but he had with him two dozen beautiful pink roses!

Oh, and we totally exchanged gifts the second I walked in the door and took my coat off.  Look what I got!

Whooooo!  Best boyfriend ever.  Now I really can’t wait to be able to run again.  I also got one of my favorite HBO documentaries about the Yankees and September 11.

I already watched it once this morning, love, love, love.  Alex finally got to open his presents, he had not subtlety hinted at the fact that he really wanted a new XBox, so being the great gf that I am, I got him one.  All my girl friends told me I was the stupidest gf ever for openly encouraging him to play video games.  I told him the first time I hear, “I can’t talk now I’m playing Xbox” I am taking it back.  Haha, I think that’s fair.  Anyway, as predicted he immediately tore open the box, hooked it up, and started playing.

He started playing again today at 7:30 this morning.  Sigh, maybe I am the stupidest girlfriend ever.  I also gave him an adorable collection of three pictures of us in a frame.  It is now proudly sitting next to this computer on his desk :).  After I managed to drag him away from the video games, we headed across the street to meet up with his roommates and a few of our other friends.  Somehow I managed to have two beers in my hands at all times, and ended up getting prettttty drunk.

It was a fun night, and luckily I woke up not feeling too awful.  We headed out to Moe’s “Welcome to Moe’s!” again for lunch.  Not my idea I swear!  This time instead of a burrito I ordered the Instant Friend.  A vegetarian quesadilla with shredded cheese, black beans, and sautèd veggies.  It had onions, peppers, and mushrooms.  Very yummy, much more my style than a burrito I think.

my quesadilla

Alex's massive burrito

Alright, time to get pumped up for the beer pong tournament!  Eeeeek, I’m nervous.  Ok, everyone enjoy your Saturday!