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The End of a Great Weekend

Well I had an absolutely amazing weekend with Alex, and I am very sad that it’s already Monday again.  Right after I posted on Saturday, I received some news that immediately made me burst into tears.  In a good way!  My bff had just gotten engaged that morning!  She is the first one of my girlfriends to get engaged, and I was immediately so happy for her that I started crying.  So congrats to Meghan and Ben, I’m so happy for you both!

I still had to get out the door for my long run, and I fully credit the good news for my absolutely epic run.  It was my best long run to date, and I actually enjoyed it.  The miles ticked by so quickly and before I knew it, I was on my last mile and heading home.  I stopped at mile 4.5 and 7.5 to run into the grocery store and grab some water, and took two walking breaks up some major hills, but other than that I was moving the whole time.  I remember looking at my Garmin and being surprised at how quick my pace was, and how comfortable with it I was.  It was really a great run, oh and Body Glide was my savior because I escaped all 9 miles without any chafing!  With about a half mile left to go, I saw Alex running towards me and stopped to give him a kiss before we both continued on our way.

I think with over a month to go before the half marathon still, that I’ll be just fine.  Well I hope so anyway.  After I showered and got some food in my stomach, Alex and I headed over to one of the local wineries to partake in their $6 tasting.

We grabbed our glasses and went to town.  The first wine I tried, was a warm spiced wine which immediately had me dreaming about Christmas time, and sitting by the fire place watching the snow fall.  I considered buying a bottle, but then figured that exact circumstance would be the only time I’d be in the mood to drink it.

I tried all of the reds, some of the whites, and a Blackberry wine that would make a great addition for Sangria.  While we drank our samples, Alex and I explored the store and various things for sale.



love me some wine!



award winners



99 bottles of wine on the wall



I want this in my house









$12 well spent


I purchased a bottle of one of the Cabernet Sauvingon’s that I liked, and then Alex and I made a pit stop to pick up some more pumpkin beer before heading home to make dinner.  Well I made dinner, Alex did something else.  Somehow in over the year we have been dating, I had never made my Chicken Marsala for Alex so last night I decided to change that.  In my personal opinion, it’s one of my best recipes and he needed to try it.  Normally I serve wild rice as a side, but last night I decided to undertake something I love but had never before made by myself.  Garlic mashed potatoes.  I found this recipe by Martha Stewart, and followed it exactly.  Well not exactly because I halved the ingredients, but besides that I stuck to it like glue.

I have to say, my first attempt at mashed potatoes was a success.  It was an intimidating process to try and get them together while also preparing the chicken, but I managed.  My kitchen looked like it blew up when I finished, but hey dinner was hot and on the table two hours later.  The consistency was perfect, now I just need to mess with the flavor a little more.  I think some more salt and pepper was needed.  They were still delicious though, and Alex raved about them, and had seconds later that night.


mashed taters



chicken marsala


I was intimidated by mashed potatoes before I started, but now I think I can conquer them with a little more practice :).  Alex and I relaxed on the couch for a little while after dinner watching the Yankees game and having a few beers.  Then I got a text message from Hope asking if we would want to meet up and hang out.  After having so much fun on Friday night, I quickly agreed, and Alex and I met up with Hope and her boyfriend Michael for a few drinks.  As expected, it was once again a fun night.  We reminisced about our college days, told the stories of how we met, our jobs, and just generally had a good time laughing and chatting.  We called it a night around midnight and all of us headed home.

Despite staying up late on Saturday night, I was up pretty early Sunday morning and crept downstairs so I wouldn’t wake up boyfriend.  I set myself up on the couch with the TV on and Chicago Marathon coverage streaming on the computer.  It was a nice little morning, and Alex finally stumbled downstairs as I was making breakfast.  The smell of bacon must have woken him up ;).  I made us bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches on everything bagel thins to prepare us for a morning of errand running.

First it was off to Target to search for some Halloween costume essentials.  I found some gold hoop earrings and aviator sunglasses that I need for mine, and Alex picked up a shirt he needed.  Then it was off to DSW and TJ Max, I didn’t buy anything else, but Alex managed to snag some great deals on winter workout gear at TJ Max.  After a morning of running errands, we were tired and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the couch until I had to take Alex to the train station at 6:00 so he could head back to NYC.

It really was a great weekend, and I’m glad Alex and I ventured out to the winery to do something different.  With so many so close, it was ridiculous that I’d never visited one before.  We’ll have to try out another one next time!  Sunday ended with both a Phillies and Eagles wine, sorry about your 49ers babe, maybe next year!  I’m super bitter that I don’t have off today, what’s that about anyway?  Sigh, well happy Monday everyone!