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NYC Weekend So Far

Happy Saturday everyone!  The boyfriend, sister and I just got home from an afternoon stroll around the city.  Summer Saturday’s in NYC equals farmers markets, street fairs, and girls tanning in bikinis in parks.  As you know, the bf and I went to the Yankees/Phillies game on Thursday night and unfortunately my good luck streak for the Yankees ended and they lost the game :(.  It was still an amazing time, and a beautiful night and we both had a great time despite the loss.

Our seats were in the left field bleachers section and for $45 each, you can’t beat them.  The bf and I got there early enough to have time to take some pics, and eat some dinner before the game started.

Andy Pettitte throwing out the first pitches of the game, and my boyfriend Derek Jeter.  Alex and I stuck it out for the whole game, but by the 8th when it became obvious that the Yankees were going to lose, there were some fans that found humor in getting tossed out.  I think in the last two innings of the game, we saw four people get escorted out.  Drunk fools.

The bf bought me a yummy margarita, I’m loving the cup it came in!

After the game, we hopped back on a crowded subway car and made the voyage back to Manhattan.  We were both exhausted by the time we got home and knew we’d be up early in the morning to watch USA take on Slovenia in the World Cup so we called it a night.  Sure enough, the bf’s roommate woke us up at 8:30 to get ready to head to the bar, they take their Americanness very seriously.

This is our voyage to the bar, where I am proud to say I sat for a whole 2.5 hours without drinking.  It was a super exciting game with more than a few questionable calls by a horrible ref, but at least the USA was able to pull off the tie.  After the game, the bf and I went on a glorious 3 mile afternoon run along the East River.  We ran about 1 mile out and back, and we stopped at the track on the way back so I could squeeze in a speedy mile around the track by myself.  I felt really great, but remembered why I hated running distance during track season, lap after lap around the track is sooooo boring!

After our run, we had to head up to Penn Station to pick up my sister, who is joining us for the rest of the weekend.  Her requests were to do things the boys do on normal weekends, go to their local bars, and eat pizza and self-serve frozen yogurt.  Per request, the bf and I took her to Crocodile Lounge for happy hour and free pizza with your beer.  You might remember me talking about this amazing establishment before.

Crocodiles swimming in the ceiling!

Sisters in NYC!  After our happy hour and dinner, we went back home to pick up the bf’s roomie and then went back out to the bar where they play in a dart league.  We stayed there the rest of the night playing darts and card games.  It was a lot of fun, and I think my sister enjoyed feeling like a local.

Alright, well I just wanted to check in and not be MIA for the whole weekend!  There will be a part II of my NYC weekend coming later this weekend or on Monday.  I had written a guest post for Jess over at The Process of Healing that was supposed to be up today, but I don’t see it yet, so maybe that will be up later?  Anyway, I hope you all are having great weekends and enjoying the weather!