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Where are Youuuu?

So, I had starting writing this blog post in my head when I was driving to work this morning, then I sat down at my desk, wrote an email, and forgot what I was going to write about here.  Typical.  Uh, I’ll try to wing it.

Well, it’s Wednesday, so there’s that and that’s pretty awesome.  I got a nice workout in yesterday, 15 minute run on the treadmill to warm-up followed by a weight workout of back, biceps, and legs.  Half way through, some dude felt the need to comment, “That’s some back work out you’re doing.”  Hmm not really, I though, but what I said was, “Well, it’s back, biceps, and legs day.”  Then I walked away.  Why do people feel the need to comment on EVERYTHING.  I know I don’t give off the “hey talk to me” vibe, especially in the gym.  Dani confirmed this for me.  Leave me alone folks, I don’t like people.

While I was in the mood to only eat potato chips and beer for dinner, I figured that wasn’t the best or healthiest idea.  I had another two pieces of chicken sitting in the fridge waiting for me to cook them, so I quickly threw them on the stove.  They had marinated in my fav Caribbean Jerk marinade before stored in the freezer.  To go with my chicken I prepared half a zucchini and half a yellow squash seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper and some Alexa sweet potato fries.  I also drank two Landshark’s.  Then I had potato chips and another Landshark for desert.  I really wanted potato chips last night.

Heads up if any men read this, I’m about to talk about lady stuff, probably better to peace out now.  Ok, you’ve been warned.

So, my period decided to take a little vacation this month, I hope it had fun wherever it went, and not show up.  I’m not pregnant (made sure of that), so what gives?  I called my doctor this morning to inquire with her, because I’m supposed to start my next pack of pills today which would mean there’s no chance of it showing up.  She told me that it’s normal to miss one, and to just proceed as usual.  Uhh, if it’s so normal, how come it never happened before?  So, yeah, that’s what’s going on there.  I don’t know, whatever, as long as I’m not knocked up.  That would be unfortunate.

Anywho, happy Wednesday.  Have a good one.


Heating Up

Heyooo, happy Thursday!  Just as expected, here in the great state of VA we’ve pretty much skipped any signs of spring and plunged right into summer.  What’s up high of 91 today.  I’m wearing my favorite pink and white JCrew dress to celebrate.  Also my new VS bathing suit arrived on Tuesday just in time for the opening of the pools this weekend.  I’m not entirely sure I don’t look like a fat monster in it, Dar disagrees (I sent him a pic, no I won’t post it here), but eh whatever.

So I got to check out the brand new gym at work yesterday, and it is amazing.  Seriously, I love it.  Brand new equipment of all kind, treadmills, ellipticals, precors, stair climbers, weights, a spin room, and a group fitness room.  The locker rooms have giant showers with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, and giant towels.  Not the usual baby size towels that gyms normally provide where your hooha hangs out.

After my tour of the gym was complete, I hopped on a treadmill for 30 minutes.  I ran a 10 minute warm-up followed by 2 x 400 m at 8.2 mph and 1 x 200 m at 9.0 mph, and then a cool down.  All together, an even 3.1 miles in 30 minutes.  After cardio, I wandered into the empty group fitness room and set up for some leg work.


Set 1: 15 x 18 lbs
Set 2: 15 x 18 lbs
Set 3: 15 x 18 lbs

Plie Squats

Set 1: 15 x 12 lbs
Set 2: 15 x 12 lbs
Set 3: 15 x 12 lbs

Split Squats

2 sets of 12 on each leg

I opted to shower at the gym after my workout instead of driving home all sweaty, plus the showers at the gym are bigger than my one at home.  Not bad, and the body wash smells good.  I’m going to try out a lunch time workout today and see how that goes.  So what are everyone’s plans for the holiday weekend?  The way it’s look for me so far is baseball game tomorrow night, pool time on Saturday, BBQ on Sunday, and more pool time on Monday.  Sounds pretty delightful.

Another BBQ Night

Soooo you can pretty much just read last Tuesday’s post again for today, because the Monday night’s were exactly the same.  It was 90 degrees again here yesterday, so of course the roommates and I once again broke out the grill.  The menu was exactly the same and the food just as delicious.  Steak, peppers, onions, and shrimp (which I don’t eat because the texture weirds me out).

The only difference was our friend Will came over to hang out with us while we sat around outside.  The four of us are heading up to NYC on Friday night, and we were trying to brainstorm some weekend plans.  Pretty much the only thing we came up with was eating pizza, bagels, and drinking.  I’m sure the rest will fall into place.

Will just got back to the States after spending the last few years over seas with the army, so he’s looking forward to having some fun.  And to seeing pretty ladies, seriously, I’ve never seen a guy more distracted when a decent looking woman comes on the TV.  It’s actually pretty funny.

Last night’s workout was a quick 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by some push-ups and ab work on a bosu ball.  I was in a hurry to get home to the nice weather and food, so it was a short but sweet sweat session.  I’m thinking about trying out spin tonight, if I can make it to the gym in time for the 5:30 class.  The weather here is nightmarish today though, so traffic is going to suck a big one.  We’ll see what happens.

Also my right contact lens is seriously pissing me off.  The damn thing won’t stay clear for more than 3 seconds at a time.  I suppose I should find an eye doctor down here and get a new pair, huh?  Blaaaah.  Well, happy Tuesday!