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Four a Year?

So what does one do with an absurd amount of leftover grilled peppers, onions, and chicken from their Monday night BBQ?  Eat the exact same wrap for dinner two nights in a row, that’s what.

All rolled up, rolled up poorly, but rolled up nonetheless.  After a few minutes of fighting with the smoke detector and throwing some windows open, I had some lovely roasted Yukon Gold potatoes seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, seasoned salt, and black pepper on the side.

It was one of those wraps that you can’t put down once you start eating for fear that it will fall apart, but it was delicious.  It’s been a long time since I roasted any kind of potato that wasn’t a sweet potato, so this was a nice change.

I had every intention of going to the gym tonight and getting my first run since Cherry Blossom over with, but after an hour and a half appointment at the lady doctor getting poked, prodded, and scolded (yeah, yeah I know the HPV vaccine is important) I was starving and just wanted to go home.  Luckily I did escape without having to step on a scale, they trusted me to tell my weight honestly, ha.  I guessed, and rounded up slightly from what I was 9 months ago.

Side note, this doctor was intent on switching me to the period every three months birth control pill.  This was after I explained the horrible PMS symptoms I develop about 2 weeks before that time of the month every month.  I was like ok well one, I don’t want to feel like that for three months at a time, two I am neurotic enough, I don’t need to worry about whether or not I’m knocked up every month because I haven’t gotten a period.  Needless to say, I walked out with two months sample of a lower hormone dosage that will still give me a period every month.

Anyway, the roommates and I are off to the Phils/Nats game tonight, don’t worry Col I will be wearing my Phillies gear or wait should I wear a Flyers shirt and Phillies hat since they have their first playoff game tonight?  Then tomorrow we’re off to NYC.  The month of April is seriously flying by, I can’t believe Dar will be here in two weeks!  I guess that’s what being super busy will do for ya.  Next weekend I’m heading home for Easter, and then he’ll be here, yay!  Well happy Thursday friends, have a good one.


September, is that you?  Aren’t cool 70 degree temps and breezes supposed to accompany you?  What is this 97 degree nonsense?  Also, if you could please keep Hurricane Earl away from my friend’s wedding on Friday, that would be great.  Kthxbye.

I kicked September off with a bang and stopped at Starbucks this morning for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.  Funny though, I ordered a non-fat and the barista asked if I wanted whipped cream.  Wouldn’t that pretty much defeat the purpose of ordering non-fat milk?  Thank you for asking, but no I would not like whipped cream.  With the first sip of pumpkiny delight, I was whisked back to memories of football tailgates, pumpkin picking, beerfests, Uggs, and sweaters.  It was fantastic.

Pumpkin Spice

Last night, I finally got back into my routine and hit the gym for a run.  Since I’ll be traveling again right from work tomorrow, I really needed to get a run in last night and another one tonight.  I did 5 miles at a 9:05 pace and felt relatively comfortable during it.  Well, that’s not completely true I hit mile 3 and realized I had to pee, so I quickly darted to the bathroom and knocked out the last 2.  Also, thanks for all the positive feedback about the 5k I signed up for.  You all really boosted my confidence!

Dinner last night was probably one of the most random things you will ever see me eat.  Just about the only things in my fridge were a zucchini and corn, so I made a veggie wrap with some humus and mac and cheese.


mac and cheeeeese

The wrap was good, but I actually would have enjoyed it more without the humus.  And well, the mac and cheese speaks for itself.  That’s always delicious.  I wrapped my night up with the season finale of Make it or Break it and The Rachel Zoe Project.  A pretty good Tuesday if I say so myself.

Tonight will involve another run and packing for my long weekend in DC.  I’m still trying to decide what to wear.  I originally planned to wear the same dress I wore to the wedding last weekend, but after it left cuts on my rib cage and me looking like a pregnant lady in some pictures I’m rethinking it.  Sigh.  Not that I have anything else to wear, so I’ll probably end up wearing it.

Ok, happy Wednesday all.  So close to the long weekend!

Back to the Routine

Sigh, Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week.  I’m still struggling to get out of vacation mode, and back into work mode, but I’m trying.  After work, my sister and I hit the gym for some cardio.  I am beginning to hate the treadmill more and more, especially after my 3 runs at the beach.  Beach scenery is just so much prettier than running on a conveyor belt.

I wasn’t sure at the start of the run how long I wanted to go for, so I set the time for 40 minutes and got to it.  My sister finished her workout and came over right before I hit mile 3, so I pushed it a little, threw in some sprints, and called it quits at 3.5 miles.

  • 3.5 miles
  • 32:50
  • 9:22 pace (about)

On Saturday when I was sitting at the bf’s, he came downstairs and plopped a box next a me.  “That’s one of your birthday presents, do you want to open it now or wait?”.  Well come on now, you can’t actually give me the box and expect me to wait to open it.  He assured me that there was another present that he would give me on my real birthday (this Sunday), so I opened it.  I got three new fun workout tops, and I wore one of them yesterday.

Isn’t it cute?  I’m sure I’ll be modeling the other ones this week also.  Dinner last night was a super boring turkey wrap, with bacon, lettuce, a slice of cheese and mayo.  I also had some spinach and artichoke humus and pita chips on the side.

Tonight my sister and I have a movie date to finally go see Eclipse, and I am super excited.  Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were my two favorite books in the series, so I have really been looking forward to the movies.  Hopefully Kristen Stewart constantly tucking her hair behind her ear and biting her lip won’t distract me from Taylor Lautner’s abs too much.  Sorry if that’s creepy, I know he’s young, but they are really nice.

Have a great day everyone!