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Straight to the Core

Ha, I knew you all would find Marie’s and Jess’s drawings for me as entertaining as I did.  I do have a general idea of what I am looking for, however I am graphically designed challenged, so I need someone to make it for me.  If any of you all have someone who could do this for me, send em my way.  I can pay, but not much.

Yesterday was just how I like my Mondays, slow and relaxing.  I hit up the gym at lunch and did 10 minutes on the elliptical, a 10 minute ab class, and a 20 minute run.  Personally, I think 10 minutes is the perfect length of time for an ab class.  Mine were burning immediately, and I was very ready to be done when the 10 minutes were up.  And holy sore abs today, they have not felt like this in a long time.  Apparently I need to step up my core work.

After work I dragged myself to Harris Teeter, where I did not lose my shit, and the home to do tons of food prep for the week.  I made the same Egg Bake as last week, and marinated and baked some chicken to add to salads for lunch.  Then I ate Doritos for dinner because I was too tired to even think about real food at that point.  Follow that all up with a 10 pm bedtime, and I’d say Monday wasn’t so bad.

Today is full of meetings and things that aren’t much fun, which means the workout will be pushed until after work.  I’m feeling some light cardio and then a full body weight workout, but we’ll see what happens.

In other news, Darren informed me that over the weekend he almost broke his wrist when a ladder collapsed on it and sliced his shoulder open while carrying another one.  He does this to torture me, I’m convinced.  Oh, did I mention he also has no health insurance.  Yup, my love, who is up on roofs most of the day is uninsured.  Boy gives me heart attacks on a daily basis, especially when he sends me pictures like this:

that tall middle ladder is his

Sigh, he already has a metal plate in one hip.  Apparently he’s looking to even that out.  Men, they can be so stubborn.  I swear, one of these days I’m going to get a phone call that he’s in the hospital with broken bones.  The last time that happened my mom had to give me a Valium to keep me from flipping the fuck out.  Good times.

Alright, off to meeting number one of the day!  Catch ya later!

I think we’re in Kansas

Holy tornado warnings!  It seems like a majority of the country has either been under a watch or a warning since yesterday.  Here in VA/MD we’ve alternated between both.  The severe weather bulletins interrupted my nighttime TV watching enough times that I was well aware of the weather going on outside.  Supposedly once this afternoon rolls around we’ll be in the clear.  Craziness.

I managed to make it to spin class last night, before the bad weather hit, and it was alright.  Different instructor, less fun (ie pop) music, and more focused on low resistance and sprints than hill climbs.  For a majority of the class last night we had the resistance set between 4-8 and focused on high RPMs, whereas the Tuesday class I normally take the resistance never goes below 11.  For me, it’s the high resistance that gets my heart rate up, and not really the fast RPMs.  I suppose in combo the two classes would balance each other out, but if I can only make it to one a week I’d probably pick Tuesday’s.  Also, since more time was spent in the saddle, my hooha is thaaaat much more sore today.  Sorry, had to throw that out there.

So last night, I tried to clean my bathroom, which I thought should involve washing my bathmat.  You know, the thick piece of rug you place outside the shower, to stand on all soaky wet?  Since Pumpkin and I share a bathroom (yes it’s kind of gross but kind of the only option for her litter box) sometimes stray litter gets on it.  So I threw the thing in the washing machine and let it go.  A few minutes later I just kept hearing, thud, thud, thud, and then a crashing noise.  Uh, what?  I ran into the laundry room and every single bottle of detergent and fabric softener had fallen onto the floor, and the washing machine was moving across the floor.

Yeah, so I stopped the washing machine, it was on the last spin cycle anyway, and proceeded to pull a sopping wet bath mat out.  Now it’s hanging over my shower rod, still dripping wet.  I’m hoping it dries soon?  But seriously, why did the washer fail?  And will my bath mat ever dry?  That’s what I get for trying to clean, lesson learned.

I’m off to go stare out the window and look out for funnel clouds.  Tornado warning at work!  Byeya!

Late, late, late

Man, for yesterday being a Tuesday I was pretty productive!  I went to work (hey sometimes that’s a big one), paid our extremely huge gas bill, and mailed Dar his V-Day prizes and my mom all my tax forms.  I did my own taxes the past few years, but I decided that working for three different companies, living in two different states, and then working in two other states was enough to cause my brain to melt so her accountant is doing them for me this year.


Funny story, when I was in college and taking my Gen Ed requirements, I signed up for Math 103 thinking it would be easy and I would get it out of the way.  Well, I ended up failing, having to use one of my forgive/repeats (JMU gave you 2 or 3 I can’t remember) and retaking it during may session where I barely squeaked by with the C+ requirement haha.  Thus my decision to go for a BA and not a BS and suffer through 4 semesters of a foreign language.

I also did a pretty decent tempo run at the gym.  5 miles in 47 minutes, first and last mile at 10 minute pace and the middle 3 at 9:00 pace.  Definitely felt better last night than I did on Monday, so that just goes to show that Blue Moon and Bud Light do not make good pre-run fuel.  Who would have thought?!   Then I came home and ate more Buffalo Chicken dip, which wasn’t productive but it sure was delicious.

I was in the longest training class of my life today, hence the late post.  Seven hours with no computer access and interacting with real life people.  It was brutal, and now I think my head may explode.  I’m debating whether or not to head to the gym for some cross training and lifting.  I suppose it will depend on how I feel once I’m in the car and actually driving.  The good news is that Wednesday went by pretty quickly, and I can start to look forward to the weekend.  Alright time for me to hit the road!